20 Flat Braids Hairstyles


Sometimes you just need something quick, simple, and clean. We hear you and we’re here to help! Flat braids or flat twists are protective hairstyles that are achieved by either braiding or twisting the hair very close to the scalp. These flat braids styles are very versatile and are a great opportunity to show off your creativity with this simple concept. They range from easy and straightforward styles to complicated ones. The best part about these braids is that they can be made on short hair with or without extensions added, so you can literally make them any time without the help of a hairstylist. Run to your vanity and practice making some of these quick styles by yourself.

1. Flat Twists

Flat Twists

Flat twists are similar to cornrows and they’re made by twisting the hair very close to the scalp so that the twists lay down on the head just as cornrows would. Twists can be used instead of cornrows in virtually all scalp braid styles which makes them a very good alternative to regular cornrows.

2. Flat Twist Natural Hairstyle

Flat Twist Natural Hairstyle

Ladies who prefer to wear their natural hair love a flat twist because it not only improves the growth of the hair, it also helps to define the curls and maintain a nice curly hair pattern.

3. Flat Twist Updo

Flat Twist Updo

A flat twist updo will leave you feeling comfortable all day and allow you to carry out your daily activities without your hair getting in the way. Just wrap the ends of your flat twists into a bun or knot to achieve this updo style.

4. Flat Twist Style for Short Hair

Flat Twist Style for Short Hair

Flat twists are also suitable for short hair and they aid the healthy growth of the hair. Twists for short hair are made the same way as for long hair, however it’s recommended that you make your flat twists in small to medium sizes if you have short hair in order to ensure that they last longer.

5. Flat Twist Out

Flat Twist Out

The flat twist out is created after taking out hair that has previously been made into a flat twist style. This hairstyle is characterized by a perfectly neat curly hair pattern which is why a lot of ladies with natural hair go for the flat twist style.

6. Flat Twist Updo With Extensions

Flat Twist Updo With Extensions

This flat twist updo with extensions is a nice way to style your flat twists so that they won’t look too basic and regular. The classy bun makes them suitable for all events, both casual and formal.

7. Flat Twist With Braids

Flat Twist With Braids

Flat twists with braids is a half-up flat twist style that features cornrows at the top and individual twists at the lower section. This is a fancy Fulani twist hairstyle. 

8. Flat Twist Men

Flat Twist Men

Flat twist hairstyles are not restricted to just females as even guys can have their hair styled into so many flat twist styles. They’re easy and quick to make, and look very flattering on men. For a deeper dive into this and other styles, take a look at our braid hairstyles for men article.

9. Simple Flat Twist Style

Simple Flat Twist Style

Simple flat twist styles aren’t complicated to make and don’t take a lot of time. You just have to part your hair and braid the sections into a few flat twists from the front of your head to the nape of your neck.

10. Flat Mohawks

Flat Mohawks

Flat mohawks are made by braiding the hair as flat twists towards the middle of the head. The ends are then gathered at the middle and fashioned into a mohawk. This style makes you look bold and confident.

11. Flat Twist Updo on Natural Hair

Flat Twist Updo on Natural Hair

If you are wondering how to get a flat twist style for your natural hair that will be suitable for formal events and also keep hair off of your face and skin, then this is your best option. There are so many elegant ways you can style your flat twists into an updo.

12. Flat Box Braids

Flat Box Braids

Flat box braids don’t always have large knots at the root of the hair. To achieve a flat box braid look, use the extensions to form two of the braid strands and the natural hair to form the third strand. This technique leaves the hair without a big knot at the root.

13. Flat Braids Hairstyle for Men

Flat Braids Hairstyle for Men

Flat braids are also called cornrows and they’re braided very close to the scalp. Flat braids are very similar to flat twists but the difference is that flat braids are made using the three strand technique while flat twists involve twisting the hair using only two strands.

14. Flat Knotless Braids

Flat Knotless Braids

There are no better knotless braids than the ones that are super sleek and flat on the head. Flat knotless braids can be made in all sizes and lengths.

15. Flat Twist Hairstyle for Little Girls

Flat Twist Hairstyle for Little Girls

You can have your little girl’s hair styled into a flat twist hairstyle either for school or to wear casually. Flat twists are very versatile so you can make the hair into any creative and cute pattern you can think of. They’re also quick to make and comfortable for kids to wear.

16. Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail

Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail

To make the flat twist with a weave ponytail, twist the hair close to the scalp and into a high or low ponytail, and then sew in any weave of your choice to the ends of the twists. The weave sewn at the ends makes the hair look sophisticated and suitable for fancy events.

17. Flat Twist Mohawk With Natural Hair

Flat Twist Mohawk With Natural Hair

Mohawk styles can be made as flat twists by parting the hair how you’d normally part it if you are making it as cornrows, then using the two strand technique to twist the hair close to the scalp and up into a mohawk.

18. Flat Twist Loc Style

Flat Twist Loc Style

If you have your hair as locs and you want to look different by braiding the locs, you should try out flat twists. Flat twists can be made into a lot of styles so you just have to pick the one that looks best to you.

19. Kid’s Flat Twist

Kids Flat Twist

Flat twists are simple braid styles that are perfect for kids as your little ones will have their hair done without feeling pain. You can style flat twists into any style that you would make regular cornrows into.

20. Flat Twist With Curls in the Back

Flat Twist With Curls in the Back

Curling the ends of your flat twists is a good way to give it an improved look no matter the style you make them into. If you don’t want to go through the stress of curling each end, you can sew in curly weave at the ends of the twists.


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