25 Braids Hairstyles for Thin Edges


When we talk about thin edges, we mean a hairline whose hairs have become quite soft, fragile and susceptible to breakage and damage. There are certain factors that contribute to hair thinning; stress, tight hairstyles, hair products, excessive heat exposure, etc.. 

Edges are very important because it’s the most visible part of your head thus harder to camouflage. Hairstyles that require too much manipulation of the hair with products or hair tools can cause damage to the hair, especially if done repeatedly over a long period of time. Hairstyles that are too tight also damage the edges because they pull so hard at the hair that they put stress on the hair follicles. 

While treating and trying to nurse your hair back to health, there are some protective hairstyles you can wear that don’t cause more damage, but instead make sure that you look beautiful while in recovery. These hairstyles are either thin light-weight braids, medium light-weight braids or scanty jumbo-sized braids which aren’t too heavy or too tight for the hair edges.

Here are some fashionable hairstyles for thin edges that you can try out:

1. Four Feed-In Braids

Four Feed in Braids

Feed-in braids are done by adding hair extensions gradually to the cornrows from the scalp while you weave the braid until the desired size is achieved. Four cornrows are a good number to go for because they are few, not heavy and protect the hair against further thinning. Another good thing about the feed-in style is that it makes the hair look fuller which helps mask the thinning edges.

2. Layered Feed-In Braids

Layered Feed in Braids

Layered feed-in braids are a protective hairstyle that involves using the feed-in technique to make cornrow braids which are done in layers, or one on top of another. This hairstyle, while making you look attractive, protects your edges and prevents them from thinning further.

3. Feed-In Stitch Braids

Feed in Stitch Braids

Feed-in stitch braids are hairstyles for thin edges that are also really unique and detailed. It’s achieved by putting your hair into stitch braid cornrows, or cornrows with visible horizontal lines along the braid, using the feed-in technique. If you want something different than your average braids, this is a great option for you.

4. Jumbo Feed-In Braids

Jumbo Feed in Braids

Jumbo feed-in braids are essentially big cornrows installed using the feed-in technique. They exert less tension on the hairline because they’re usually scant and light-weight as a result.

5. Medium Feed-In Braids

Medium Feed in Braids

Medium sized feed-in braids are cornrows that are not too small or too big, installed using the feed-in technique. They don’t pull on the hair edges too much as they’re usually fairly light-weight.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Feed-In Braids

Half Up Half Down Feed in Braids

Half-up, half-down feed-in braids are proof that you can wear braids on thin edges without looking boring. This hairstyle involves dividing your hair from ear to ear into two sections, putting the crown section in an updo, then putting the lower section into single braids or downward cornrows.

7. Small Cornrow Braids

Small Cornrow Braids

The small cornrow braid hairstyle is a pretty braid style that can be worn in any length and is a good option for thin edges. This hairstyle is quite light, causes little or no tension on the hairline, and can be decorated with beads or curls. Though this style can be worn in any length, it’s recommended that they’re made short in order to reduce the weight of the braids.

8. Braided Wig

Braided Wig

A braided wig is a perfect way to have your braid look on the go while saving your hairline the stress of carrying actual braids. You can simply put your hair into loose cornrows and wear your wig on top. This is the quickest and easiest way to protect your edges and still look amazing.

9. Crochet Braids for Thin Edges

Crochet Braids for Thin Edges

The crochet hairstyle is an easy way to wear braids of any length and size without going through the stress of sitting for long hours at the salon to get the traditional type of braids. This hairstyle also ensures you can wear your choice of braids without putting too much pressure on your hairline like the regular braids would. It’s made by either putting your hair in individual braids and securing them into the crochet hair extension, or putting your hair into cornrows and attaching the crochet extensions using a crochet pin.

10. Feed-In Braid Ponytail

Feed in Braid Ponytail

Feed-in braid ponytail hairstyles feature long cornrows installed using the feed-in technique and secured into a ponytail.  When done right, this style puts minimal tension on the hair edges because they’re usually light-weight. Be warned: since all the weight is concentrated in one spot at the base of the ponytail, you should be very careful not to braid this style tightly.

11. Two Big Feed-In Braids

Two Big Feed in Braids

The two big feed-in braids style is essentially double jumbo-sized cornrow braids which can also be done using the feed-in technique. This hairstyle is very protective because it doesn’t exert much pressure on the edges which may lead to further thinning of the hair.

