26 Loop Braids Hairstyles


Loop braids are a versatile braiding technique where a section of the braid is looped back to the root to create a unique, intricate look. This ancient style has roots in Chinese and Japanese traditions.

Loop braids can be done on various hair types including straight, curly, and wavy hair of medium to long lengths.

Creating loop braids will take some time, depending on the complexity, thickness and length of hair, and individual braiding skills.

There are two main ways to achieve the look – securing the braid end to the base to form a loop, or looping small sections of hair across the head and securing with pins. Loop braids are held in place with pins and can be enhanced with more intricate loop patterns, adding ribbons or color for special occasions.

Keeping loop braids in good condition involves securing the ends and moisturizing them regularly. Ensure your loop braids are correctly done and secured with hair pins to prevent them from unraveling. You can also use a lightweight hair oil to add shine and reduce frizz.

This article will cover 25 loop braids styles, from regal updos to bohemian braided looks down. Learn how a simple braid becomes a showstopping style with the addition of some carefully crafted loops.

1. Loop Pigtail Braids

Image of Loop Pigtail Braids in the style of loop braids

Loop pigtail braids are a playful twist on traditional hanging braided pigtails. To get this look, first part hair vertically into two equal sections. Braid each section into a pigtail plait. Then, loop the end of each braid and pin it to the base, creating a fun looped shape instead of letting the braids hang straight down. Decorate the loops with colored hairpins, ribbons, or other accessories that add a finishing touch to the look.

2. One Sided Loop With Braid

Image of Side Loop Braids in the style of loop braids

The side loop braid is a lovely side braid style with a looped braid sweeping over one shoulder. It looks especially beautiful paired with a side-swept fringe or worn in a romantic, slightly undone way. You can do a simple 3-strand side plait or jazz it up with a French, Dutch, or 4-strand braid. Since this braid is asymmetric on the side of the head, sweep the hair over to one side before braiding. The loop can drape over either shoulder – right or left. This graceful one-sided loop puts a pretty spin on basic braided styles.

3. Dutch Loop Braid

Image of a Dutch Loop Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: jill_ehat/Pinterest

The Dutch loop braid intricately combines a Dutch braid technique with looping detail. This style is ideal for sports, dance, and gymnastics – keeping hair securely back and out of the face while holding up during activity. Unlike a French braid, a Dutch braid crosses hair underneath rather than overtop. To get this look, create a Dutch braid while incorporating loops along the way. For frizzy hair, finish with an anti-frizz product to keep braids smooth. The Dutch loop braid makes a beautiful, practical athletic braid.

4. Double Loop Braids

Image of Double Loop Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: barbieferreira/Instagram

The double loop braid hairstyle typically features two looped ponytails, one on each side of the head. This style is very easy to achieve. First, divide your hair vertically into two equal sections and put each section into a braided ponytail. Using a hairpin or elastic band, secure the end of each ponytail braid to the base to create a loop. You can choose to decorate the looped ponytails with bows or ribbons to make the look more playful and girly. This fun style creates mirror-image loops on both sides of the head.

5. Loop Waterfall Braids

Image of Loop Waterfall Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: hairbyrapture/Instagram

Loop waterfall braids are an intricate and elegant braided hairstyle that creates the appearance of cascading loops or twists along the length of the braid. The technique involves creating a loop with a single strand of hair. Then, reaching through that first loop, pull halfway through a fresh small section of hair, and flip it upside down to make your second loop. This is repeated across the back of the head, after which you can adjust the size of the loops and falling strands to your preference. If you like this look, check out more about waterfall braided hairstyles.

6. Looped Ponytail Braid

Image of Looped Ponytail Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: bloheartsyou/Instagram

A looped ponytail braid is a stylish hairstyle that involves creating a loop using a ponytail braid. This hairstyle is very easy to achieve. First, secure your hair into a braided ponytail. Then, using a hairpin or elastic band, secure the end of the ponytail braid to the base of the ponytail to create a loop. You can choose to decorate the looped ponytail braid with a bow or ribbon to make it look more playful and girly.

7. Looped Updo

Image of Looped Updo in the style of loop braids
Image by: christineharrishair/Instagram

A looped updo is an elegant hairstyle that features hair loops to create an updo. A looped updo is a quick and easy technique to achieve a professional and beautiful look, ideal for weddings, dates, galas, proms, and other formal occasions. To create this hairstyle, gather your hair into a simple ponytail, then begin adding loops. You can make a single large loop or several smaller, more elegant loops for a somewhat more sophisticated look. The loops can be secured with bobby pins or elastic bands.

8. Loop Bun

Image of Loop Bun in the style of loop braids
Image by: harymay_bridal/Instagram

The loop bun is a stylish hairstyle that involves gathering hair loops into an elegant bun. To create this look, first make a loop by tying a half-ponytail on the top part of your hair and securing it with a hair tie. Next, gather your hair on the underside and wrap it around the base of the loop. Secure the wrapped hair with another hair tie to form the bun. For a more voluminous look, gently pull at the hair near the roots. Pins can also be used to secure any loose ends. If you like this, then certainly check out these additional braided bun hairstyles.

