21 Braided Pigtail Hairstyles


It can’t get any simpler than braided pigtails! Braided pigtail hairstyles are minimal yet attractive braided hairstyles that never seem to go out of vogue. 

This hairstyle goes by other names as well like two ponytails, bunchies, twintails or angel wings. Not many people know that this style got its name as a result of their resemblance to twisted tobacco leaves which, in turn, were called pigtails because they resembled the curly tails of pigs. 

Braided pigtails are made by weaving the hair into two braided ponytails on opposite sides of the head. Normally, to get this style the hair is parted vertically down the middle into two symmetrical sections and a braid is made on each section. The braids can be started at the hairline and cornrowed back or started at the nape of the neck and braided down. This hairdo can be done in a lot of versatile styles that are perfectly described in this article. Make sure to pick one as your next hairstyle.

1. French Pigtail Braids

French Pigtail Braids

French braid pigtails are one of the most popular and versatile braided pigtail hairstyles out there. This style is created by braiding both sections of the hair into two French braids. The ends of the braids can either be braided down, left loose or weave can be added to achieve any preferred look.

2. Criss-Cross Braids

Criss Cross Braids

Criss-cross braids are designer pigtail hairstyles. If you want your pigtails to be different from the regular, just make a criss-cross design on both hair sections before securing them into a ponytail and braiding the ends. The hair can be cornrowed in a criss-cross pattern or you can use rubber bands to secure the hair into a criss-cross pattern before braiding your pigtails.

3. Half-Up Pigtails

Half up Pigtails

This is a classy way to style your pigtails and wear your hair loose at the same time. If you love letting your luscious hair down, then this pretty half-up pigtails hairstyle is just for you. To rock this look properly, just section your hair from ear to ear into an upper and a lower part. The upper part is further divided into two for the opposite braided ponytails and the hair on the lower part is laid down. Ta-daaa—the fabulous half-up pigtails!

4. Dutch Braid Pigtail

Dutch Braid Pigtail

Dutch braid pigtails are another one of the most trendy braided pigtail hairstyles and it’s made by braiding the hair into two Dutch braids on opposite sides of the head. You can either braid the hair all the way down or leave the ends falling loosely.

5. Low Pigtails

Low Pigtails

Low pigtails are the simplest to make as low pigtails put virtually no stress on the hair and you can easily make them yourself. Just create a middle part in your hair, comb all your hair to the back, then secure both sections into a ponytail before weaving the ponytails into braids.

6. Bubble Braid Pigtails

Bubble Braid Pigtails

Bubble braids add a lot of spice to your pigtails and make them look super unique. Bubble braid pigtails don’t require too much time to make as they can be done in just a few minutes if you know how.

7. High Pigtails

High Pigtails

High pigtails are positioned either at the top or the middle of the head. These are pretty hairstyles that are good for both casual and ceremonial occasions.

8. Short Hair Pigtails

Short Hair Pigtails

You don’t necessarily need to have long hair to make a pigtails hairstyle. As long as your hair is long enough to make a braid then you’re good to go. Simply section your hair into two halves and either braid or pack the sections into two ponytails, then braid the loose ends. In case your braids tend to loosen by themselves, secure the ends with a rubber band or even ribbons.

9. Two Ponytails With Braiding Hair

Two Ponytails With Braiding Hair

Braiding hair is typically added to two braided ponytail styles to secure the ponytails tightly and also to achieve a length and/or thickness that your natural hair alone cannot attain. Two ponytails with braiding hair usually have a neat and sleek look as a result of the gel added.

10. Adult Pigtails

Adult Pigtails

Bring out your inner child by wearing your hair as pigtails. You should also know that for adults, pigtails are usually worn as a casual hairstyle and not for professional or formal events.

11. Braids Into Pigtails

Braids Into Pigtails

To make your pigtails look even more stylish, braid your hair close to the scalp in two sections first as any preferred braid style before braiding the ends. You can make your braids into pigtails in just a couple of minutes.

12. Braided Pigtails Black Hair

Braided Pigtails Black Hair

Are you a lover of dark pigtail braids? Then this braided pigtails for black hair style is a perfect choice for you. Black hair perfectly highlights your beautiful facial features. This style can only be done if you have naturally black hair or if you dye your hair black.

13. Long Pigtails

Long Pigtails

This is a style that always looks dainty and delightful. Long pigtails can be made on long hair types and also on short hair if you add extensions.

14. Cornrow Pigtails

Cornrow Pigtails

You can create a simple and neat hairstyle in just a few minutes by plaiting a number of cornrows into pigtails. Cornrow pigtails are easy hairstyles that can save you from a bad hair day.

15. Curly Hair Pigtail

Curly Hair Pigtail

To make curly hair pigtails, you must have naturally curly hair or have your straight hair curled manually. In a case where your natural hair cannot achieve this style, you can add curly extensions to slay the curly hair pigtail perfectly.

16. Two Pigtails With Weave

Two Pigtails With Weave

This gorgeous and chic two pigtails with weave can be done on any hair length. Just style the hair into two ponytails and sew in weave at the ends.

17. Mini Pigtails

Mini Pigtails

Mini pigtails are essentially small-sized pigtails. They’re usually done on thin hair or when the hair is made into a half-up pigtail style.

18. Fishtail Braids Pigtails

Fishtail Braids Pigtails

Make the ends of your pigtails as fishtail braids to give them a decorative look. Fishtail braids have a distinctive, complex appearance and bring a lot of attention to your hair.

19. Twist Pigtails

Twist Pigtails

You can switch up your braided pigtails by making the loose ends into twists instead of braids. Twists are easier and quicker to make when compared to regular braids. All you have to do is intertwine two strands of hair around each other. It’s so simple that anyone can do them!

20. Messy Pigtail

Messy Pigtail

Messy pigtails are purposely loose and rough-looking but in a fashionable way. There’s no particular way to make these braided pigtails so you can make them quickly by yourself.

21. Half-Up Pigtails Short Hair

Half up Pigtails Short Hair

Short hair types can be easily styled into a chic half-up hairstyle. Half-up hairstyles are far from boring and they make you look super cute, especially when done on short hair.


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