20 Weave Braid Hairstyles


Weaves and braids are highly versatile ways to style your hair, and mixing them together puts you on a whole new plane of hairstyling. You can create weave braid styles by adding a lace front or by braiding some parts of the hair and adding a sew in. Weave hairstyles come in different types like curly, straight, and wavy. There are many different colors and lengths to choose from. They may not last as long as regular braid styles, but they can be cost-effective if you are willing to reuse your weave extensions. Keep reading for twenty of the best weave braid styles to try.

1. Two Braids with Weave 

Two Braids With Weave 2

Two braids with weave are among the simplest weave braid styles. Two cornrow braids in front frame your face while the rest of the weave drops behind them. Install a frontal lace and then make one braid on each side. It is also advisable to use a frontal lace similar to the color of your scalp.

2. Curly Weave Ponytail

Curly Weave Ponytail

A curly weave ponytail is terrific for controlling your natural hair and keeping it out of your face. Your hair is slicked down with a styling gel and spray. For the ponytail, attach a curly weave. The ponytail can be at the top, middle, or back of your head, depending on your preference. A curly weave ponytail is very easy to do. Make sure to use a satin or silk scarf every night to maintain the slicked hair.

3. French Braids with Weave

French Braids With Weave 1

French braids with weave are a mixture of the two braids with weave style and curly weave ponytails. Part the hair into two with a side or middle part. Cornrow down each side, then attach a weave at the tail of each braid to create pigtails. Any type of weave can be used to achieve this hairstyle.

4. Sew in with Two Braids in Front 

Sew in With Two Braids in Front

A sew in with two braids involves parting the hair into two parts from ear to ear. Then make one cornrow braid on each side of the top section. Cornrow the rest of your hair back and sew a weave onto it. This style is simple and pretty; it’s perfect for the summer and all your beach visits.

5. Cornrow Ponytail Braids with Weave

Cornrow Ponytail Braids With Weave 1

Getting a sleek ponytail weave can be stressful because of how high maintenance it can be, especially when it is done on thick or coarse hair. A great alternative is cornrow ponytail braids with weave. Instead of slicking your hair, cornrow it to the middle of your head and attach a ponytail to the end. Braid your natural hair or extensions to wrap around the ponytail for a more intricate look. 

6. Braids to the Back with Weave 

Braids to the Back With Weave

Braids to the back with weave involve making cornrow braids to the back of the head and attaching a weave as the tail. To personalize this style, add designs to your cornrow pattern, such as criss-cross or zig-zags. This style is a great substitute for when you don’t want to deal with slicked hair.

7. Half-up Half-down Feed in Braids with Weave

Half up Half Down Feed in Braids With Weave 1

Half-up half-down feed in braids with weave are made by parting the hair into two sections from ear to ear, then plaiting feed in cornrow braids into an updo at the top section. Finally, attach a weave at the back. This gives the hair more volume, and you can personalize the style by adding designs and jewelry to your cornrows.

8. Straight Backs with Weave

Straight Backs With Weave

Straight-back cornrows are simple and the easiest cornrow style. Combine them with weave, where the cornrows stop to spice up this simple style. The straight-back cornrows can be in any size or color and will always come out nice. You can add in straight, wavy, or curly weave, depending on your preference.

9. Side Braids with Weave 

Side Braids With Weave

Side braids with weave are similar to lemonade braids, but a weave is attached in place of braids. It mimics a half-shaved style and is edgy but beautiful. Braid cornrows on one side of the head and sew a weave on the other side. You can add any design of your choice to switch up the cornrows. While this style looks best with wavy weave extensions, you can also try straight or curly weave.

10. Two Pigtails with Weave

Two Pigtails With Weave

Two pigtails with weave involve sectioning your hair into two parts, slicking each side with a holding product, and then adding a weave to each side. Any type of weave will work, and you can slick the hair to the top, middle, or back of your head. Two pigtails with weave may get uncomfortable for some people when it’s too high or tight.