9. Loop Chain Braid

Image of Loop Chain Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: irina.abramova_hair/Instagram

The loop chain braid, also known as chain-link braids, is a unique and intricate hairstyle that involves creating a series of chain-like loops across your head using sections of your hair. To achieve this look, start by dividing a section of hair in half and knotting it. Take a smaller piece of hair on either side of the knot and add it to your strands, then repeat this process across the head. When tying each knot, add a little bit of hair to each strand before tying another knot. The loop chain braid is a fun and cool way to enhance your braids with a chain-like pattern.

10. Half-up Loop Braids

Image of Half up Loop Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: samirasjewelry/Instagram

The half-up loop braid hairstyle is simple and quick to achieve, and it looks great on short, medium, and long hair. This style is ideal for everyday wear, school, and special occasions. To achieve this look, divide your hair horizontally into two sections. Put the upper section into loop braids and secure it into a ponytail or updo. You can leave the bottom section straight, add curls or waves, depending on your preference. This versatile half-up style pairs loop braids with your choice of styling for the lower half of hair.

11. Loop Fishtail Braid

Image of Loop Fishtail Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: olya_pobigailo/Instagram

The loop fishtail braid combines the loop braiding technique with a fishtail braid. To achieve this style, first gather your hair into a ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into two sections and create a fishtail braid with each section. Once you have two fishtail braids, secure them together at the ends with a hair tie, forming one ponytail. Take this new ponytail and loop it up through the hole between the base ponytail and the ends of the fishtail braids. Take small sections from the looped ponytail, winding and tucking them around the loop. Secure with bobby pins as you go. The lovely loop fishtail braid works for various situations like the gym, work, or a night out.

12. 1940s Loop Braids

Image of 1940s Loop Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: thedapperdahlia/Instagram

The 1940s loop braids hairstyle was popular among young girls in the 1940s. To achieve this vintage look, start by parting your hair vertically into two sections. Braid each section into a braided ponytail. For shorter hair, position the braids behind your ears. Secure the end of each braid to its base with hair pins. For longer or thicker hair, pin the loops on the outside of the head. For shorter hair, pin the loops closer to the ears. To finish, tie a bow around each loop for a put-together, retro look. This feminine style replicates the looped braids worn in the 1940s.

13. Loop Braids With Bangs

Image of Loop Braids With Bangs in the style of loop braids
Image by: chloessevigny/Instagram

Loop braids with bangs are a chic and girly hairstyle that pairs loop braids with bangs. To get this look, first section off your bangs and secure the rest of your hair into one or two looped braids. For a single loop, put hair into a braided ponytail then loop and pin the end to the base. For double loops, divide hair into two sections, braid each into a ponytail, then loop and pin the ends. Decorate the loops with bows or ribbons for extra cuteness. This style combines the femininity of loop braids with the framing and flair of bangs hairstyles.

14. Halo Looped Braid

Image of Halo Looped Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: chloebailey/Instagram

The halo looped braid is a simple yet distinctive style created by braiding a thick plait and wrapping it around your head to form a halo shape. This adaptable look can be worn by anyone regardless of hair texture. To get the halo effect, braid along your hairline, behind your head, and around the nape of your neck. Then, loop the braid high above your eyebrows in the front. The braid wraps around the head like a crown, resulting in a stylish halo looped braid fully exposed.

15. Braided Loop Bangs

Image of Braided Loop Bangs in the style of loop braids
Image by: braidedbyliyah__/Instagram

Braids and bangs are an excellent combination for a regal look. Loop braided bangs pair beautifully with high braided ponytails, bubble braids, braided updos, and other braided styles. To get this look, braid your bangs into a loop shape that sits across your forehead. Make sure to sleep with a silk or satin hair bonnet to keep the braided loop bangs neat and tidy. This braided fringe adds stylish appeal to any braided hairstyle creating an effortlessly regal look.

16. Locs With Loops

Image of Locs With Loops in the style of loop braids
Image by: pghairgh/Instagram

Locs with loops, also known as butterfly locs, feature locs that incorporate loops along the length of each loc. This style gets its name from the signature loops throughout the locs that resemble butterflies. Butterfly locs are created using curly or bouncy hair extensions. The number of extensions depends on how full and long you want the locs. Longer styles have thinner locs, shorter styles have bigger locs. To get this look, first braid or twist your natural hair into individual box braids or twists. Using a crochet needle, pull the extensions through at the root of each braid. Then, wrap the hair around the braid using a looping technique to form the loops. This style tends to look better over time, so the messier, the better.

17. Twisted Loop Braid

Image of Twisted Loop Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: bfbhair/Instagram

The twisted loop braid is a flattering and functional style that keeps hair out of the face. This can be done as a headband twist, simply twisting hair across the head until it coils back into a loop. It can also be done as single ponytail twists with the ends looped and fastened at the base. As a headband twist, this style works well for weddings and bridal parties, especially when adorned with flowers or a tiara. To see similar styles like this, check out these headband braided hairstyles.

