20 Braid Hairstyles With Ribbon


There is something especially enchanting about wearing ribbons in your braided hair. It’s the perfect way to add an element of flair and personality to any hairstyle. Plus, there are so many different variations you can try. Whether you’re looking for a simple addition or something more complex, there are plenty of braid hairstyles with ribbons to choose from. French braids, Dutch braids, and even Mexican braids can all be jazzed up with a colorful ribbon.

No matter which style you choose, incorporating ribbons into your braids is a great way to add some extra color and glamor. It gets even better: braid styles with ribbon don’t require a lot of effort. All you need is a few pieces of ribbon in different colors, and you’re ready to go.

So if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting way to wear your hair, why not give braid hairstyles with ribbon a try? Here are our favorite hairstyles you won’t want to miss.

1. French Braids With Ribbon

French Braids With Ribbon

This corset ribbon style on your French braids will upgrade them into incredibly stunning ribbon braids. The way the pretty ribbon strands weave in and out of the plaits will further accentuate your French braids style.

2. Mexican Ribbon Braids

Mexican Ribbon Braids

Ribbon braids are very popular amongst Mexican women as they’re commonly seen in their culture. The braids are believed to be a hygienic way to help keep the hair in place while cooking and cleaning. The ribbons also give a festive and upbeat look for events.

3. Fancy Ribbon Braids

Fancy Ribbon Braids

This fancy ribbon braids hairdo is a perfect style for weddings, prom, dates and other formal occasions. It’s a cute style that makes you look very sophisticated.

4. Black Braids With Ribbon

Black Braids With Ribbon

Your colorful ribbons will really pop when you make them on black hair. Black braids with ribbons is a lively look as the dark hair really emphasizes the color of the ribbon.

5. Pigtail Braids With Ribbon

Pigtail Braids With Ribbon

Pigtail braids with ribbons are delightful styles for kids for school, casual days and festivals. The ribbons add color and life to the braids—not to mention that they look absolutely adorable.

6. Dutch Braids With Ribbon

Dutch Braids With Ribbon

You don’t always have to make your Dutch braids simple and boring. You can easily make a colorful corset pattern that’s really creative. Use your favorite color to create a look that you’ll love!

7. Three Strand Braids With Ribbon

Three Strand Braids With Ribbon

Three strand braids with ribbon are just like regular three strand braids but in this case, the ribbons make up one strand while the hair makes up the remaining two. When making these three strand braids, always make sure that the ribbons are on top so that they’re visible.

8. Two Braids With Ribbon

Two Braids With Ribbon

These are very trendy ribbon braids styles and they feature two Dutch or French ribbon braids cornrowed down from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. You can incorporate ribbon all the way through the braid or just weave it in at the ends.

9. Cute Hairstyles With Ribbon

Cute Hairstyles With Ribbon

The vibrant colors that the ribbons add to your braids will make you look and feel really cute. You don’t need to do too much as with just two ribbon braids, you can easily customize them to look as pretty as you want.

10. Crown Braid With Ribbon

Crown Braid With Ribbon

If you need an elegant style to make your ribbon braids into, then this crown braid with ribbon is just what you’re looking for. The style will make you look and feel like royalty.

11. Box Braids With Ribbon

Box Braids With Ribbon

Add color to your average box braids without dyeing them or using colored braiding hair by designing them with ribbons made in a criss-cross pattern. This is a simple and temporary way to experiment with colors.

12. Updo With Ribbon

Updo With Ribbon

Keep hair off your skin in a decorative way by braiding it up with colorful ribbons. By making your hair into an updo with ribbon, you’ll feel comfortable while looking amazing.

13. Ribbon Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ribbon Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ribbon braids are simple and fashionable braid styles that are especially easy to make on long hair types. You can braid the hair halfway and leave the rest loose for extra effect.

14. Ribbon Hairstyle for Short Hair

Ribbon Hairstyle for Short Hair

This beautiful half-up, half-down ribbon braid hairstyle will have your short hair looking better than it ever did! This style makes you look super adorable and charming.

15. Two French Braids With Ribbon

Two French Braids With Ribbon

This simple and easy two French braids with ribbons hairstyle would make you the center of attention wherever you go and earn you a lot of compliments.

16. Two Dutch Braids With Ribbon

Two Dutch Braids With Ribbon

Braid ribbons into your Dutch braids to make you stand out from the crowd. Two Dutch braids with ribbons will have you looking pretty without spending too much time on your hairdo.

17. Fishtail Braid With Ribbon

Fishtail Braid With Ribbon

The ever-ornate fishtail braids can be made even more decorative by braiding in ribbons. If you need an elaborate-looking style that’s sure to impress, this is the one for you.

18. Four Ribbon Braid

Four Ribbon Braid

If you need a super easy enhancement for your simple four box braids, a lovely option is to add some ribbons by either tying them to the braids or braiding them in.

19. Ribbon Bun Hairstyle

Ribbon Bun Hairstyle

You can take your regular buns from basic to flawless by braiding in ribbons. Ribbon bun hairstyles are great for a lot of fancy events including weddings.

20. Festival Ribbon Braids

Festival Ribbon Braids

Festival braids are always made to be colorful and fun, which makes ribbon braids a perfect way to style your hair for your next upcoming festival. As ribbons are available in different colors, you can combine as many as you want and step out looking vibrant and colorful.


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