12. Feed-In Braids Updo

Feed in Braids Updo

The feed-in braid updo is a protective hairstyle created using the feed-in technique. It consists of long cornrows put in an updo. Alternatively, you can secure your already-installed feed-in cornrows or ponytail up into an updo, highlighting your facial features and neckline while putting less tension on your edges.

13. Thin Twist Braids

Thin Twist Braids

Twist braids are a hairstyle that’s easy on the natural hair and prevents hair breakage because they involve simply wrapping two strands of hair around each other. For thin hair edges, you can opt for small sized twist braids as they protect the edges and hair itself all at once.

14. Medium Sized Twist Braids

Medium Sized Twist Braids

Twist braids are very protective and light because they involve wrapping two strands of hair around each other and don’t require you to excessively manipulate the hair strands. You may go for light-weight medium sized twist braids as they protect both the edges and the rest of the hair.

15. Straight Down Braids

Straight Down Braids

Straight down braids are also known as straight back cornrows. They can be done using the feed-in technique. They’re simple cornrows that travel straight back from your hairline to the nape of your neck and don’t require intricate designs that might cause hair breakage.

16. Thin Passion Twists

Thin Passion Twists

Thin passion twists are essentially small sized rope twists done using passion twist hair extensions. They’re quite loose because of their distressed look and they put much less tension on the hair edges as compared to other types of twist hairstyles.

17. Long Thin Box Braids

Long Thin Box Braids

Box braids are braids that feature a box- or square-like look because of the way the individual braiding strands are intertwined. Thin box braids are quite light-weight and, as such, can be worn in long lengths without causing more harm to thin hair edges.

18. Feed-In Braids for Men

Feed in Braids for Men

Thin hair edges aren’t an issue that only affects women. Men also use hair products, hair tools and wear tight braids. Feed-In braids, which are braids done using the feed-in technique, can be worn by men with thin edges. The feed-in method makes the hair look fuller while masking the thinning edges and not damaging them in the process.

19. Feed-In Bob Braids

Feed in Bob Braids

Feed-in bob braids are bob braids made using the feed-in technique. It’s a short to medium length hairstyle in which the hair is cut straight at any level between just below the jawline and above the shoulders. They’re very light because they’re so short which makes them perfect for preventing the edges from further damage.

20. Two Feed-In Braids With Small Braids

Two Feed in Braids With Small Braids

The two feed-in braids with small braids hairstyle is both simplistic and lovely. This braid style gives you a minimalistic look, accentuating your facial features while protecting your edges against damage due to tension.

21. Tribal Braids for Thin Edges

Tribal Braids for Thin Edges

Tribal braids are also known as Fulani braids and they feature feed-in cornrows with a single cornrow running down the center of the head. Individual cornrows are then made in the back of the head. This chic and bold hairstyle is perfect for extreme thin edges as it covers them up under the braids while allowing them to regrow healthily.

22. Sideways Cornrow Braids

Sideways Cornrow Braids

Sideways cornrow braids can also be referred to as the side swoop cornrow braid style. As the name implies, it features a side swoop which goes over the forehead just above the eyebrow and behind the ear. The ends can travel downwards or into a ponytail. This hairstyle is especially good for covering up the edges since they’re hidden by the cute swoop.

23. Short Thin Box Braids

Short Thin Box Braids

Short thin box braids can also be called short micro braids. Micro braids are quite light-weight and are even more protective when worn in short lengths. This is a delightful look that’s also quite easy to manipulate.

24. Medium Knotless Braids for Thin Edges

Medium Knotless Braids for Thin Edges

Knotless braids are braids that are done without the traditional knots at the roots of the hair. These kinds of braids are essentially box braids, but without the tension that regular box braids put on hair roots as a result of the knots. Medium knotless braids are preferred for thin edges—thin ones cause the hair to tangle at the roots which can cause breakage, while jumbo-sized ones, unless there’s only a few of them, can be too heavy on the hair.

25. Halo Feed-In Braid

Halo Feed in Braid

The halo feed-in braid features a cornrow which wraps all the way around the head to create a halo.  This hairstyle is perfect for thin edges as it acts as an effective protective covering for them while still making you look all pretty and glammed up.


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