20 Butterfly Braids Hairstyles


Butterfly braids hairstyles are trendy braid styles that have a distressed look which makes them appear rough and undone but in a fashionable way. They’re not complicated to make: simply weave the braid, pulling out little loops on both sides of it as you go along. The butterfly braids style is typically executed in two different ways: jungle braids and passion braids. The jungle braids are distressed in such a way that it looks like the loops going in and out the braids in a regular and consistent pattern while the passion braids aren’t distressed in any particular pattern. Butterfly braids have the same messy and fabulous vibe as bohemian braids.

There’s no one specific way to make butterfly braids —they can be made into a lot of different styles! So if you love the look and feel of butterfly braids but find yourself getting the same style all the time, then here are some styles you can pick for your next hair appointment.

1. Butterfly Knotless Braids

Butterfly Knotless Braids

Butterfly knotless braids are basically knotless braids that are distressed. They’re different from regular knotless braids because they look messy, unlike the usual neat knotless braid. Butterfly knotless braids take more time to make than the regular knotless braids as there’s more effort needed to achieve the distressed look.

2. Butterfly Twist Hair

Butterfly Twist Hair

Butterfly twists are also known as passion twists and they’re a rough type of twists hairstyle. They’re made using curly extensions which make them bouncy. Butterfly twists can be made into different sizes and lengths, and the extent to which they’re distressed depends on your individual preference.

3. Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Burgundy butterfly locs are really popular—they’re the go-to color for those who love colored locs but find red too bright and eye-catching. This mellow color is achieved using burgundy extensions and they can be made in different lengths and sizes. They can easily be done on any hair color or the natural hair can be dyed to burgundy in order to compliment the locs.

4. Butterfly Box Braids

Butterfly Box Braids

The only differences between the butterfly box braids and the regular box braids is their rough look and the length of time it takes to make them. Butterfly box braids take a longer time to make when compared to regular ones but they also last as long as regular ones.

5. Medium Butterfly Locs

Medium Butterfly Locs

Medium sized butterfly locs are locs that aren’t too small or too big. They fall in between the jumbo and the small sized butterfly locs. They take less time to make than the small ones but take more time than the jumbo sizes. Medium sized butterfly locs can be parted in different patterns such as triangles, boxes and even as a free pattern which doesn’t follow a specific order. These locs last for several weeks and can be made into different lengths.

6. Butterfly Halo Braids

Butterfly Halo Braids

Butterfly halo braids are achieved by plaiting two distressed dutch braids around the head and securing them at the back as an updo. Dutch braids are also known as reverse French braids because unlike French braids which involve braiding the cross sectioned hair strands over themselves, Dutch braids involve braiding them under themselves.

7. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are also known as distressed locs and they’re characterized by having an disorderly and messy look. They are made by using curly or kinky extensions and wrapping them in a way that the locs formed are not smooth. A lot of ladies love this faux locs style. These locs last for long and the wrapping duration depends on the length and size of the locs.

8. Butterfly Braided Ponytail

Butterfly Braided Ponytail

Butterfly braided ponytails are ponytails with the ends braided in such a way that they have a distressed look. Butterfly style ponytails are a nice upgrade from regular braided ponytails, especially for girls’ night or dates.

9. Honey Blonde Butterfly Locs

Honey Blonde Butterfly Locs

Honey blonde butterfly locs are butterfly locs that are a warm mixture of light brown with a dark blonde. This shade of butterfly locs is easier to maintain than the lighter ones and they give a youthful look to the wearer. If you love to wear colored locs, honey blonde butterfly locs might just be the perfect choice for you.

10. Mermaid Butterfly Braids

Mermaid Butterfly Braids

The ends of the ever-enchanting and creative mermaid braid can be made in the passion braid style by braiding the hair loosely and then pulling the strands out a bit to give a messy look. This is a great way of spicing up your mermaid braids.

11. Short Butterfly Locs Style

Short Butterfly Locs Style

Short butterfly locs are the easiest and fastest to make because of their length. They can be made in small sizes which take more time than the medium, or the jumbo size which takes the least amount of time. Short butterfly locs are very comfortable because the hair isn’t too heavy or hanging low enough to get in your way.

12. Two Butterfly Braids

Two Butterfly Braids

Two butterfly braids are made by parting the hair into two sections and braiding each side as a butterfly braid. This minimalistic hairstyle is a good option for you if you want a trendy and cute hairstyle that won’t take several hours. The two butterfly braids style doesn’t last for long because the braids are so big and not made with longevity in mind.

13. Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Jumbo butterfly braids are also called big butterfly braids and they’re the ones that have a big cut size and thick braids. Jumbo braids take less time to make compared to the small and medium sizes but don’t last as long as the smaller sizes do. They’re bold and beautiful so if you don’t mind taking your braids out after a few weeks, you should go for the jumbo butterfly braids.

14. Butterfly Cornrows

Butterfly Cornrows

Butterfly cornrows are simple cornrow styles that have the ends done as jungle braids. The butterfly cornrows are a switch up to the regular cornrows and makes them look less basic and more wow.

15. Knotless Butterfly Locs

Knotless Butterfly Locs

Knotless butterfly locs are those that don’t have knots at the roots of the locs. Since the knots aren’t present, these locs are often painless and much more comfortable to wear and sleep on.

16. Butterfly French Braids

Butterfly French Braids

Spice up your French braids and take them to a whole new level by making them into butterfly braids. Butterfly French braids don’t take too much time to make and they’re also pretty easy to do. The French braids are achieved by braiding the cross sectioned hair strands over themselves.

17. Butterfly Locs With Highlights

Butterfly Locs With Highlights

Butterfly locs with highlights are created by having streaks of light colors amidst dark colors. For example, as in this picture, the light brown is brighter and contrasts the regular brown. The butterfly locs with highlights style adds dimension to the hair style with a stimulating combination of colors.

18. Butterfly Goddess Braids

Butterfly Goddess Braids

Butterfly goddess braids are butterfly braids that have curly leave-outs hanging alongside the braids. This version of butterfly braids is made by leaving out curly extensions or straight ones that are later curled after braiding. Butterfly goddess braids require the most maintenance as the curly hair must be prevented from getting frizzy and tangled.

19. Long Burgundy Butterfly Braids

Long Burgundy Butterfly Braids

The dark shade of the burgundy color makes it a perfect substitute for red colored braids that some people may find a little too vibrant. Long burgundy butterfly braids take several hours to make because of their length and take even more time when they’re made small. So if you want the long burgundy butterfly braids but also want to minimize your time in the salon chair, go for the jumbo sized ones.

20. Butterfly Passion Braids

Butterfly Passion Braids

Butterfly passion braids are distressed braid styles that don’t follow a regular pattern. The butterfly passion braids mostly have their ends curly because of the curly extensions incorporated into the braids during the braiding process, which are later pulled out to form the distressed body. These braids are a wildly attractive and trendy braid styles that are perfect for ladies of fashion.


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