21 Thick Braids Hairstyles


There’s no doubt that braids are a popular and universal style for all hair types—but they’re especially poppin’ when done on thick hair! Thick hair is meant to be big, bold and beautiful and what better way to show off those voluptuous curls than a thick braided hairstyle. Thick braided hairstyles involve making jumbo-sized braids in different styles with big parts and thick braids.

There’s a wide variety of braid styles you can choose from but a few of the most popular for thick hairstyles are box braids, knotless braids, and French braids. All of these styles add volume and texture to your hair, and can be worn in more ways than you can imagine! Because of their large size, you’ll spend anywhere from just a couple of minutes to a few hours to make them. Thick braids last for a couple of days or weeks—the style you choose and how tightly they’re braided will determine how long they stay neat. 

Thick braids are always a gorgeous and stylish option. You can’t really go wrong with them—besides, when has anything “thicc” ever been a bad thing! Whether you go for simple box braids, knotless braids, or something a little more edgy, these thick braid hairstyles will have you looking your best!

1. Thick Box Braids 

Thick Box Braids

Thick box braids are also called jumbo box braids. They’re made by using large amounts of braiding hair to braid the hair after parting it into big square, or box, sections. Thick box braids are easily distinguished from the thick knotless braids by the presence of a big knot at the root of the braids.

2. Thick Knotless Braids 

Thick Knotless Braids

Thick knotless braids are individual braids like the thick box braids but with no knots at the roots of the braids. Thick knotless braids are painless and have a flat, more natural look. They don’t cause tension on the scalp which makes them a great protective hairstyle.

3. Thick Braids for Men

Thick Braids for Men

It’s very popular for men to have their hair made into thick braids because they look more masculine and men just aren’t wired to spend several hours at the salon. Even when they have extensions added, men usually don’t have their hair braided into very tiny braids or braids with long lengths which makes their braids the quickest to complete.

4. Long Thick Braids 

Long Thick Braids

If you’re a lover of long braids and you’re wondering what long braids style won’t have you sitting in the salon chair too long, then you should try out these long thick braids. Long thick braids are jumbo braids with big cut sizes which means fewer braids to make while still having lots of length! 

5. Thick French Braids 

Thick French Braids

When it comes to making French braids, thick French braids are the most trendy and popular. Thick French braids can only be made into a small number of braids because of the jumbo size of the braids. But really, all you need is two braids to nail the look!

6. Thick Cornrow Braids 

Thick Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are simple protective braid hairstyles that are braided close to the scalp. Thick cornrow braids are made in large sizes with plenty of braiding hair added to the hair. The ends of the braids are always very big and thick, and because they’re so large there’s usually only room for a maximum of five cornrows.

7. Thick Braided Ponytail 

Thick Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails usually come out pretty thick because all the hair is being put into one braid. Thick ponytail braids are super quick and easy to make, plus they can be made into either high or low ponytails. 

8. Two Thick Braids 

Two Thick Braids

The concept here is pretty simple. Two thick braids can be made as cornrows, individual braids or a mixture of both as long as there are just two braids. Two thick braids are a cute braid style that are perfect for children and adults. They take only a couple of minutes to make which makes them a perfect go-to style for lovers of quick braids.

9. Thick Lemonade Braids 

Thick Lemonade Braids

Thick lemonade braids are lemonade braids made in jumbo sizes. Thick lemonade braids feature a few big braids all plaited to one side of the head. 

10. Thick Dutch Braids 

Thick Dutch Braids

Thick Dutch braids are a quick and charming style that can be made in different ways to suit both formal and casual occasions. Thick Dutch braids can be made either loose or tight and just one or two thick Dutch braids is usually the perfect amount.

11. Thick Goddess Braids 

Thick Goddess Braids

The ever-sophisticated goddess braids style can be made from thick braids as well. Spend just a few hours at the salon making thick goddess braids and you’ll come out looking super stunning! Those thick, bouncy curls are sure to make heads turn when you walk by.

12. Short Thick Box Braids 

Short Thick Box Braids

For ladies who need or prefer to keep your hair short, we’ve got good news! You can rock thick braids just as effectively by simply making them in short lengths. Short thick braids also save time and money, making them the perfect show-stopper even on a budget.

13. Thick Tribal Braids 

Thick Tribal Braids

Thick tribal braids are tribal braids made using large sections to produce big, full braids. They are made by adding large amounts of braiding hair while plaiting the hair. Thick tribal braids give an exotic and mature vibe to the wearer.

14. Thick Braided Locs 

Thick Braided Locs

Braided locs are braid hairstyles made on dreadlocks. Locs can be braided into a lot of styles that are also made on normal hair types. If you’re interested in a loc braid style that’ll switch up your look and compliment your face, thick braid locs should definitely be your top choice.

15. Thick Twist Braids for Men

Thick Twist Braids for Men

When it comes to protective styles, twist styles stand out as an exceptionally handsome option in our guide to braid hairstyles for men. Not only do they make you look good, they also maintain and improve hair growth and curl definition. Thick twists for men are super trendy and require that you spend only a little time at the salon.

16. Four Thick Braids 

Four Thick Braids

Four thick braids is a cute style that gives the wearer a more youthful glow. Four thick braids can be made either as cornrows or as individual braids—what’s most important is that there are four of them. 

17. Thick Crochet Braids 

Thick Crochet Braid

Crochet braids are pre-braided extensions with loops that are typically installed into cornrows. Thick crochet braids are easy to install and take out which make them a perfect option if you don’t want to sit for long at the salon. The best part: you can reuse your crochet braids at a later date!

18. Thick Triangle Braids 

Thick Triangle Braids

Thick triangle braids are a unique style made by parting the hair into triangular sections before braiding. If you want to step outside of the common box parts with something different and stylish, try out these large triangle parts for your braids!

19. Thick Yarn Braids 

Thick Yarn Braids

Use copious amounts of yarn while braiding your hair to achieve thick yarn braids. Yarn braids are made using the same yarn which is used for knitting and weaving, so it’s relatively inexpensive and still looks fabulous.

20. Thick Braids With Beads 

Thick Braids With Beads

Do you want to add some extra flavor to your thick braids? Put your favorite beads on the ends and you will no doubt be the center of attention when you step in. Beads are one of the best accessories to use on your braids—they’re timeless and come in almost any style and color you can think of.

21. Thick side braids 

Thick Side Braids

Thick side braids usually feature one or more big cornrows plaited to one side of the head. The big size of the braids means that this hairstyle takes very little time to make. Side braids are elegant and perfect for both ceremonial and casual events.


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