20 Bob Braids Hairstyles


They’re short, sassy and sophisticated—they’re bobs! Bob braids are short braided hairstyles that have the ends curved to the inside. This style of braids is usually made while maintaining the same or almost the same braid thickness from the top to the bottom. The braids can be made in whichever variation you like: they can be shorter or longer bobs and be made in small, medium and jumbo sizes. 

As bob braids are a form of traditional braids and are shorter in length, they can be worn in a variety of styles. Bob braids are also a great way to add some extra volume to your hair and are absolutely perfect for women with already-short hair. Hint, hint: their length also makes them perfect for summer weather.

If long braids just aren’t doing it for you anymore and you’re looking for a new and stylish way to wear your hair, then consider trying out bob braids hairstyles. There’s bound to be something here that’ll make you call up your hairstylist ASAP.

1. Box Braids in Bob

Box Braids in Bob

Box braids in a bob is the most popular bob braids style with so many ladies making it in different lengths and sizes. Bob box braids can be painful so make sure the hair isn’t being braided too tight and putting too much tension on the scalp. They should still be relatively comfortable.

2. Shoulder Length Bob Braids

Shoulder Length Bob Braids

Shoulder length bob braids are made to reach the shoulders. They’re on the longer side of bob braids styles, hence they take a longer time to make when compared to the short bob braids styles.

3. Neck Length Braided Bob Hairstyles

Neck Length Braided Bob Hairstyle

Neck length braided bobs are those braided to fall close to the neck. This is a very comfortable length since it’s right in the middle and you don’t have to worry about any hair falling to your back or poking your face.

4. Passion Twists Bob

Passion Twists Bob

Passion twists are made using curly extensions which gives them their bounce. These lovely twists can be made neat or distressed, and both variations can be made short as a bob twist style.

5. Bob Braids Short

Bob Braids Short

These are the shortest kinds of bob braids that are made above the shoulders, usually right below the jawline. Short bob braids are simple protective braid styles that don’t take much time to make and have the added benefit of lasting a long time.

6. Faux Locs Bob

Faux Locs Bob

Faux locs can be made short as bobs. The short length of bob faux locs don’t limit their stylability as they can be rocked in several different fashionable ways.

7. Cornrow Bob Braids

Cornrow Bob Braids

Cornrows in different styles can be made into a bob. The most common way to pull this off is by having cornrows on the front and crown of the head and individual braids at the back. Cornrow braids are stylish and can be adorned using hair accessories. 

8. Half-Up, Half-Down Bob

Half Up Half Down Bob

Half-up, half-down bob braids—like the super adorable ones you see above—are achieved by braiding the front of the hair as cornrows and the back as box or knotless braids. Fulani bob braids are a type of half-up, half-down bob braid style.

9. Bob Braids Crochet

Bob Braids Crochet

Crochet bob braids are reusable pre-braided bob extensions that are installed onto natural cornrows. Crochet braids are usually pre-looped which makes them easy to install and take out. This doesn’t take nearly as much time to make as regular individual bob braids, and the crochet extensions can be worn anytime you like!

10. Bob Knotless Braids

Bob Knotless Braids

Bob knotless braids are knotless braid styles made short into a bob. Knotless braids are protective for your hair and painless since they put virtually no tension on the scalp which makes them really comfortable to wear.

11. Bob Braids Wig

Bob Braids Wig

If you love braids but really don’t like sitting for long hours making them, a braided wig is one of the best choices for you. Braided wigs can be made into different styles, including bobbed styles. You can either get a wig that has short braids already or grab a wig with long braids and cut them short yourself. Braided wigs are also economical as you can use them over and over again—and who doesn’t love to save a little money.

12. Twisted Bob

Twisted Bob

Twists in different styles can be made short and styled as a bob. Twists are easy to make, loose and comfy, and they also last for several weeks. Twisted bob styles can be made in all sizes ranging from small to jumbo.

13. Bob Tribal Braids With Beads

Bob Tribal Braids With Beads

All braid styles, including bob tribal braids which are very short tribal braid styles, can be wonderfully accentuated with hair beads. Tribal braids and beads actually pair really well together, especially wooden beads.

14. Bob Braids With Beads

Bob Braids With Beads

One of the most popular ways of adorning bob braids is by adding beads to the ends. Either colored or transparent beads can be used to give different vibes.

15. Bob Pixie Braids

Bob Pixie Braids

Bob pixie braids are micro braids made into a bob style. The very tiny size of the braids means that they’ll require some long hours at the salon to create. The awesome news is that because of their tiny size, it’ll be several months before you have to visit your hairstylist again.

16. Medium Bob Box Braids

Medium Bob Box Braids

Medium sized bob braids have a cut size that is neither too big nor too small. Medium sized bob braids take a little more time to make than jumbo ones but they last longer. If you’re not sure which thickness to go with, medium is always the safest route.

17. Goddess Braids Bob

Goddess Braids Bob

Goddess braids styles are one of the most beautiful braided styles out there as the curly leave-outs gives the hair a fuller and more appealing look. Goddess bob braids are a chic type of box braids that ladies of class should try out.

18. Jumbo Box Braids Bob

Jumbo Box Braids Bob

Jumbo bob box braids are done by parting the hair into big sections and braiding the hair individually using lots of braiding hair. Jumbo bob braids don’t take a lot of time as there are just a few individual braids to make.

19. Kinky Twist Bob

Kinky Twist Bob

Kinky twists bobs are made using kinky extensions which have a tight curl pattern. Kinky twists have texture to them and they are bouncy due to the nature of extensions used.

20. Bob Braids With Curly Ends

Bob Braids With Curly Ends

Making your bob braids with curly ends instantly takes them from basic to spectacular. If you want your bob braids to have a more sophisticated look, make the ends curly.


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