11. Weave High Ponytail with Two Bangs

Weave High Ponytail With Two Bangs

This weave high ponytail is elegant and perfect for a wedding, prom, dinner, etc. It is achieved by slicking the hair up and attaching a weave ponytail to the end. Then, leaving out a small piece of hair in front, section it into two and add a weave to create two bangs. This weave high ponytail hairstyle can be done in different colors and lengths.

12. Crown Braid with Weave

Crown Braid With Weave

This crown braid with weave hairstyle is achieved by making one cornrow braid from one side to another on the top of the head and leaving out a weave at the back. You can either use a front lace for the crown braid and leave out the weave or make the crown braid with braiding hair and do a sew in with weave at the back.

13. Bubble Braids Ponytail Weave

Bubble Braids Ponytail Weave

A bubble braid ponytail weave is an easy style with a lot of body. Slick your hair to the top, middle, or back of your head and attach a weave ponytail. Using rubber bands or a small piece of hair, tie off the weave at different intervals and fluff it out to be puffy. This keeps your hair out of your face while lending volume to your weave.

14. Micro Goddess Braids with Human Hair Weave

Micro Goddess Braids With Human Hair Weave

Micro goddess braids with human hair are an incredible style that lasts for a good amount of time. Using braiding hair, you’ll create micro braids and attach human hair weave on each braid. You can use a crochet pin or add the weave as you’re braiding. Micro goddess braids with human hair are unique and bohemian. You can do them in any color and style them in many ways.

15. Side Braids with Ponytail Weave

Side Braids With Ponytail Weave

Side braids with ponytail weave involve making cornrow braids at one or both sides of your head, slicking the rest of your hair to one side, then attaching a weave ponytail to the end. This is a great way to switch up your regular ponytail! You can also accessorize the hair to make it more beautiful. Try different colors or hair jewelry. This will look great with a straight, wavy, or curly weave.

16. Rubber Band Design with Weave

Rubber Band Design With Weave

A rubber band design with weave is a lovely style that brings out your youthful side. To create this look, use small rubber bands at short intervals to create any design. Then add a weave to the second half of the hair. The rubber band design can also be achieved with a lace frontal. You can band your hair going straight back or try criss-cross.

17. Short Cornrow Braids with Weave

Short Cornrow Braids With Weave

If you’re not a fan of long hair, short cornrow braids with weave are a great option for you. It involves sectioning the hair into two parts and making short cornrow braids at the top section, then attaching a weave to the back section. The cornrows can be styled into a ponytail, two buns, or even a double ponytail. Your cornrows can be done with any design and jewelry you’d like to spice it up.

18. Rubber Band Design with Ponytail Weave

Rubber Band Design With Ponytail Weave

Tired of regular slicked-back ponytails? Try rubber band designs with a ponytail weave. It involves using small rubber bands to create any design on the top section of your hair and slicking the rest. Then, add a weave ponytail to it. The rubber band designs can be on one side of your hair or both or even all of your hair with a weave ponytail at the end. You can do a high, middle, or low ponytail.

19. Half-Stitch Braids with Beads and Weave

Half Stitch Braids With Beads and Weave

Half-stitch braids with beads and weave are a gorgeous summer look. Using stitching, you’ll section your hair into two halves at the top layer with beads at the end. Attach a weave to the back in beachy waves or curls. Adding beads to the end of the stitch braids is a great idea rather than just leaving the braids to fall.

20. Half-Stitch Braids with Ponytail Weave

Half Stitch Braids With Ponytail Weave

This is a simpler version of our last style. Half-stitch braids with ponytail weave are stitch braids plaited from the top section of your hair while the rest of your hair is slicked into a ponytail with a weave attached. Stitch braids come from horizontal lines on each cornrow. This style looks best with a simple design incorporated into the cornrows and styling gel to smooth it all out.


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