25 Braided Hairstyles for School


Braid hairstyles for school are referred to as back-to-school hairstyles as the few weeks of summer before school starts is a popular time for kids to get their hair done. When school is back in session and kids are returning to school looking all brand new, you can try a wide variety of creative hairstyles on your children.

There are a lot of trendy hairstyles to try out—from ponytails to buns, updos, twists and lots of others. You can also choose anything from simple hairstyles to sophisticated and intricate ones. 

Here are some really pretty back-to-school hairstyles that’ll have your little one looking their very best for their first day in class.

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1. Simple Two Braids for School

Simple Two Braids for School

The two braid style is a very simple and popular hairstyle for school. It’s achieved by first dividing the hair vertically into two parts, then braiding each part into one braid. The sectioning can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on what you want.

2. Back-To-School Box Braids

Back To School Box Braids

Your little one can start off the school year looking adorable in box braids. The box braids look like boxes or squares because of the way the hair strands are interlaced. They can be worn with colorful hair bands or beads.

3. Updos With Braids

Updos With Braids

The updo with braids highlights the facial features and neckline. The updo can either be a bun or wrapped braids. It can also be done using multiple cornrow braids or a single braid. This hairstyle is preferred by most parents and guardians for their kids because it keeps hair out of their faces and doesn’t interfere with school work.

4. Braided Hairstyle for Boys

Braided Hairstyle for Boys

Braid hairstyles can be sported by boys and girls alike. For schools that accept braided hairstyles for boys, you can give your kid a fade or mohawk haircut and then put the top into braids to make a handsome school day hairstyle.

5. Braid Ponytail Style

Braid Ponytail Style

The braid ponytail is a hairstyle that features a ponytail put into several box braids or twists. This hairstyle is friendly for school because putting a ponytail into braids is less distracting to other students than when it isn’t in braids.

6. Feed-In Ponytail Braids

Feed in Ponytail Braids

The feed-in ponytail braids is another way of wearing long hair in a nice and less distracting way to school. This style is achieved using the feed-in technique. This hairstyle lasts between 6 to 8 weeks if maintained properly. They’re very beautiful and make the wearer stand out.

7. Small Cornrows

Small Cornrows

The small cornrow braids hairstyle requires putting your hair into small scalp braids. This is a very simple hairstyle that is one of the best options for kindergarten school kids as it doesn’t easily come undone during playtime. They can be rocked beautifully in straight backs, updos or ponytails.

8. Side Part Braids

Side Part Braids

Side part cornrows are an elegant cornrow braid style. It features a part made on the preferred side of the head and short, medium or long box or twist braids cascading down. This is a nice option if your kid loves to go to school looking sassy and stylish.

9. Jumbo Feed-In Braids

Jumbo Feed in Braids 1

Jumbo feed-in braids are characterized by how large they look. They’re done by putting large sections of the hair into big braids to give a minimalistic look. This protective hairstyle is a good option for middle school and high school kids and is quite easy to maintain.

10. Kinky Hairstyle

Kinky Hairstyle

Typically, parents like their kids to attend school with natural hairstyles such as braids and plaits. The kinky braid hairstyle, which is done using afro kinky hair extensions, is the perfect option if you want a natural texture and look without actually using the natural hair to make the braids.

11. Fancy Braids

Fancy Braids

You can use different types of hair ornaments like colored bands to decorate your toddler’s hair in addition to playing around with different types of intricate patterns like criss-crosses and flat twists. This hairstyle is perfect for kindergarten kids as it makes them look all lovely and cute for school.

12. Colored Feed-In Braids

Colored Feed in Braids

The feed-in hairstyle is easy to wear and maintain, and can be worn in any length and color for school if allowed. There are so many color options to try out and you can also opt for ombré-colored feed-in braids if you want to combine colors.

13. Creative Braids

Creative Braids

The creative braid hairstyle, as the name implies, employs both creativity and a keen attention to detail to give amazing results. This hairstyle is perfect for cheerleading or dance competitions at school.

14. Cute Tribal Braids

Cute Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are essentially cornrow braids with beads inspired by the Fulani tribes of West Africa. It also features a single cornrow braid at the center of the head. The cornrows in front keep the hair out of your little girl’s eyes, while the side baby braids make her look super sweet. You can find more style inspiration like this by checking out Fulani braids hairstyles.

15. Two Ponytails With Braids

Two Ponytails With Braids

The ponytail braid is exactly what it’s called: it’s a hairstyle that features long cornrows which are braided and secured into single, double or triple ponytails. You can also decorate the braids with beads that jingle any time your baby girl moves.

16. Four Feed-In Braids

Four Feed in Braids

The four feed-in braid hairstyle is another very easy and charming hairstyle. It requires you to put the hair into four feed-in cornrow braids that keep the hair out of your kids face, allowing them to carry out school tasks with ease. You can also decide to put them into a bun or let them down in a low ponytail.

17. Braided Bun Hairstyle

Braided Bun Hairstyle

The braided bun is a simple and chic hairstyle that’s achieved by putting the hair into long braided cornrows and wrapping the ends into a high or low bun. This is another hairstyle that makes playtime and learning stress-free as it keeps hair out of your kids face while making her facial features pop.

18. Ponytail With Beads

Ponytail With Beads

The ponytail braid with beads hairstyle features long cornrows secured into a single or double ponytail on the head that’s decorated with beads. It’s a more mature hairstyle but the beads preserve the childlike cuteness of your kid’s hair.

19. Box Braids With Bangs

Box Braids With Bangs

Box braids with bangs is a gorgeous back-to-school hairstyle to give your toddler. It features cornrows, twists or box braids and braid bangs which can also be decorated with beads of any color.

20. Braided Bun With Weaves

Braided Bun With Weaves

The braided bun with weave hairstyle is perfect for when you want to use hair extensions that have a hair texture or color that’s different from their natural hair. This can be achieved by putting the ends of your cornrows into a weave ponytail and wrapping it into a bun. This hairstyle is perfect for dance and stage performances at school.

21. Elegant Braid Updo

Elegant Braid Updo

School braids for kids are usually cute and designed specifically for children. If you have a teenage middle or high school kid who wants very mature looking braids, you can go for an elegant school hairdo.

22. Cute French Braids

Cute French Braids

French braids, also known as French plaits, are made by putting your hair in single or double French braids from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck. The ends can also be secured in colorful elastic bands. This hairstyle is an easy-to-achieve one which you can give your kid in the morning before she sets off for school.

23. Cute Dutch Braids

Cute Dutch Braids

This Dutch braid hairstyle features a Dutch braid running along the front hairline from ear to ear. It can be done quickly in the morning before your little girl leaves for school. It can also be done as a full loop, or crown, in which two Dutch braids are laid over each other in opposite directions.

24. Tribal Updo

Tribal Updo

The tribal updo hairstyle involves putting the hair into tribal braids and then in an updo. This can be a bun or a ponytail. This hairstyle is a pretty option for your kindergarten kid as it makes her look very adorable and highlights her facial features while keeping the hair out of her face.

25. Front Half-Head Braids

Front Half Head Braids

The front half-head hairstyle is a darling hairstyle that allows the luxury of slaying your hair in braids while rocking its natural curls or waves as well. As the name suggests, it’s created by putting the front section of your hair into braids and letting the rest of the hair cascade down freely. This hairstyle is perfect for kids with afro and curly hair.


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