25 Braid Hairstyles for Women


Needless to say, there’s quite literally an endless variety of ways to style your hair. What hairstyle do you have on your head right now? The way we choose to style our hair is an expression of our inner selves, our feelings and our culture. Your hairstyle should be among your top priorities because our hair is the crown we never take off.

Hair holds significance in every society: the length, style, and texture of your hair can mean a lot of different things. Here, we’ve collected some hairstyles that will make you look and feel amazing as a woman. If you’ve run out of ideas for your straight, curly, or kinky locks, you should definitely give one—or every one—of these a try! 

1. Box Braids

Box Braids

Box braids are a style of braids that’s very popular among women. These braids take on a sort of box or square-like appearance because of the way the individual braiding strands are intertwined. Box braids are a protective hairstyle that make the wearer look absolutely ravishing.

2. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids have gone viral because of their glamorous and ethereal look. This look is accomplished by leaving curly strands of hair hanging out of the braids or locs. This method gives the braids a voluminous look and they can be either long or short depending on your preference.

3. Jumbo Knotless Braids

Jumbo Knotless Braids

Jumbo braids are characterized by how large they look and they’re done by putting large sections of the hair into braids. This will produce a few large braids to give a minimal but chic look. Knotless braids are braids that are done without the traditional knots at the roots of the hair. In essence, jumbo knotless braids are really large knotless box or twist braids.

4. Box Braids With Beads

Box Braids With Beads

Beads are quite the trendy decorative look to go for when you want additional detail or glitz added to your braids. Beads also come in handy when you have only a few braids but would like them to appear fuller. They can pair perfectly with cornrows, box braids, and twists of any length!

5. Feed-In Braids

Feed in Braids

The feed-in is a technique which is employed in cornrows and knotless box braids. The goal of the feed-in technique is to give the braids a more natural look and make the hairline look smoother. Here, strands of hair extensions are gradually woven into the hair, from start till the desired length, so that the extensions blend into the natural hair. You can use different colored extensions to add a little pop, however if you want your feed-in braids to look natural it’s best to use braiding hair that’s the same color as your natural hair.

6. Updos With Braids

Updos With Braids

A braided updo is a beautiful hairstyle which simply requires you to put your braids in a neat updo! It’s a great choice whether you’re going out on a date or going to a wedding as it highlights your facial features and neckline—not to mention, it makes you look phenomenal.

7. Braids in a Bun

Braids in a Bun

Putting your braids in a bun is a very convenient and quick way of keeping your hair together and out of the way. This look is perfect for work, working out, or any occasion where you want to be productive but still look fabulous!

8. Straight-back braids

Straight Back Braids 1

The straight-back braids are the simplest of the cornrow braid hairstyles, owing to the fact that they travel straight back from your hairline and do not require any additional styling or details. They are very simple, clean and classy.

9. Bob With Braids

Bob With Braids

The bob style is a short- to medium-length hairstyle in which the hair is cut evenly so that it comes to rest anywhere between just below the jawline and the shoulders. This hairstyle can be achieved with natural hair or hair extensions.

10. Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle

You can rock your afro in very stylish ways to showcase its kinkiness and bulk. You can wear your afro in an updo along with bangs if you wish. You can also use a wide range of hair accessories to decorate your afro to feel like a lovely African woman. If you don’t have a natural afro, don’t worry! You can easily get one done by putting your hair into a bun or cornrows, then attaching afro hair extensions using a needle and thread or a crochet pin.

11. Colored Braids

Colored Braids

There are no restrictions on colors when it comes to braids! You can wear your cornrows, box braids, twist braids, goddess braids, or knotless braids in any color you choose! You can also play around by using multiple different colors of hair extensions for your braids or even using ombré-colored braiding hair.

12. Long Braids

Long Braids

Long braids are eye-catching and stylish any time, any day! Long hair makes you look very youthful and feminine—not to mention the way these long braids swing behind you perfectly as you glide through the streets.

