22 Loose Braids Hairstyles


Braids are traditionally weaved tightly to ensure a clean braid that lasts a long time. However, loose braids have their own unique vibe that you can try out whenever regular braids become too plain and boring. 

Loose braids are exactly what they sound like: braids that are weaved loosely. They have a distinctive look that differentiates them from tightly braided ones. When you make braids loosely, they usually appear fuller and have more volume. They’re also painless and comfortable to wear, and they promote proper hair growth. It’s true that loose braids don’t last as long as tight braids, but they’re still protective hairstyles that you’ll love. 

Here are some of our favorite loose braided hairstyles to get you started.

1. Loose Box Braids

Loose Box Braids

Loose box braids are box braids that are braided loosely. They can be made either long or short in different colors and sizes.

2. Loose Braids With Bobby Wool

Loose Braids With Bobby Wool

Bobby wool, which is better known as yarn, is used for weaving and knitting but also for braiding hair. Bobby wools come in a very wide variety of colors and all can be used to braid the hair into loose braids.

3. Loose Braids Updo

Loose Braids Updo

If you love a good, comfortable hairstyle that keeps hair from falling on your body and face, you should try out the loose braids updo. Loose braids updos are achieved by braiding the hair loosely and securing the ends as an updo so that no hair is falling on the back.

4. Loose Side Braids

Loose Side Braids

Side braids are braids plaited to one side of the head. This look is made by braiding the hair loosely to either side. Your already-perfect side braid can be adorned with pearls, flowers and other hair accessories.

5. Loose Dutch Braids

Loose Dutch Braids

If you have a tender scalp or you don’t like the pain that comes with tightly-braided hair then you should try out loose Dutch braids. They’re loosely braided cornrow styles that are painless and comfortable.

6. Loose Braids on Natural Hair

Loose Braids on Natural Hair

Loose braids are protective hairstyles which makes them a beneficial and chic option for natural hair. Loose braids aid proper hair growth and promotes healthy hair maintenance.

7. Loose Curly Braids

Loose Curly Braids

Loose curly braids are loose braids made using curly extensions. The hair is usually braided halfway and fashioned with the curly extensions to make the ends of the braids curly. This is a trendy individual braids style that has more definition than your regular braids.

8. Loose Ponytail Braids

Loose Ponytail Braids

Loose ponytail braids are high or low ponytail styles that are braided loosely. Loosely braided ponytails are some of the easiest and most elegant ponytail styles. They can be fixed up for several occasions and also as casual hairstyles.

9. Loose Braids for Long Hair

Loose Braids for Long Hair

Loose braids look very nice and are easier to make on long hair types. Long hair has the potential to be made into a wide variety of styles, such as a single braid or multiple braids.

10. Loose Pigtail Braids

Loose Pigtail Braids

Loose pigtail braids are cute braid styles that feature two loosely braided ponytails. Pigtails are often considered to be a hairstyle for children but they’re rocked by adults as well. This style has the added benefit of giving the wearer a youthful vibe.

11. Long Loose Braids

Long Loose Braids

Long loose braids are made using braiding hair. The braiding hair is cut into a very long length and used to braid the hair. This lengthy style can be made as cornrows or single braids and usually take several hours to make because of their length.

12. Loose Hair Crochet Braids

Loose Hair Crochet Braids

Most crochet braids are made loosely to aid easy installation. Loose hair crochet braids are quick to install and take out, and they’re reusable. If you’re on a budget but still want that full loose box braids look, go for the loose hair crochet braids.

13. Loose Cornrows

Loose Cornrows

Loose cornrows are cornrow styles that are plaited loosely with the ends also braided loosely. This style doesn’t last long but it’s worth it as cornrow styles are protective hairstyles that aid hair growth.

14. Loose Braids for Guys

Loose Braids for Guys

Men’s box braids can be braided loosely to prevent tension on the scalp and promote the growth of the hair. Loose braids for guys can be made in different sizes and even adorned with accessories like beads.

15. Two Loose Braids

Two Loose Braids

The two loose braids style consists of big loose braids made into just two cornrows. This double braid hairstyle is quick and easy but doesn’t last long because the hair isn’t braided tightly enough. Loose braids can also be styled into updos to make them comfortable and keep hair out of the way.

16. Cute Loose Braids

Cute Loose Braids

Everyone loves a pretty hairstyle that draws all eyes their way, which is why you should try out a cute loose braid style for your next hair appointment. These styles can be made for ceremonies and formal occasions.

17. Big Loose Braids

Big Loose Braids

Big loose braids are created by making one or more loose braids in big or jumbo sizes. Large braids are quick to make since the hair is plaited into just a few braids.

18. Loose Braids for Wedding

Loose Braids for Wedding

Do you want a simple braided hairstyle for your wedding? You can go for loose braids hairdos which can be put in a variety of classy and elegant styles such as updos, ponytails and even half-up, half-down hairstyles. Loose braids are also comfortable to wear on your special day as they don’t cause any tension on the scalp.

19. Loose Braids With Attachment

Loose Braids With Attachment

Attachments of different types can be used to create long or short loose braids styles. Attachments are another way to refer to braiding hair and they come in different styles including straight, wavy and curly.

20. Messy Loose Dutch Braids

Messy Loose Dutch Braids

Messy braids are rough-looking braids that are in style right now. Loose Dutch braids can be made messy to give them that wild bohemian vibe. Since they’re distressed, they don’t last long as the hair can easily pull out.

21. Loose Box Braids With Curls

Loose Box Braids With Curls

To achieve the loose braids with curls style, the hair is braided loosely about halfway down and the rest of the hair is curled. Making the ends of the braids curly gives this style more volume and makes them look absolutely fabulous.

22. Nigerian Loose Braids

Nigerian Loose Braids

Nigerians are huge fans of braided styles—and rightfully so, since braids originated from Africa. Most Nigerian braiders are very skilled with braids and make perfect loose braid styles.


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