25 Plaited Hairstyles


Plaits are lengths of hair braided directly against the head by interlacing three strands of hair together. There’s a very thin difference between plaits and braids. Plaits are flat on the head while braids are usually braided away from the head, causing them to hang down. Also, plaits are made using only three strands of hair while braids can utilize more than three pieces of interlaced hair strands depending on what style you’re going for. 

Plaits can be done using the same techniques as box braids, rope twists, Dutch braids, or French braids, and can cut across the head in simple or super complex patterns. Plaits hairstyles have been used as a method of hair beautification for thousands of years across different tribes and cultures of the world.

Plaits are a flattering hairstyle that takes years off your look and accentuates your gorgeous feminine facial features. Since plaits are done against the head, that also means less hair that’s hanging down onto your face or back. Best of all, plaits are a style that can be created pretty quickly if you’re low on time.

Plaits are lengths of hair braided directly against the head by interlacing three strands of hair together. There’s a very thin difference between plaits and braids. Plaits are flat on the head while braids are usually braided away from the head, causing them to hang down. Also, plaits are made using only three strands of hair while braids can utilize more than three pieces of interlaced hair strands depending on what style you’re going for. 

Coming up is a few flawless ways to rock the plait braid hairstyle:

1. Butterfly Halo Braid

Butterfly Halo Braid

As the name implies, the butterfly halo braid features a plait with quite loose butterfly wing-like edges which travels around the head to create a halo.  This hairstyle is very elegant and modern—perfect for a date night, wedding reception or prom!

2. Two-Side Plaits

Two Side Plaits

The two-side plait hairstyle involves making two plaits—one on each side of the head—going from the crown of the head, down to the nape of the neck. It can be done using a symmetrical center part or styled asymmetrically by using a side part.

3. Bob Plaits

Bob Plaits

The bob plait hairstyle features plait cornrows braided down into box braids that end at any point between the jawline and just above the shoulder. It’s a sophisticated style that looks amazing on professional women.

4. Plait Weave

Plait Weave

This plait style is a trendy way to sport two different styles in one! It can be achieved by sectioning your hair into two parts from ear to ear and putting the crown section into plaits. The lower, or back, section is then cornrowed and weave is sewn onto them or attached to them using a crochet pin.

5. Plaited Locs

Plaited Locs

In case you didn’t know, you can slay the plait braid hairstyle with locs as well! Though it’s not usually necessary, you can relock or crochet your loc strands to get super neat hair sections. Then, simply treat the locs as strands of hair and braid them in your desired plait style.

6. Twisted Plait

Twisted Plait

Twisted plaits are plaits made simply and quickly out of two twisted hair strands. Making twisted plaits requires you to part your hair into the desired number of sections or rows then two-strand twist your hair against the head. 

7. Ponytail With Plaits

Ponytail With Plaits

To achieve the ponytail with plaits style you’ll want to make one or more plaits, on either one or both sides of the head, and leave the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail. This is an easy yet lovely ponytail style.

8. Plaited Ponytail

Plaited Ponytail

The plaited ponytail hairstyle features long cornrows that are secured into a ponytail. You can use a hair tie to secure your plaits into a ponytail then wrap a few braids around the base of the ponytail to add more height. This hairstyle accentuates your facial features and neckline, making you look very mature and tasteful.

9. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

The fishtail braid is an intricate and enchanting braiding style that creates a braid that’s akin to a fish’s tail. The end of the fishtail is then secured with an elastic band. This style is very charming and perfect for a soon-to-be bride or prom date.

10. Plait Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Plait Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you’re not a fan of hair extensions, you can just as easily put your natural hair in plaits. Making plaits from natural hair generally takes less time because there’s less hair to work with. You can plait your natural hair into cornrows, box braids or twists and they’ll still look just as breathtaking.