18. 3 Strand Loop Lace Braid

Image of 3 Strand Loop Lace Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: another_braid/Instagram

The 3-strand loop lace braid is a variation of a traditional 3-strand braid that incorporates loops for an intricate, decorative effect. It starts with a regular 3-strand plait. As you braid, loop each strand under every time the strands cross over one another. Once the braid is complete, gently pull on the loops to make them more prominent. This gives the braid a lacy, textured look. Secure the finished braid into a ponytail or pigtails. Finish with hairspray to hold the style and prevent frizz.

19. Cornrows With Loops

Image of Cornrows With Loops in the style of loop braids
Image by: domineke_hair/Instagram

Cornrows with loops are a stylish way to combine traditional cornrow braids with a looped look. First, section out the hair for cornrowing. Braid cornrows starting at the crown of the head, towards the neck or in a ponytail pattern. For selected rows, braid into a looped shape instead of braiding straight back. This adds flair to the classic cornrow style. Cornrows with loops are perfect for an easy protective style with some extra creative flair.

20. Loop Braid With Micro Braids

Image of Loop Braid With Micro Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: braiding_by_hannah/Instagram

The loop braid with micro braids style typically features one large, jumbo loop braid along with a few micro braids done in loops. This fun look incorporates a prominent loop braid as the main event, accessorized by the micro looped braids. You can add hair accessories like colored pins, shells, or flowers to decorate.

21. Mermaid Loop Braid

Image of Mermaid Loop Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: braiding_by_hannah/Instagram

The mermaid loop braid is a simple and unique hairstyle that can spice up any casual look for any event. This is a beautiful summer hairstyle because it keeps your hair out of your face, and you could even make a nice ponytail or bun at the base of the mermaid loop braid. You can accessorize this hairstyle with shells, flowers, or a fancy comb, just like in the picture, to make it even more mermaid-like. Mermaid braided hairstyles are popular as they are stylish, versatile, and relatively quick to create.

22. Five Strand Loop Braid

Image of Five Strand Loop Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: avedafiindy/Instagram

A 5-strand loop braid intricately weaves together five sections of hair with loops for an elaborate, woven look. To create this style, first gather your hair into a ponytail. Then divide the ponytail into five even sections and secure with small elastic bands about halfway down each section to keep them separated as you braid. Begin braiding by alternating the outermost left and right strands, working them over and under the neighboring sections in a pattern. Continue braiding to the ends, working over and under just to the left and right of each section as you go. Keep alternating the outermost strands and looping them into the braid as you work down the entire ponytail.

23. Connected Loop Braid

Image of Connected Loop Braid in the style of loop braids
Image by: olya_pobigailo/Instagram

A connected loop braid links separate braids together using looping techniques as the name suggests. To create this style, first braid sections of hair into individual braids – either French or Dutch, depending on preference. While braiding each section, intentionally leave out small strands of hair along the inner sides. These strands will be used to form the connecting loops between braids. Once the individual braids are complete, take the leftover side strands and loop them around the braids, interconnecting each one. This looping technique joins the braids together into a unique, stylish look that works well for any occasion.

24. Loop Elastic Braids

Image of Loop Elastic Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: olya_pobigailo/Instagram

Loop elastic braids create a look similar to butterfly locs, just without the distressed texture. Rather than individual loops on each braid, this style features loops running vertically down the length of the hair from crown to nape and into a ponytail, fishtail, pigtails, or low bun. To achieve this look, simply use elastic bands and bobby pins to create evenly-spaced loops along sections of hair. The loops give a unique flair while keeping the hair sleek. Unlike butterfly locs, the loops are neatly formed rather than tousled. This easy style works for both formal and casual occasions with its versatility.

25. High Loop Braided Bun

Image of High Loop Braided Bun in the style of loop braids
Image by: bloheartsyou/Instagram

The high loop braided bun creates a polished updo with braided loops. To get this look, first gather your hair into a high ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into multiple smaller sections. Twist or braid each section, forming them into loops on top of the head. Use bobby pins to secure the looped braids at the base, preventing them from unraveling. The loops give height and interest while the gathered bun lends an elegant finish. This updo works beautifully for formal events like weddings or black-tie affairs.

26. Headband Loop Braids

Image of Headband Loop Braids in the style of loop braids
Image by: braidedbyliyah__/Instagram

Headband loop braids create a braided headband using looping techniques. To get this look, braid sections of hair into loops that stretch across the head from one side to the other. The braided loops form an interconnected headband, with no hair left loose. This eye-catching headband can make a fashion statement paired with Ankara print or denim outfits. The headband loop braids keep all the hair secured in a decorative, woven design across the forehead. This creative take on a standard headband gives an edgy, modern vibe to any look. The braided loops add striking texture and interest while displaying braiding skills.


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