20 Fade Braids Hairstyles


Fade braids are very popular amongst men, but lots of women rock the style as well. To make the fade braids, your hair needs to be in a fade cut. A fade cut is when the hair is shaved low on the sides and the back of the head, featuring a smooth transition from top to bottom. The unshaved hair on the top of the head is then braided into whichever style you like.

Fade cuts highlight the features and shape of the face. When done professionally, the fade transition from short to long hair is very satisfying. Add on some crisp and clean braids on top, and you have a very neat hairstyle. If you’re not sure what to do with your fade cut, keep scrolling for some great ideas.

1. Two-Braids With Fade For Men

Two Braids With Fade for Men

Fade braids are very masculine which is why a lot of men opt in for them. This two braids with a fade will have you looking really good in just a few minutes.

2. Taper Fade With Braids

Taper Fade With Braids

Taper fades have the hair transitioning from long to short. The layers start long at the top, then short in the middle and shortest at the bottom that then fades into your skin. These braids are made on the long hair at the top in different styles.

3. Ponytail Long Hair Taper Fade

Ponytail Long Hair Taper Fade

If you have your long hair in a fade cut, you can braid the front as cornrows with their ends made into a loose ponytail. The fade style you have will determine how high or low you can position your ponytail.

4. Box Braids With Fade For Women

Box Braids With Fade for Women

This box braids with a fade is a perfect option for women that love box braids and either already have a fade cut or want to switch up their box braids style a little bit. This hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways including high or low buns and ponytails, put to one side of the head, or left to fall loosely on the skin.

5. Fade Man Bun Braids

Fade Man Bun Braids

You can secure the ends of the braids by wrapping them into a bun. This is a trendy style amongst men that looks really modern and is also comfortable, especially for men with long hair.

6. Little Boy Braids With Fade

Little Boy Braids With Fade

You can give your little boy a cute and mature look by making their fade cut into nice braided styles. The braids will prevent shrinkage and also enhance the hair growth as long as it is not braided too tight.

7. Cornrow Fade

Cornrow Fade

You can experiment with your fade by braiding your hair into cornrows. There are unlimited cornrow styles that will have you looking classy, from complex designs to straight backs.

8. High Top Fade Braids

High Top Fade Braids

High top fade braids are confined to the top of the head. This two Dutch braids into a bun is a perfect high top fade braid style that will make you look super handsome without taking up too much time.

9. Box Braids With Fade

Box Braids With Fade

Box braids with a fade are flattering braid styles for men and women that already have a fade cut. For men, the box braids usually aren’t made too long while women typically make theirs in very long lengths. This fade braid hairstyle can be made in small, medium and jumbo sizes.

10. Cornrow Men’s Braids With Fade

Cornrow Mens Braids With Fade

Cornrow braids with a fade are more than just stylish—they’re a fashion statement, as featured in our braid hairstyles for men roundup. They’ll have you looking like a fashion icon without doing too much, especially if you add in parting designs like the picture.

11. Twist Braids With Fade For Women

Twist Braids With Fade for Women

This is a chic braided style that allows you to experiment with your fade. Twist braids are always cute and protective so you can make them any time without worrying about the health of your hair.

12. Cornrow Braids With Fade For Women

Cornrow Braids With Fade for Women

Cornrow braids are really simple ways to style your hair when you have a fade cut. You can easily braid your hair into cornrows yourself if you don’t want to visit the salon.

13. Men’s Box Braids With Fade

Mens Box Braids With Fade

Men’s box braids with a fade are the most popular box braids styles for men as the majority of guys like to have the sides and back of their hair shaved low because of the masculine feel that it gives.

14. Temp Fade With Braids

Temp Fade With Braids

Temp fades are fade styles that have the hair shaved low only close to the temples. In this case, you can have your hair braided from the front to the back, close to the nape of your neck. The temp fade with braids style allows you to make low hairstyles like low buns and ponytails, straight backs and other styles.

15. Temp Fade With Twists

Temp Fade With Twists

The only thing that distinguishes the temp fade with twists from the temp fade with braids is that the hair is twisted individually from the front to the back instead of braided.

16. Drop Fade With Twists

Drop Fade With Twists

Drop fades, just as the name implies, usually have a line showing how the hair transitions to a short length from the front to the back in a particular way where it drops in the back. The twists keep your hair protected and can further define your curls if you have curly hair.

17. Bald Fade With Braids

Bald Fade With Braids

Bald fades feature the sides and back shaved to the extent that there are no visible signs of hair. French and Dutch braids are a good choice for you if you already have your hair cut into a bald fade.

18. Fade With Ponytail

Fade With Ponytail

This fade accompanied by a ponytail is popular amongst women that love ponytails but have their hair in a fade cut. Fades with braided ponytails can be made in all the same braid styles and sizes as hair without a fade cut can.

19. Fade Braids and Locs

Fade Braids and Locs

For days when you don’t feel like letting your fade locs down, have them braided into these superb loc braids.

20. Fishbone Braids With Fade

Fishbone Braids With Fade

If you don’t want a regular cornrow style for your fade, these fishbone braids are a nice choice for you. Fishbone braids with a fade has an overall striking design that will make you stand out wherever you go.


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