20 Sew-In Braids Hairstyles


It’s one of those days where you can’t decide whether you want something stylish and braided or something loose and flowy for your new hairstyle. Sew-in braids make the decision so much easier. 

Sew-in braids not only give you the best of both worlds, but look classy and fantastic as well. This braids style is typically made by sectioning the hair into two halves: a braided half and another part that features a sew-in weave. Normally the braided section is at the front and the section with sewn-in weave is at the back of the head. The weave used can be straight, curly, kinky or wavy depending on your preference. 

There are lots of different ways to style your weave and even more ways to style your cornrows, so you can bet that there are tons of cute combinations just waiting for you to try!

1. Side Part Curly Sew-In Braids

Side Part Curly Sew in Braids

The side part curly sew-in braids style is achieved by sectioning the hair into front and back sections, parting the front hair at the side and then plaiting the front section to the back. The lower section is cornrowed and then the curly weave is sewn onto it. This is an elegant hairdo that takes just a few hours and lasts for a long time. It’s a great option for ladies that love braids and curly weaves.

2. Side Part Sew-In Braids

Side Part Sew in Braids

Side part sew-in braids are basically any sew-in braid style that is plaited in a way that the hair is parted at the side. Any kind of weave can be used to complete this look including straight, curly, wavy and kinky weaves. The style is not too different from the regular sew-in braids style and it lasts for a long time.

3. Middle Part Sew-In Braids

Middle Part Sew in Braids

Middle parts sew-in braids are the variation of sew-in braids that is made by parting the front hair at the middle and plaiting it to the back. The desired weave type is then sewn onto to the back hair. The middle part makes the head appear more symmetrical and highlights the facial features.

4. Middle Part Straight Hair Sew-In Braids

Middle Part Straight Hair Sew in Braids

Straight hair sew-in braids can be made with a middle part in order to enhance the face. This look is fitting for ladies that love straight weaves but also want braids at the same time.

5. Curly Sew-In Braids With Beads

Curly Sew in Braids With Beads

Beads are a common accessory that add glamour to any braided hairstyle, especially when used to accessorize sew-in braids. Beads are decorative and make the style look more attractive. In this case, the beads are attached to the braids in front.

6. Wavy Sew-In Braids

Wavy Sew in Braids

Wavy sew-in braids are sew-in braids with wavy weave at the back. It’s perfect for ladies that love wavy weaves and can be made by either using ready-made wavy weave or creating the wavy pattern by hand on a straight weave.

7. Middle Part Frontal Sew-In  Braids

Middle Part Frontal Sew in Braids

The middle part frontal sew-in braids style is created by installing a frontal to the front half of the hair, then plaiting it using a middle part. Then a weave is sewn onto cornrows made on the back. The frontal used for the front hair helps to prevent the natural hair from the pulling and tension that braiding them can cause. It also allows the style to be achievable by ladies who have hair conditions including alopecia.

8. Kinky Sew-In Braids

Kinky Sew in Braids

Kinky weaves can be sewn to the back of the braids to create a perfectly curly and bouncy sew-in braids style. The kinky weave makes the hair look natural but requires proper maintenance to prevent it from tangling and frizzing.

9. Lace Front Sew-In Braids

Lace Front Sew in Braids

Lace front sew-in braids are sew-in braids with a lace frontal or closure installed to the front of the head. The lace front is then braided instead of the natural hair. Lace front braids can be made by either installing a lace front wig and braiding only the front, or installing the closure or frontal separately from the weave used for the back. This is a great choice for women with thin edges or who don’t want to put tension on the front of the hair by braiding it.

10. Sew-In With Two Braids In Front

Sew in With Two Braids in Front

Sew-in braids with two braids in front is done by plaiting only two braids—either side- or middle-parted—at the front and then sewing the weave at the back. This style takes less time than sew-in braids with multiple braids in front and it can be made with any type of weave

11. Two Half Braids, Half Sew-In Ponytails

Two Half Braids Half Sew in Ponytails

The two half braids, half sew-in ponytails style is achieved by braiding the hair into two cornrows and weaving them all the way back to the nape of the neck where a weave is then sewn in at the ends. This doesn’t take as long as other styles since the hair is only braided twice and can be made with any type of weave including curly, straight, wavy or kinky.

12. Braided Straight Sew-In Ponytail

Braided Straight Sew in Ponytail

Spice up your straight sew-in ponytail by braiding the hair first. The cornrows make the style last longer and make your ponytail look extraordinary. The braided straight sew-in ponytail doesn’t take much time to do and is a very pretty and neat style.

13. Braided Curly Sew-In Ponytail

Braided Curly Sew in Ponytail

The braided curly sew-in ponytail is made by braiding the hair into either a high or low ponytail and sewing the curly extensions into the hair. This works wonderfully for ladies that love braided up ponytails and curly weaves, or those who’ve been looking for a little extra dazzle to add to their usual braided ponytail.

14. Stitch Braids Sew-In

Stitch Braids Sew in

The stitch braids sew-in hairstyle features the front hair plaited as stitch braids instead of regular cornrows. Stitch braids are artfully made by securing the hair with a gel to hold it in place and creating the signature line pattern throughout the braid. The lines are made using the pinky fingernail during plaiting or by using a rat tail comb. Stitch braids look complex and beautiful on any hairstyle.

15. Criss-Cross Sew-In Braids

Criss Cross Sew in Braids

Criss-cross sew-in braids, like the name implies, are sew-in braids that are skillfully done in a criss-cross pattern. The criss-cross design is made by securing the hair strands using rubber bands and crossing them while picking the next hair strands. The criss-cross style is a trendy and creative one that’s also pretty easy to make.

16. Two Braids With Curly Sew-In

Two Braids With Curly Sew in

Two braids with a curly sew-in is made with just two braids in the front. The two braids can be plaited as stitch braids, feed-in braids or regular french braids. The curly weave, which can be long or short, is then sewn at the back. The two braids don’t take as much time to achieve as the styles with multiple braids but they also don’t last as long as other styles do.

17. Zig-Zag Sew-In Braids

Zig Zag Sew in Braids

Zig-zag braids, also called snake braids, are the ones that are braided in a zig-zag pattern and can either be side- or center-parted. Zig-zag braids take a longer time to make than the regular straight backs because they have to follow their unique pattern. Zig-zag sew-in braids are fashionable, last for a long time, and can be complemented by any style sew-in from straight to curly.

18. Fulani Sew-In Braids

Fulani Sew in Braids

Fulani sew-in braids are half fulani braids with weave sewn in at the back. Fulani braids are also known as tribal braids and they’re achieved by plaiting the hair halfway to the back as cornrows. Tribal braids are very versatile as they can be plaited in different ways for different looks.

19. Half Shuku, Half Sew-In Braids

Half Shuku Half Sew in Braids

The half shuku, half sew-in braids hairdo is made by sectioning the hair into two parts, whereas the front part is plaited up as the popular shuku hairstyle but instead of the back being plaited up, it’s replaced with a sew-in weave. Do you want a shuku style that’s not basic? Go for the long-lasting half shuku, half feed-in braids.

20. Straight Sew-In Braids

Straight Sew in Braids

Straight sew-in braids are made by braiding the front part of the hair straight back without any shaped parts and installing a straight weave. Any kind of straight weave can be used including short or long ones. This one is perfect for ladies that love straight braids as they highlight the facial features.


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