Braided Buns: 20 Types of Braided Bun Hairstyles for Black & Straight Hair


Braided buns are comfortable, easy-to-do protective hairstyles for men and women. They start with either cornrows or single braids (like box braids or knotless braids). The ends are then wrapped or tied back into a ponytail and tucked into a bun.

These are great styles for formal events and comfortable enough for casual, day-to-day wear. However, tension is a concern. Too much tension can weaken the hair follicles and cause thinning or baldness, so be careful not to make the bun too tight. You can wear braided buns in many different ways, so you are sure to find one that suits your hair type and style. These are the 20 best braided bun hairstyles to try in 2024.

1. Braided Bun for Black Hair

Braided Bun for Black Hair

Black hair can be styled into a braided bun for ceremonial, casual, and official occasions. Braided buns can be made either high or low by first making the hair into a ponytail, braiding the ends and then wrapping it into a bun. Accessorize with a showy hairband, ribbons, or flowers to make this really pop.

2. Braided Messy Bun

Braided Messy Bun

A braided messy bun is a casual style that doesn’t require expertise and a hairstylist, but it comes out beautifully. Messy buns are mostly loose, making them very comfortable. You can braid or pull your hair back into a ponytail, braid the ends, and wrap them into a bun. Make them low or high depending on your preference. Leave out a few strands to frame your face and make it look more natural.

3. Two Buns Hairstyles

Two Buns Hairstyles

Two bun braided hairstyles are made by braiding the hair into ponytails or cornrows and wrapping the hair into two buns. You can make them low or high, or even make them on the sides in an iconic Leia style. Add designs to really show off this look.

4. Braided Bun Updo

Braided Bun Updo

Braided bun updo is achieved by braiding the hair, which has been styled into a ponytail, and then wrapping the ends around into a bun. Braided buns can be made into simple styles or complex ones to show off your creativity. Add a side braid to draw the eye and add a little elegance to the style.

5. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun

French braids start with the hair in two parts. Each part is then halved and braided in cross sections using the three-strands technique. Wrap the ends of the french braids into a bun. The multi-braid facet of this style makes the bun more intricate. It’s a beautiful style that you can never go wrong with.

6. Cornrow Bun

Cornrow Bun

To create a cornrow bun, cornrow the hair to the back, ending as low or high as you want and leaving the ends out in a ponytail. Secure the ponytail and wrap the ends into a bun. This is great for formal occasions or to keep the braids off your neck and shoulders. Cornrows are usually wrapped into a bun for comfort.

7. Braided Space Buns

Braided Space Buns

Space buns are a classic, cute style for casual days. Braid the hair into two top buns by securing the hair at the top of your head and wrapping the ponytail. Add braids going up the scalp for a little more creativity. As cute and simple as this style is, it’s very comfortable but not usually suitable for formal events.

8. Feed in Braids into Low Buns

Feed in Braids Into Low Buns

Feed in braids into low buns can only be achieved when the hair is braided back and/or braided into a low ponytail. Feed in braids come from the technique of adding braiding hair under the natural hair to conceal the addition. Add as much or as little hair to make the bun as thick as you want. Low feed in buns are very simple and stylish and can be rocked by men and women.

9. Braided Side Bun

Braided Side Bun

This is for ladies that don’t love regular visits to a stylist. Braided side buns are easy to do. Pull your hair back into a side ponytail, wrap the braided end into a bun on one side of your head, and secure it. You can add a side braid that feeds into the bun.

10. Low Bun with Braid

Low Bun With Braid

Low buns are very close to the nape of the neck. By braiding the ends of the ponytail, you make this an especially elegant style. You can dress it up with extra braids or accessories or dress it down by making it a little messier and leaving out strands.

11. Braided Low Bun Black Hair

Braided Low Bun Black Hair

Your black hair perfectly highlights your face when you style it into a low bun. Short and long lengths can be braided into a bun, but the intricacies of this style shine more with longer hair. You can dress it up with a brightly colored accessory to create contrast.

12. Braided Bun with Weave

Braided Bun With Weave

Add length and detail to your braided bun with a weave. Style it in a half up half down with the braided bun on top. Weave the sew-in into the back or install a lace front and style it into a braided bun. This is a classy style that lets you go beyond what your natural hair may be able to do.

13. Top Bun with Braids

Top Bun With Braids

Top buns are positioned on top of the head. You can braid your hair up to the top of your head or pull it up into a high ponytail and braid the ends before wrapping it in a bun. Top buns are simple and easy. They’re great for work or when you’re going to be busy and need to keep your hair out of the way. 

14. Braids up into a Bun

Braids up Into a Bun

Braid your hair up the back or sides of your head and secure the end into a braided bun for a quick, cute style. You can make this messy or chic. This style is suitable for short and long hair types.

15. Braids with Bun on Top

Braids With Bun on Top

Braids with a bun on top are great for box and knotless braids. These braids are easy to wrap into a bun, and it’s a cute style to switch up your look between visits to the salon. This is easiest with medium- to jumbo-sized braids. Having a lot of micro braids will make the bun larger and a little more cumbersome.

16. Two Braids into a Bun

Two Braids Into a Bun

Two braids into a bun is one of the fastest braided bun styles to do. Braid the hair into two and attach them together at the end to form a single bun. This style is suitable for men and women. For people with thicker hair, the braids will be much larger and may not last as long, but it’s still an attractive style to try.

17. Straight Back Braids with Bun

Straight Back Braids With Bun 1

Straight backs are cornrows that are braided from the front of the head to the back, close to the nape of the neck and in a perfectly straight order. They’re the simplest cornrow style, and the ends can be wrapped in a bun to prevent your hair from falling on your back. You can add designs or braid them with stitching (like in the picture) to add a little flair.

18. Braided Man Bun Styles

Braided Man Bun Styles

Braided man buns are not only a protective hairstyle for men but also offer both comfort and ease of styling. For more on how to nail this look and others, check out our braid hairstyles for men article. Braid the hair into cornrows or single braids, like box or knotless braids. Then wrap the ends of the braids into a bun. Try different patterns on your braids. No two braided bun styles need to be the same.

19. Dutch Braided Bun

Dutch Braided Bun

Dutch braided buns are achieved by braiding the hair in two or more Dutch braids and then wrapping the hair into a bun. This is a gorgeous variation of two braids into a bun. You can make them messy or tight. Dutch braided buns are simple styles that don’t take much time.

20. Braided Ponytail Bun

Braided Ponytail Bun

This braided ponytail bun is quick, easy, and looks incredible. Start by pulling your hair partially through a ponytail, leaving only a little bit as the bun. Part the rest of the ponytail on either side of the half-bun and braid each side. Then just wrap the braided sections around the bun, tuck them underneath, and secure them with a few pins if you need it! This works best with long hair or extensions. It’s a gorgeous, low-effort style, and the looseness of the half-bun won’t put too much tension on your neck. 


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