15 Heart Braids Hairstyles


 If we’re talking cute braided hairstyles, this one is definitely among the top. Heart braids hairstyles are recently trending hairstyles that have actually been in vogue for a while now with a lot of ladies making sure they fit at least one heart in whenever they want to have their hair braided.

     Hairstyles that feature heart braids are those that are braided either fully in a heart shape or that have some parts or sections braided to form hearts. The perfect little hearts are made by either parting the hair in a visible heart shape and braiding it or by simply cornrowing the hair in the shape of a heart.

     Heart braids hairstyles are easier to make than they might look. The hearts actually don’t require extra hours at the salon because they’re technically made using the same braids or cornrows you’d usually make, just in the form of a heart. Look below to fall in love with this chic and modern braid style!

1. Lemonade Braids With Heart Design

Lemonade Braids With Heart Design

Lemonade braids are a protective hairstyle where the braids can be made in different sizes such as small, medium or large. This style is a great pick for a different class of ladies and you can make it look less basic by simply incorporating one or more heart-shaped cornrows to further complement the braids. The heart design is easy to make and doesn’t take long at all.

2. Heart Design Braids for Black Hair

Heart Design Braids for Black Hair

Black hair can be braided into a variety of heart braid styles depending on your choice. The heart design braids for black hair can only be made on natural black hair or other colored hair types that have been dyed to black. Heart design braids further enhance the facial highlighting properties of black braids.

3. Stitch Braids With Heart

Stitch Braids With Heart

Stitch braids, no matter which style you choose, can be made with a heart at the side. The hearts are braided to stand on their own while the stitch braids are made in the preferred style. Stitch braids are those braided in such a way that there are visible lines running along the length of the braid. The lines are created by using the pinky fingernail or a rat tail comb to divide the hair while braiding.

4. Tribal Braids With Heart

Tribal Braids With Heart

Tribal braids are also known as Fulani braids and they originate from the Fulani tribe of Africa. The tribal braids with a heart style is characterized by the presence of cornrows in front—braided from the front to the middle of the head or braided from the center to the sides—and one or more heart shaped braids on either both or one of the two sides of the braids. This is a protective hairstyle that also lasts for a long time.

5. Feed-In Braids With Heart

Feed in Braids With Heart

The feed-in braids with a heart style is one of the most popular and attractive heart braids hairstyles. Feed-in braids have a flawless and natural look to them which make them the choice of many ladies. These braids can be done in many different styles like straight backs, braided updos and others while still featuring hearts in them.

6. Box Braids With Heart

Box Braids With Heart

Heart box braids are just box braids that have some of the hair braided in a heart shape, either by parting the hair into a heart or by plaiting the hair in such a way that it has two sides joining together to form a heart. Suitable for you if you want box braids that are outside the box!

7. Knotless Braids With Heart

Knotless Braids With Heart

Knotless braids can be made with one or more heart shaped braids added in any position, commonly the sides and/or the back. All types of knotless braid styles can be made with hearts.

8. Heart-Shaped Braids

Heart Shaped Braids

Heart-shaped braids are ones braided in the heart shape. Each individual braid is first plaited on the scalp to form a heart after which the braids are then extended down. This is a creative and really adorable way of making braids that don’t take a lot of hours but still look great and last long.

9. Cornrows With Heart

Cornrows With Heart

Cornrows are African braids that are made by plaiting the hair, which is already divided into three strands, flat and firmly to the scalp. The cornrows are traditionally made straight and got their name from their resemblance to rows of corn. However, they don’t have to be made straight. On the contrary, they’re commonly plaited into designs and styles that aren’t straight, like heart shaped braids. Cornrows are protective hairstyles that can be made in different sizes.

10. Straight Backs With Heart

Straight Backs With Heart

Your neat and minimal straight back braids can be made so much more glamorous by making heart braids either at the top side or the bottom side of the braids. The heart design can be made at either the top, side or back of the head and they definitely give an entirely different vibe to the hair.

11. Heart Braids in Hair

Heart Braids in Hair

Different hairstyles can be made with heart braids in them. The heart braid design is easy to make and adds a creative and decorative touch to the hairstyle.

12. Braided Heart Hairstyles With Hair Cuffs and Rings

Braided Heart Hairstyles With Hair Cuffs and Rings

All braided hairstyles can be made in such a way that they have some parts of the hair braided as hearts and are accessorized with embellishments like hair cuffs and rings. The hearts can be formed by either parting the hair into a heart shape or by parting the hair into a box shape, then dividing the box into two parts which are plaited to form both sides of the heart. The rings and cuffs are then hooked onto the braids wherever you want them. Braided heart hairstyles are jaw-dropping when they’re adorned with shiny hair jewelry.

13. Small Lemonade Braids With Heart Design

Small Lemonade Braids With Heart Design

Small lemonade braids with a heart is similar to the regular lemonade braids with a heart hairstyle. The only difference is the emphasis on keeping the braids small here. This hairstyle is protective and lasts long but, like all small braid styles, it takes several hours to make because of their small size.

14. Heart French Braids

Heart French Braids

French braids can be made as hearts to make them look more stylish yet simple. French braids are made by dividing the hair into three strands which are then plaited in such a way that the rest of the hair is added as the braid progresses. These braids protect the hair as well and are suitable for all hair types.

15. Braided Ponytail With Heart on the Side

Braided Ponytail With Heart on the Side

The already-classy braided ponytail can be spiced up and given a more gorgeous look by adding heart-shaped designs to the sides to serve as the highlight of the ponytail. These hearts can be made either big or small.


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