22 Braid Bangs hairstyles


Braid bangs hairstyles, which are also called fringe braids, are braided styles made on naturally fringed hair types or on hair that has already been cut into a fringe cut. By fringe or bangs hairstyles, we mean hairstyles that have a section of the front hair falling forward on the face in a defined style. This front section of hair is customarily short and stops just above the eyes or eyebrows. Some people find having hair in their face uncomfortable, however if you don’t mind having hair touching your face then you should try out a few of these braid bangs hairstyles.

Some women choose to go for bangs in order to conceal their broad forehead or their thin or balding edges. Whatever your reason for choosing this style, you stepping out your front door feeling feminine and beautiful is what’s most important! So let’s get these gorgeous hairstyles rolling with this compilation of wonderful braid bangs.

1. Cute Bang Hairstyle

Cute Bang Hairstyle

A cute bang hairstyle like this will make you look stunning for your formal events like prom and weddings. It’s simple, it’s attractive, and it gets the job done! If you want an extra dash of charm, you can use pearls or other beautiful hair accessories.

2. Boxer Braids With Bangs

Boxer Braids With Bangs

Boxer braids with bangs are just two symmetrical braids with bangs in the front. The bangs can be full, side, or double depending on how you want them to look.

3. Box Braid Bangs

Box Braid Bangs

Box braid bangs are one of the longest-lasting bang braids styles—not to mention how retro and chic they are! They do take several hours to make but they’re well worth it. The braids can be made in small to jumbo sizes and in either short, medium, or long lengths, so experiment and personalize your box braids style to fit you.

4. French Braids With Bangs

French Braids With Bangs

One of the easiest ways to style your hair with bangs is by making it into a French braid with bangs. Depending on how much time you have to spare, you can make the French braids in small or large sizes. The quickest and easiest way is a single French braid down the middle, but this style won’t last as long as having multiple French braids.

5. Korean Bangs

Korean Bangs

Korean bangs have become a popular look in recent years. With this hairstyle, usually, the sides of the bangs are longer and are swept to the sides of the face while the rest of the hair is worn as a braided ponytail or pigtails. This style can be worn casually or for school.

6. Braided Ponytail With Bang

Braided Ponytail With Bang

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your simple ponytail braid, make it a braided ponytail with bangs. There are faux fringe clips available to attach to your hair if you don’t want to cut the front of your natural hair short to achieve this hairstyle.

7. Bangs Hairstyle for Round Face

Bangs Hairstyle for Round Face

You can be assured that a bang hairstyle will complement your round face and its features perfectly whether you choose to let your hair fall loosely or go for a bang updo hairstyle.

8. Cornrows With a Bang

Cornrows With a Bang

Cornrows with a bang are super trendy and gorgeous hairstyles for classy ladies. If you want the bangs to look more alluring, you can add beads of any type to the ends.

9. Dutch Braids With Bangs

Dutch Braids With Bangs

This Dutch braid with bangs style is very simple and nice. You can quickly style your hair into one all by yourself if you have urgent errands to run or are rushing to get ready in the morning.

10. Braids With Bangs Out

Braids With Bangs Out

All braid styles can have bangs left out for an upgraded look. To pull off this ponytail braid with bangs, leave out a section in front which you’ll braid down the front to fall on your face while the rest is braided up into a ponytail. Your ponytail can be left loose or braided as well—either way, you’re guaranteed to look like a snack when you leave the house.

11. Two French Braids With Bangs

Two French Braids With Bangs

Two French braids with bangs is one of the easiest braids with bangs hairstyles. Just braid your hair back or around into two simple French braids, leaving the short front falling to the face.

12. Two-Bang Ponytail

Two Bang Ponytail

A two-bang ponytail has two side bangs on opposite sides of the head with the rest of the hair braided up as a ponytail. As the two bangs don’t cover all of the face, they’re convenient and comfortable bangs that you can go for if you don’t want too much hair on your face.

13. Side Bang Braids

Side Bang Braids

Side bang braids are braids with the bangs located only on one side of the face. This is a beautiful way to show off your defined brow and cheekbones while still rocking bangs.

14. Braids With Bangs for Black Hair

Braids With Bangs for Black Hair

Black hair, with or without extensions, can be made into a wide variety of braids with bangs hairstyles. You can braid your black hair into box braids with beaded bangs if you love box braids as much as the rest of us!

15. Side Braid With Bangs

Side Braid With Bangs

Do you want to achieve a different look with your side braids? Then make them with bangs in front. If you don’t mind having hair on your face, this will upgrade your side braids from regular to stylish.

16. Goddess Braids With Bangs

Goddess Braids With Bangs

Your boho goddess braids with curly bangs will give you a sophisticated look. The curly leave-outs are the highlights of the goddess braids with bangs style that makes them look more ethereal and voluminous. You can add beads to the ends of the braids to give them a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

17. Cute Bang Hairstyle for Long Hair

Cute Bang Hairstyle for Long Hair

Looking for a cute bang hairstyle for long hair? This ponytail braid with bangs might just be the perfect style for you! The best part is that you can make this bang braids style easily by yourself without any stress.

18. Two Braids With Bangs

Two Braids With Bangs

Two braids with bangs make you look pretty in a youthful way. They are suitable as casual hairstyles and can also be worn to school.

19. Braid Bangs Short Hair

Braid Bangs Short Hair

Bangs braids can be made on short hair as bobbed braids in small to jumbo sizes. Bobs are awesome because they accentuate the facial features, make the neck appear longer, and compliment any beautiful necklaces you choose to wear! If you have short hair and are wondering what style of bang braids to go for, this is a very good option.

20. African Braids With Bangs

African Braids With Bangs

All cornrow styles with bangs are classified as African braids with bangs as cornrows are of African origin. African braids with bangs are popular amongst Black ladies and are adorned with beads most of the time.

21. Braided Updo With Bangs

Braided Updo With Bangs

A braided updo with bangs is one of the most comfortable bang braid hairstyles since the rest of the hair is secured all day without touching your skin. The braided updo with bangs is also suitable for formal events.

22. Bang Beads

Bang Beads

Beads are the most common accessories used on braid bangs. Bang beads are usually very nice and beads, especially wooden and metal ones like the ones you see above, can be used when you want to give yourself a tribal or natural look.


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