25 Braided Ponytail Hairstyles You Can’t Miss


The iconic braided ponytail is an undeniably enchanting hairstyle in which the hair is formed into one or more braids and held together firmly by an elastic band, or made into cornrows that come together and hang down from the head. Braided ponytails can be positioned at the crown of the head, at the nape of the neck, or anywhere in between! Depending on the style, your ponytail can either be left to flow loosely behind you or put into your favorite kind of braid(s) (box braids, bubble braids, twist braids, etc.).

This style is versatile, timeless and—best of all—easy to achieve! Braided ponytail hairstyles can be worn in any color or length you choose, and available styles range from minimalistic to extremely elaborate. Here are 25 show-stopping ways you can flaunt your braided ponytail!

1. Ponytail Braid

Ponytail Braid

The ponytail braid rests calmly on the left or right shoulder—the asymmetry highlighting the graceful shape and features of the face. This style is clean, classy, easy to do, and suitable for any occasion or event.

2. Slick Back Ponytail Braid  

Slick Back Ponytail Braid

The slick back ponytail keeps strands of hair out of your face which makes it the perfect style for young professionals, moms, and multi-taskers. The best part is: it looks stunning at any function! This hairstyle is elegant, doesn’t need much maintenance, and pairs well with a wide variety of outfits.

3. Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Ponytail Lemonade braids feature long cornrows that hang from the side of the head instead of the back, and stream over the shoulder. If properly taken care of, these Lemonade braids can last between six to eight weeks.

4. Long Ponytail Braid

Long Ponytail Braid

There’s absolutely no limit as to how long or short your ponytail braids can be. Whether you’re big on long hair or getting ready for a big event, you can take your look to another level with an extra-long ponytail braid!

5. Braids Up in a Ponytail

Braids Up in a Ponytail

You can rock a braid ponytail with box braids, twist braids—any braids that are long enough to be held together. All you need to do is secure your braids into a ponytail using an elastic rubber band or scrunchie, lay your edges, and you’re good to go!

6. French Braid Ponytail

French Braid Ponytail

The French braid is achieved by using a braiding technique that involves steadily parting and overlapping sections of hair in a way that creates a braid-like pattern. Using this method, make one or more French braids along the side of the head then smooth all the rest of the hair up into a ponytail. This hairstyle is subtly chic and not too flashy.

7. Side-Swoop Braided Ponytail

Side Swoop Braided Ponytail

As the name suggests, the side-swoop braided ponytail hairstyle features a deep swoop, or bang, that flows smoothly over either preferred side of the face. The rest of the hair is slicked back and formed into a braided ponytail(s). Give this style a try if you want to draw attention to the face or just want something a little different for your ponytail. 

8. Jumbo Ponytail Braid

Jumbo Ponytail Braid

You might’ve guessed that jumbo ponytail braids are all about size! The key to this style is achieving a big and voluminous braided ponytail. This bold hairstyle is modern, flamboyant, and makes you stand out.

9. Feed-In Braids Ponytail

Feed In Braids Ponytail

This popular hairstyle is formed by securing long feed-in braids into a ponytail. The hair extensions are gradually added to the cornrows from the scalp up which allow the extensions to blend seamlessly with your hair. This technique gives the cornrows the desired effect of appearing natural although extensions are added.

10. Goddess Ponytail Braid

Goddess Ponytail Braid

The goddess ponytail braid features a customarily large braided ponytail with strands of curly hair left out of the braid. These leave-outs add a whole new dimension to your braided ponytail, giving it a thicker and more ethereal look which is sure to attract eyes from all across the room.

11. One Ponytail Braid

One Ponytail Braid

Simple and straight-to-the-point, the one ponytail braid is exactly what it states—a single braided ponytail! It may sound boring, however with just one braid you have the flexibility to place it as high or low as you want and get creative with embellishments! It’s an easily-manageable look and can be styled to be tasteful or casual.

12. Low Sleek Ponytail Braid

Low Sleek Ponytail Braid

The attention to detail put into the low sleek ponytail makes it a style that comes to mind when you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated or professional. This style demands that your hair be laid down smooth and tight (using styling gel to achieve this crisp look is recommended). The hair is then firmly secured at the nape of the neck and put into a braided ponytail. When executed correctly, the low sleek ponytail braid can stay looking silky and shiny all day long!