13. Natural Hair Braids

Natural Hair Braids

If you prefer not to keep your natural hair in an afro and not to braid it with hair extensions, you can opt for natural hair braids which take up less time and are just as flattering. You can put your natural hair into cornrows, box braids or twists.

14. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks, more commonly known as locs, feature a matted or knotted look made by locking the hair into rope-like strands. While naturally locking your hair can take months, you can achieve a similar look in a few hours by using a special crochet pin to form the hair into locs. There are a wide variety of locs styles to choose from depending on your preference: sisterlocks, freeform locs, two strand locs or twists, interlocking locs, wicks, and the traditional locs to name a few!

15. Small braids

Small Braids

Small braids are a protective hairstyle that can be done in any length and colour. If you are looking for a long-lasting braid style that you can carry for as long as six to eight weeks, small braids are the pick for you. 

16. Two Braids With Weave

Two Braids With Weave 1

Double braids with weave is a cute hairstyle which can be as intricate or as simple as you’d like and still come out beautiful. This braid style gives you a minimalistic look while accentuating your feminine facial features and shape.

17. Micro Braids

Micro Braids

Micro braids are very skinny braids that are woven with tiny sections of hair. This hairstyle is loved by many because of its versatility. The fact that the braids are so small means they can be put into any style that you would put your natural hair in. The only catch is the long hours that go into installing and removing them but the end product is very worth it!

18. Side Cornrows

Side Cornrows

Side cornrows, also called lemonade braids, are a very trendy and elegant cornrow braid style. This striking asymmetric style features cornrows that are braided to one preferred side of the head in short, medium or long box or twist braids.

19. Half-Up Braids

Half up Braids

As the name suggests, half-up braids is a school girl-inspired look that keeps half of your hair up and half of it down to your shoulders. Instead of putting all your hair up into braids, you can section your hair into front and back sections, putting the crown into cornrows and securing it into a bun. Then you put the remaining half, or back half,  into box braids, twist braids, or even leave it hanging loose.

20. Knotless Box Braids With Curls

Knotless Box Braids With Curls

You can easily and rather quickly spice up your knotless box braid look by adding different types of curls at the tips. These silky curls give your braids more volume, bounce and glamour. This hairstyle goes so well with ombré hair extensions—when ombréd correctly, the curly ends have a different, brighter hue that makes them stand out!

21. Feed-In Ponytail Braid

Feed in Ponytail Braid

This is one of the most popular braid hairstyles for African women. This hairstyle is easy to wear and maintain, and can be worn in any length, color or height to fit any occasion. While some ponytail braids feature simple straight-back cornrows at the crown, others involve more complex cornrow patterns.

22. Triangle Jumbo Box Braids

Triangle Jumbo Box Braids

Just as knotless braids aren’t restricted to a particular colour and size, they’re not bound to a particular style of hair sectioning either! You can put your hair in knotless jumbo braids with a triangular sectioning pattern which leaves visible triangles of hair on your scalp. Triangle parts are a creative and unique parting style that you might not see too commonly.

23. Crochet Hairstyles

Crochet Hairstyles

Crocheted hairstyles are an easy way to wear curls and braids of any length and size without going through the stress of sitting for long hours to get the traditional type of braids. This hairstyle is achieved by putting your hair in individual braids and securing them into the crochet hair extension, or putting your hair into cornrows and attaching the crochet extensions to them using a crochet pin.

24. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids, also known as distressed braids, are named after the butterfly wing-like pattern that’s produced from this particular braiding technique. It’s achieved by pulling small pieces of hair away from, but not out of, the main braid on both sides as you’re braiding. This technique also gives the hair a more voluminous look.

25. Single Braid

Single Braid

The single braid is another very easy hairstyle you can rock effortlessly at any time and for any formal or casual occasion. This hairstyle can be achieved by first cornrowing the hair from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck before braiding the rest of the hair down, or by first putting your hair into a ponytail and then braiding the ponytail.


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