20 Flower Braid Hairstyles 


There are some hairstyles that come straight out of a romance novel and this is definitely one of them. There’s no hairstyle that’s more enchanting and striking than flower braids. A flower braid, in short, is a hair styling technique that is artfully created by shaping the hair into one or more flowers. This is usually done by making a loose braid and then wrapping the braid around itself to form a flower. These decorative braids can be made in different styles and sizes, and they can be worn to all formal events. 

Flower braids require practice in order to make them perfect so it’s very likely that you’ll need the assistance of a hairstylist to get them done on your hair. However, as you’ll see below, this jaw-dropping hairstyle is well-worth a trip to the salon.

This article is full of fancy flower braid hairstyles that you’ll surely love and want to try out.

1. Rapunzel Flower Braid

Rapunzel Flower Braid

This Rapunzel flower braid—inspired by the beloved Disney fairytale character, Rapunzel—will have you feeling like a Disney character all day long. Rapunzel is known for having super long hair, therefore Rapunzel flower braids are usually made in very long lengths.

2. Flower Crown Hairstyle

Flower Crown Hairstyle

The flower crown is a crown braid style that is made by fashioning flower braids around the head in the form of a crown or tiara. This half-up, half-down flower crown hairstyle will make you look cute while showing off your elegant hair.

3. Rose Flower Braids

Rose Flower Braids

Rose braids are adorable braided styles that make your hair look like it’s accessorized. These red-pink flower braids can be made into a wide variety of beautiful styles.

4. Fairytale Flower Hairstyle

Fairytale Flower Hairstyle

You can make yourself look like a character from a fairytale story by styling your hair into this dreamy flower braid ponytail.

5. Flower Girl Braided Hairstyle

Flower Girl Braided Hairstyle

One hairstyle you can be certain that your little girl will love is this wonderful flower braided ponytail. To achieve this style, braid the front hair as cornrows that travel up into a ponytail with the flower design on top.

6. Flower Girl Hairstyle Half-Up, Half-Down

Flower Girl Hairstyle Half Up Half Down

If you’re looking for the most lovely half-up, half-down style for a little girl, you should definitely try this flower half-up, half-down style out. It’s a great way to flaunt your voluminous curls.

7. Flower Dutch Braids

Flower Dutch Braids

This is a major upgrade from your regular Dutch braids. To make the flower Dutch braids, create some flower designs with your hair right on top of your Dutch braids or at the ends.

8. Flower Updo

Flower Updo

Flower updo styles are updos that are created by styling the hair into flowers. This is a comfortable way to keep hair off of your skin while effortlessly rocking an extraordinary hairstyle.

9. French Braids With Flowers

French Braids With Flowers

You can add spice to your French braids by styling the ends into a flower braid. This is a simple but graceful French braid style.

10. Side Braid With Flowers

Side Braid With Flowers

Side braids are known to be stylish and when you have flower braids at the side, you create a look that’s even more sophisticated.

11. Rose Flower Braid Bun

Rose Flower Braid Bun

The rose braid bun is a chic way to style your hair buns. This bun will have you looking fabulous and make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

12. Tangled Flower Braid

Tangled Flower Braid

Tangled flower braids are inspired by the Disney animated movie Tangled. The braids style is an imitation of the main character, Rapunzel’s, signature braid style which features one long and thick braid that’s decorated with a lot of flowers.

13. Fishtail Braids With Flowers

Fishtail Braids With Flowers

Fishtail braids with flowers are regular fishtail braids that have flower designs on them. Both fishtail braids and flower braids are decorative braid styles and, when combined, they create a super ornate and dainty hairdo.

14. Waterfall Braid With Flowers

Waterfall Braid With Flowers

Waterfall braids with flowers are classy hairstyles that are suitable for events like prom and weddings. This style has the upper braid as a flower design instead of the regular French or Dutch Braids.

15. Up Rose Flower Bun

Up Rose Flower Bun

The half-up rose bun is a perfect half-updo style that will make you look very neat and perfect for formal events. You can braid the rest of the hair or let it fall loosely on your back.

16. Flower Braid Headband

Flower Braid Headband

The flower braid headband features the hair braided as flowers plaited from ear to ear or all the way around the head to look like a headband. The rest of the hair can be left to fall back loosely but can also be braided, styled into a ponytail or an updo.

17. Braided Flower Wedding Hairstyle

Braided Flower Wedding Hairstyle

Keep your guests absolutely stunned at your wedding when you step in with this gorgeous braided flower hairstyle. These pretty flower braids will have you looking your best on your big day!

18. Rosette Flower Braid

Rosette Flower Braid

Rosette flower braids are achieved by styling your colored hair to look like a rose flower. These are a great choice for a wide variety of events, from formal to festive ones.

19. Flower Braid for Short Hair

Flower Braid for Short Hair

You don’t necessarily need long hair to style your hair into a flower braid. This beautiful half-up flower braid is a perfect hairstyle for your short hair.

20. Dutch Flower Braid Long Hair

Dutch Flower Braid Long Hair

Grace any fancy occasion and show off your long hair by having it styled into this cute Dutch flower braid that’s sure to have all eyes on you.


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