11. Layered Cornrows

Layered Cornrows Hairstyles

Layered cornrows are unique as they feature several layers of plaits overlapping each other. Your braids can be done in two or more layers depending on your preference, with a centre or side part. You can also add an interesting effect to your layered braids by making the layers different lengths or colors.

12. Plaited Bun

Plaited Bun

The plaited bun is a hairdo that keeps your hair out of your face and off your back while also highlighting your facial features. To get this look you’ll want to first secure your hair in a bun using a hairband and bobby pins, leaving a strand out that you’ll use to make the plait. Then make the plait around the base of the bun. If you prefer, you can use synthetic hair to make the plait instead.

13. Plait Braids With Beads

Plait Braids With Beads

You can take your plait hairstyle to another level by adorning your braids with beads. This accentuates the beauty of your braids, adds volume to them and makes them stand out from regular plaits.

14. Side Plait Hairstyle

Side Plait Hairstyle

The pretty, asymmetric side plait hairstyle can be achieved by putting the preferred side of your hair into one or more plait braids. You can braid the plait all the way down to the ends or secure the hair in a ponytail using an elastic band.

15. Updo With Plaits

Updo With Plaits

An updo with plaits is a sophisticated and easy-to-achieve hairstyle. Just braid your hair up in a mohawk fashion and fold the plaits over each other neatly into an updo. 

16. Feed-In Box Braids

Feed in Box Braids

This is one of the most popular protective plait hairstyles you’ll see. Feed-in box braid plaits are easy to install and maintain, and can be worn in any length and colour for any occasion. You also can try out simple or intricate plait patterns.

17. Flower Braid Updo

Flower Braid Updo

The flower braid updo is another elegant updo that keeps your hair out of your face and compliments your facial features with a floral look. It looks complex but can actually be pretty easy to do. Plait the hair back into a ponytail and secure it using a hair tie. Next, make the ponytail into a flower braid by loosely braiding the ponytail and gently wrapping the braid around in a spiral, using bobby pins to secure it. If done correctly, it’ll produce a gorgeous flowering effect!

18. French Plait Hairstyle

French Plait Hairstyle

The French plait, also known as a French braid, is achieved by putting your hair in a single or double French braid from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck and securing the ends with elastic bands.

19. Plaits With Curls

Plaits With Curls

Plaits with curls typically feature braids with curly hair strands hanging from them. In addition to curly leave outs, you may decide to curl the ends of your braids as well. The end result is a bouncy, full and ravishing hairstyle!

20. Stitch Plait Braids

Stitch Plait Braids

Stitch braids are an extraordinarily fashionable hairstyle which is achieved by putting your hair into stitch plaits—which are essentially cornrows with visible horizontal parts on both sides.

21. Plait Hairstyle for School

Plait Hairstyles for School

Plaits look great on kids and can have your child looking perfectly cute on picture day! You can try a wide variety of creative hairstyles, ranging from ponytails to buns, updos, twists and lots of others. They can be worn with colorful hair bands, beads, clips, and other sparkly accessories.

22. Plait Headband

Plait Headband Hairstyle

The plait headband is an intricate hairstyle that can be done by plaiting a headband horizontally from one side of the head to the other then letting the rest of your hair fall on your back.

23. Plait Hairstyle With Wool

Plait Hairstyle With Wool

It’s lesser known that wool can also be used as hair extensions that can give your hair a very clean, tight finish. It is first used as twine then whipped around the hair to get thick or thin strands. These are then folded into plaits.

24. Zig-Zag Plaits

Zig Zag Plait Hairstyle

There are absolutely no restrictions as to how intricate plait patterns can be which gives you plenty of room to experiment and be as creative as you dare to be! An Instagram-worthy option you can try is to weave your hair into zig-zag patterned plaits.

25. Dutch Plait Braids

Dutch Plait Braids

The Dutch plait braids feature one or more Dutch braids running down from the crown of the head, sometimes down to the nape of the neck, and into a ponytail. 


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