13. Mohawk Ponytail Braid

Mohawk Ponytail Braid

The name alone should give you some indication of what this edgy hairstyle would look like. The mohawk ponytail braid puts a modern spin on the classic mohawk by braiding the hair vertically along the middle of the head and ending it in a ponytail braid. It’s a bold look that can be dressed up casually or formally.

14. Stitch Braid Ponytail

Stitch Braid Ponytail

The stitch braid ponytail style is achieved by using the signature stitch braiding technique. It involves sectioning the hair into small horizontal parts as you braid them into long cornrows. More specifically: the pinkie fingernail or a rat-tail comb is used to section the hair and add the small sections into the cornrow as you go along, so as to make clean, straight parts along the length of it. This method creates visible horizontal lines, or “stitches”, down the sides of each cornrow.

15. Box Braids Ponytail

Box Braids Ponytail

The box braids ponytail is an unconventional hairstyle that showcases a ponytail that’s been twisted up into several box braids. This look is less common than the single braided ponytail but no less fabulous, especially if you’re craving a style that’s more outside-the-box.

16. Weave Ponytail With Braids in Front

Weave Ponytail With Braids in Front

A weave ponytail with braids is one of the simpler styles on this list as it can be accomplished by simply putting your natural hair in cornrows, securing the ends into a bun, then stitching or pinning weave around the bun. You can select your preferred weave from the endless variety of straight, wavy or curly hair extensions available.

17. Two-in-One Ponytail Braids

Two in One Ponytail Braids

The two-in-one ponytail braid is an unforgettable style that you don’t see around often! This hairstyle features a ponytail split into two braids. It’s a distinct style that’s extraordinary and eye-catching.

18. Small Feed-In Braids Ponytail

Small Feed In Braids Ponytail

The braids for a small feed-in ponytail are formed using the feed-in technique, but on a smaller scale to create thinner braids. This particular braid ponytail style can be more time-consuming to execute than most of the others but lasts longer if maintained properly. It’s perfect if you want something that’s in-style, looks natural, and will hold tight.

19. High-Top Ponytail Braids

High Top Ponytail Braids

High-top ponytail braids can be obtained by fashioning long cornrows into a ponytail at the top of the head. A few braids are then wrapped round the base of the ponytail to bump it up, or add some height and volume to it.

20. Middle-Part Double Ponytail

Middle Part Double Ponytail

To get the famous middle-part double ponytail, the hair is parted down the center of the head from the hairline to the nape of the neck. This part creates two equal sections of hair—the left half of the head and the right half—that you can then put into two separate braided ponytails for a pleasing, symmetrical look.

21. Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Much like the French braid ponytail, the Dutch braid ponytail is a simple yet intricate hairstyle that utilizes a special braiding technique to nail the desired aesthetic. Better yet, this look can be put together quickly by making a Dutch braid(s) on one or both sides of the head, then pulling the rest of the hair up into a ponytail.

22. Braided Ponytail With Bangs

Braided Ponytail With Bangs

The braided ponytail with bangs is another lesser-seen hairstyle and is probably one of the sweetest ponytail styles you can absolutely slay! This style features a braided ponytail with a front or side fringe. The fringe can offer a lot of space for creativity: experiment with the length and add some accessories.

23. Ponytail Braids With Beads

Ponytail Braids With Beads

Ponytail braids can also be embellished with hair accessories of your choice, from beads to charms and shells. Decorations not only add a mesmerizing personal touch to your braids, but they can even add more volume and make your hair look fuller. 

24. Ponytail Bubble Braid

Ponytail Bubble Braid

Bubble braids are amazing because they’re fast, easy and work on every hair type. You can acquire this look by first making a tight, secure ponytail. Next, starting with the section of the ponytail closest to the head, backcomb a desired portion of the ponytail to create volume (in other words, a bubble). Then tie off that “bubble” with an elastic band before moving to the section below it and doing the same thing again. Working from the base to the end, repeat this process till the full length of the ponytail is put into a bubble braid. Alternatively, you can form the bubbles by shaping the sections of ponytail around small plastic balls for longer-lasting results. 

25. Locs Ponytail

Locs Ponytail

If you already have your hair in locs then you just might have it the easiest on this list. You can also rock the braid ponytail style elegantly—and effortlessly! All you have to do is secure your locs with a rubber band or scrunchie where you want your ponytail to be, and you’re ready for the day.


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