20 Braids Hairstyles With Straight Hair


Long, straight hairstyles are widely popular these days as there are easy ways to make even the curliest of hair perfectly sleek and straight. Straight hair is very easy to braid since it doesn’t tangle as much, and its glossy finish makes it a favorite for many. Braided hairstyles for straight hair also require less maintenance compared to styles for curly hair.

What else is good news? Well, there are countless styling options for braids with straight hair. From elegant braided updos for formal events to trendy straight-back braids perfect for an everyday look. Whether you want to accentuate your long hair or frame your face beautifully, braids add an element of style to straight hair.

This article explores the 20 most gorgeous braided hairstyles that complement and elevate your straight hair.

1. Cute Waterfall Braids on Straight Hair

Image of Cute Waterfall Braids on Straight Hair

If you need a cute-looking hairstyle for your straight hair, a waterfall braid is a perfect choice. For a posh event, you can style your straight hair into this elegant waterfall braid.

2. Long Straight Hairstyle with Side Braids

Image of Long Straight Hairstyle With Side Braids

Long, straight hairstyles are often smooth and shiny. For a stylish look, braid one side of your long, straight hair into a few cornrows. You can further decorate the braids for added allure.

3. Baddie Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Image of Baddie Hairstyle for Straight Hair

For a sleek, on-trend look, try this stylish front rubber band hairstyle on your straight hair. With its aesthetic vibe, this beautiful hairstyle will give you major baddie energy and make you look trendy and attractive.

4. Black Straight Long Hair Hairstyle with Braids

Black Straight Long Hair Hairstyle with Braids

A low-maintenance hairstyle if you have black hair and one that accentuates your facial features is a straight hair look with braids. A black straight hairstyle has always been in style due to its dark shade. Simply French braid the top into two braids and further style the rest of the hair with bubble braids for an elegant look.

5. Braids Straight Back Hairstyle

Image of Braids Straight Back Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of straight hairstyles and braids, consider trying straight back braids. These are straightforward cornrow styles that come in various sizes, tailored to your time availability at the salon. For those with limited time, the jumbo straight back style is an excellent choice.

6. Braids on Natural Straightened Hair

Braids on Natural Straightened Hair

Straightening your natural hair can give it a silky appearance, adding sleekness and shine to your braids. This process also helps in reducing frizz and shrinkage, enhancing the overall look of the braids.

7. Crochet Braid For Straight Hair

Image of Crochet Braid For Straight Hair

Crochet braids achieve a remarkably natural appearance as straightened hair, presenting one of the most seamless crochet hairstyles. Opt for individual installation for a free-flowing look, or attach them to cornrows for a more structured style, tailoring your choice to the desired aesthetic.

8. Half-Up Braids on Long Black Straight Hair

Image of Half up Braids on Long Black Straight Hair

Embrace the beauty of long, black, silky straight hair that captures attention with its striking gloss. Consider elevating your style with a half-up braid style, a hairstyle that lets you showcase your stunning length while adding an intricate touch of style to your look.

9. Straight Hair Ponytail with Side Braids

Image of Straight Hair Ponytail With Side Braids

A ponytail with straight hair is the epitome of elegance. This look adapts from short to long hair effortlessly. Adding side braids adds a chic twist, elevating the simple ponytail to a level of refined sophistication.

10. Braided Wedding Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

Image of Braided Wedding Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

Take your guests’ breath away when you walk in with this wedding hairstyle with braids for long, straight hair. This elegant style features two front braids atop your head, beautifully framing your face and making you shine all day long.

11. Easy Hairstyle With Braids For Straight Hair

Image of Easy Hairstyle With Braids For Straight Hair

Straight hair is one of the easiest textures to braid. If you want a quick and easy braided hairstyle for your straight hair, try braiding the front sections into small, individual braids. This flattering look doesn’t require a hairstylist and is quick to do yourself.

12. Straight Braids

Image of Straight Braids on Straight Hair

Straight braids are braids of all styles that do not have any curl pattern, either at the ends or throughout the braid. Straight braids are typically done on straight hair or by using straight braiding extensions.

13. Braids In The Front And Straight In The Back

Braids in the Front and Straight in the Back

You can achieve braids in the front and straight hair in the back whether or not you have naturally straight hair. To get this style, if you don’t have straight hair or want length longer than your natural hair, just sew in a silky straight weave at the back.

14. Straight Hair Twists

Image of Straight Hair Twists on Straight Hair
Image: hairbymkay__/Instagram

Straight hair twists are easy to achieve and can be made in small to jumbo sizes. Unlike twists on curly hair, straight hair twists are usually not bouncy.

15. Formal Hairstyle With Braids For Straight Hair

Image of Formal Hairstyle With Braids For Straight Hair
Image: luxxloxx/Instagram

This straight, formal hairstyle is perfect for proms and weddings! The infinity Dutch braid on a pulled-out braid ponytail will look gorgeous on any hair color. To achieve this elegant straight formal look, braid your hair in this intricate style.

16. Half Updo For Straight Hair

Half Updo for Straight Hair

A half updo is a great way to keep straight hair out of your face while still showing off your beautiful, lush hair. This easy, quick style can be done yourself in a snap.

17. Braids For Men With Straight Hair

Braids For Men With Straight Hair
Image: lisyastyles/Instagram

Men with straight hair can create various braided styles. A sleek straight-back stitch braid perfectly highlights masculine features.

18. Bun for Straight Hair

Image of Bun for Straight Hair

The assumption that a bun for straight hair is boring is untrue. You can wrap your straight hair into a beautiful, sleek bun hairstyle that will be comfortable and suit formal events.

19. Sleek Hairstyle With Dutch and Bubble Braid Pigtails

Image of Sleek Hairstyle With Dutch and Bubble Braid Pigtails

A sleek, braided hairstyle shows off silky, lustrous straight hair beautifully. Dutch braids and bubble braids styled into pigtails will beautifully accentuate your straight hair.

20. Long Straight Braided Hairstyle with Bangs

Image of Long Straight Braided Hairstyle With Bangs

To elevate your long, straight hair with bangs, braid some front strands into delicate baby braids. The braids will accentuate and better define your bangs for a polished look.


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