20 Lemonade Braids Styles


In recent years, Lemonade braids, also referred to as side braids, have gone viral and are now being rocked by women around the world. This cornrow hairstyle got its name from the world-renowned musician Beyonce’s 2016 visual album, Lemonade, where she rocked the signature style.

Lemonade braids are artfully created by braiding all the hair to one side of the head. It sounds straightforward—and in a way, it is—however, when you factor in all the possible cornrow patterns and shapes you can incorporate in this style, it can get very intricate. These braids can be made in all sizes from small to medium to jumbo—which are also called big or large lemonade braids—and each size can be made in a wide variety of designs and styles.

1. Small Lemonade Braids

Small Lemonade Braids

Small lemonade braids are the longest-lasting ones because of their small size. If you want your lemonade braids to last for several weeks and you don’t mind spending some long hours at the salon getting them done then small lemonade braids are an awesome idea for your next hairdo. Since there’s more braids, the style looks fuller which enhances its attractiveness.

2. Medium Lemonade Braids

Medium Lemonade Braids

Medium lemonade braids are a bit bigger than the small lemonade braids. It’s the same concept but the braids are made thicker by parting the hair into a slightly bigger cut size than the small lemonade braids and also adding larger strands of braiding hair when braiding. Medium lemonade braids are suitable for ladies that don’t want their braids too big or too small, or ladies who simply can’t decide what size braids they might want.

3. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo lemonade braids are also called big or large lemonade braids. Jumbo lemonade braids are characterized by their big cut size and the thickness of the braids. Large braids like these take the least time to make but don’t last as long as the small and medium ones.

4. Lemonade Braids for Kids

Lemonade Braids for Kids

Lemonade braids look super adorable on kids and most of the time, they’re adorned with hair accessories like beads, cuffs or rings! Kids love it when their braids are accessorized—it makes them feel cute, look cool, and, at the very least, gives them something to shake around! Most braids for kids aren’t left plain or made without using one or more accessories.

5. Lemonade Braids With Curls

Lemonade Braids With Curls

One way to make your lemonade braids stand out from the rest is by having curls either at the ends of the braids, hanging alongside the braids, or both ways! There’s no limit to the amount of curls you can add to your lemonde braid style! Keep in mind though that lemonade braids with curls are a high maintenance style because of the curly hair extensions that must be kept neat and detangled.

6. Lemonade Braids With Heart

Lemonade Braids With Heart

The stylish—and super cute—braided heart design can be made alongside the lemonade braids to spice them up. You can even make more than one braided heart if you like. The hearts are usually located at the top and/or bottom side of the head. The design is easy to achieve, doesn’t take too much time to make, and is a great Valentines Day look!

7. Long Lemonade Braids

Long Lemonade Braids

If you don’t mind spending a couple of long hours at the salon making lemonade braids then you might as well make them long. There’s little doubt that long braids are gorgeous and classy. Long lemonade braids can be made into small, medium or jumbo sizes.

8. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids

Beyonce Lemonade Braids

We have to pay homage to the women who started the trend—the Queen B herself! Beyoncé absolutely slayed the hairstyle pictured above in music video scenes for her album Lemonade—hence, lemonade braids! Beyoncé’s lemonade braids are characterized by their long length and their honey blonde color.

9. Lemonade Braids With Color

Lemonade Braids With Color

Dark lemonade braids like black and brown can be boring if you get them every time. You might need to upgrade to a more vibrant and colorful lemonade braid. Lemonade braids with color are just as easy to do as regular braids—just use colored extensions to braid the hair, instead! Luckily, that means that all lemonade braid hairstyles discussed in this article can be made with color and there are large varieties of vibrant colors to choose from.

10. Pink Lemonade Hair

Pink Lemonade Hair

Pink colored extensions in different shades can be used when making lemonade braids. The color of the natural hair can be left as is or dyed to pink in order to complement the pink colored extensions. Pink lemonade braids are totally glamorous! Keep in mind though that you’ll have to be selective with your clothing so that your hair and outfits don’t clash!

11. Lemonade Feed-In Braids

Lemonade Feed in Braids

The most natural-looking extension braiding technique is feed-in braids. Made as lemonade braids, feed-in braids give a sleek and neat look that hides the use of braiding hair. Lemonade feed-in braids are very popular as ladies love the painless, smooth and seamless look of the braids.

12. Cute Lemonade Braids

Cute Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids with designs and patterns are very alluring and make the wearer look youthful and vibrant. It’s a really good feeling to be out in the crowd and have people take several glances at your lemonade braids because they look so good and detailed.

13. Cornrow Lemonade Braids

Cornrow Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids are a cornrow style that can be made into different sizes, lengths and colors, and can be accessorized with beads, cuffs or rings. Lemonade braids can also be put in a low ponytail for more comfort.

14. Blonde Lemonade Braids

Blonde Lemonade Braids

Like we said before, sticking to black, brown and other dark colors for your lemonade braids can get tiring fast. Here’s an idea: experiment with the color blonde in different shades. Blonde lemonade braids are modern and very chic! Part of the reason is that it’s a light color that actually compliments all different skin colors ranging from light to dark. Blonde lemonade braids are achieved by braiding the hair with blonde braiding hair. You may also choose to bleach or dye your hair so that your whole head is the same color throughout.

15. Goddess Lemonade Braids

Goddess Lemonade Braids

Goddess lemonade braids are also called bohemian lemonade braids. They’re created by leaving out curly extensions to hang beside the braids. You can attach curly extensions onto the braids when they’re done or leave out strands of braiding hair as you’re braiding and curl them using rollers and hot water afterward to seal the curls. Goddess lemonade braids are very voluptuous lemonade braids styles.

16. Stitch Lemonade Braids

Stitch Lemonade Braids

Stitch lemonade braids are lemonade braids that are braided in such a way that they have visible lines showing under each braid. This effect is created by parting the hair to form the lines as you’re braiding along. Stitch lemonade braids are an impressive way to upgrade from your regular lemonade braids and they can be made as small, medium or jumbo sizes.

17. Jumbo Lemonade Braids With Curls

Jumbo Lemonade Braids With Curls

Add some flavor to your jumbo lemonade braids with some curls and watch them transform from basic to amazing. The curls prevent your jumbo braids from looking too plain. The curls can either be at the ends of the braids or the jumbo braids can be made as goddess lemonade braids which have curly extensions hanging alongside the braids.

18. Bohemian Lemonade Braids

Bohemian Lemonade Braids

Bohemian lemonade braids are also known as goddess lemonade braids and they’re characterized by having curly extensions hanging from the braids. Bohemian lemonade braids are just as easy to make as normal ones. You can either use ready-made curly extensions or leave out straight extensions and curl them yourself—the former takes less time than the latter. Bohemian lemonade style braids, due to the presence of curly leave-outs, require proper maintenance to make them last longer.

19. Lemonade Braids With Beads

Lemonade Braids With Beads

Lemonade braids can be made in different styles such as small, medium or jumbo, and still look great with beads at the ends. Since this style has all the hair braided to one side, the side to which the braids are made can be heavy especially when many beads are added. The beads can be added using just the hand or a crochet pin. They make the hair more attractive and make the braids sway while walking, too!

20. Red Lemonade Braids

Red Lemonade Braids

There’s a certain magic that comes from a splash of color that just can’t be gotten from the use of regular, dark colors. Red lemonade braids are similar to normal lemonade braids. The only difference is that the red lemonade braids are achieved using red braiding hair on either red or other hair colors.


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