17 Front Braids Hairstyles


Front braid hairstyles let you make a fashionable statement that never goes out of style. To create these iconic looks, simply braid the front sections of your hair into sleek cornrows, while leaving the back loose, individually braided, or ready for sewing in extensions. Mix and match straight, curly, or kinky textures to customize your look.

You can style front braids in various ways, from sleek and stylish ponytails to pretty French braids that frame the face perfectly. That’s why front braids are great for big events or busy mornings! You can go fancy or casual, whatever suits you.

This article will explore 17 beautiful front braid styles and how to achieve them, from flattering Fulani braids to sweet half-up looks. We’ve got your next signature go-to look waiting for you!

1. Lace Front Braid Wig

Image of Lace Front Braid Wig in a front braid hairstyle
Image: wig_hadiz/Instagram

Lace front wigs are really trendy these days as they make it seem as if it’s your hair that is braided. Lace front wigs are realistic wigs that only require you to braid your hair into cornrows and then install the wig.

2. Front Braids Back Weave

Image of Front Braids Back Weave in a front braid hairstyle

If you want weave and braids at the same time, you should go for the front braids and back weave hairstyle. The front braids are usually cornrows of different styles, while the weave can be either curly, kinky, straight or wavy.

3. Front Braids On Top Of The Head

Image of Front Braids On Top Of The Head in a front braid hairstyle

To achieve front on top of the head, you will braid just the front hair on top of your head, leaving the sides and the back unbraided. Front braids on top is a quick hairstyle that you can achieve in a couple of minutes.

4. Lace Front Braids

Image of Lace Front Braids in a front braid hairstyle

Lace front braids are perfect for ladies who have alopecia or thin edges. Installing and braiding a lace frontal allows you to make styles that your natural hair can’t achieve and also prevent tension on the scalp.

5. Two Front Braids

Image of Two Front Braids in a front braid hairstyle

Two front braids are simple braids with weave styles that feature just two braids in any style at the front and weaves of your choice at the back. Two front braids will make you look trendy.

6. Braided Front Curly Back

Image of Braided Front Curly Back in a front braid hairstyle

If you want a fun weave type, go for the curly ones. To achieve the braided front, curly back style, you can either sew in a curly weave or install curly crochet extensions at the back of the braids.

7. Front French Braids

Image of Front French Braids in a front braid hairstyle
Image: kingki25/Instagram

Front French braids are a type of front braids that have the front hair braided as French braids and the back left to fall freely or braided as individual braids. The French braids are usually made in big sizes but can also be made small.

8. Front Cornrows

Image of Front Cornrows in a front braid hairstyle
Image: tropicalbraids_byzacha/Instagram

Front cornrows are regular front braid styles. The front of the hair is braided in any simple or dramatic cornrow style, while the back is left to fall freely, be braided individually, or have a weave sewn in.

9. Braids In The Front And Straight In The Back

Image of Braids In The Front And Straight In The Back in a front braid hairstyle
Image: favhair_official/Instagram

Braids in the front and straight at the back can be achieved in two ways. The first is by installing a straight lace front wig and braiding the front as cornrows, or by braiding the hair as cornrows and sewing in a straight weave at the back. Either way you choose to make the style, be assured that it will come out really nice.

10. Front Fringe Braids

Image of Front Fringe Braids in a front braid hairstyle

Front fringe braids are a type of braided hairstyle that falls beautifully on your forehead. If you have a broad forehead, thin hairline, or balding areas, a front fringe can help conceal them. You can, ofcourse, also just create a front fringe braid style if you love fringe hairstyles!

11. Side Front Braid

Image of Side Front Braid in a front braid hairstyle

The side front braid is an easy and quick hairstyle when you need to go out urgently. With little effort, this braid is also perfect for fancy events, giving you an amazing look.

12. Front Braid For Short Hair

Image of Front Braid For Short Hair in a front braid hairstyle
Image: 804_martinez.b/Instagram

Do not assume that your short hair cannot be styled into many nice looks. That assumption is completely untrue. A double front braid hairstyle is one you can definitely rock with shorter hair.

13. Front Braid Ponytail

Image of Front Braid Ponytail in a front braid hairstyle
Image: unwrittenstudios_/Instagram

A sleek ponytail looks even more beautiful with front braids. You can cornrow the front section of your hair in any style, leaving the rest loose. Then, gather both the loose hair and braids together into a ponytail.

14. Frontal Braided Ponytail

Image of Frontal Braided Ponytail in a front braid hairstyle
Image: kc__stylz/Instagram

The frontal braided ponytail is a recent popular method for braided ponytails. It requires a lace frontal installed at the front of the head, with natural hair left loose in the back. Braiding extensions are then added. The hair is styled into either a low or high ponytail.

15. Half Front Braids On Natural Hair

Image of Half Front Braids On Natural Hair in a front braid hairstyle

A cool way to style natural hair is with half front braids. Simply part your hair down the middle and section off the front. Braid the front portions into cornrows or other braid styles on each side of your head. Leave the back loose and natural. You can add designs and hair accessories like beads to adorn the braids. This style allows you to highlight your beautiful curls while adding an extra dose of flair.

16. Front Cornrows, Back Box Braids

Image of Front Cornrows Back Box Braids in a front braid hairstyle

Front cornrows, back box braids are also called Fulani braids. The front cornrows can vary in size and style – feel free to get creative! You can also customize the length of the back braids, making them long or short to match your personal taste. This versatile protective style pairs neat precision up front with free-flowing box braids in the back.

17. Front Side French Braid

Image of Front Side French Braid in a front braid hairstyle

The front side French braid keeps hair out of your face while leaving the rest to cascade down your back. It’s a perfect style when you want to tame flyaways and baby hairs without pulling all your locks up. This pretty braid adds a touch of effortless elegance, highlighting your best features.


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