18 High Top Braids Styles


High top braids are edgy and cute braid styles for women who love to step outside the box. This style consists of braids that are positioned on top of the head, usually excluding the back and the sides. Despite there being less braids to work with, there are many different ways to style your hair into high top braids. You can go with traditional box braids, cornrows, or locs, or you can get creative and come up with something unique.

This braid style is very popular amongst men as most of them have their hair cut into a fade haircut with the sides and back shaved low. However, it’s not only for men. The high top braid style can be worn in gorgeous feminine styles as well.

No matter which style you choose, high top braids are a great way to keep your hair looking neat, tidy and protected. So if you’re ready to rock some high tops, check out some of the most loved styles below.

1. High Top Box Braids

High Top Box Braids

This high top box braid is a classy and popular style for men and women. The extensions added are usually short for men since guys normally lean towards styles that aren’t very long. For women, you can make them as long as you want: from your shoulders down to your knees. Whichever length you choose, they’re bound to come out amazing.

2. High Top Fade Braids

High Top Fade Braids

High top fade braids are the trendiest braids for men. This hairstyle is generally made on guys who have their hair already faded. Ranging from cornrows to individual high top braids, this style is a perfect fit especially when they’re braided neatly.

3. Men’s High Top Dreadlock Braids Styles

Mens High Top Dreadlock Braids Styles

Your high top locs can be styled into a lot of different kinds of braids. A good example is this twisted high top dreadlocks style. To make sure your locs style comes out nicely, make sure you get your locs maintenanced first and have them looking neat with the parts visible.

4. High Top Cornrows

High Top Cornrows

High top cornrows can be very easy and quick to make depending on how intricate your cornrow design is. If you like, you can wrap the ends of the braids into a bun. This style is straightforward, saves time, and can be made in a wide range of creative styles.

5. High Top Locs Braids

High Top Locs Braids

You can upgrade the look of your dreadlocks by braiding them into any style or pattern to achieve a particular look. This is a very impressive way to style your locs, especially when the sections are neat and intricately styled.

6. High Top Braided Ponytail

High Top Braided Ponytail

High top braided ponytails are braided ponytail styles that are located on the upper part of the head. Just braid a couple cornrows down the middle of the head to the center, then sleek the sides and back of the hair into a nice ponytail and you’re good to.

7. Men High Top Braids

Men High Top Braids

This combination of a haircut and braids gives men a really nice masculine look. Guys usually don’t make their braids too long which means that this look requires only a little time at the salon.

8. High Top Pop Smoke Braids

High Top Pop Smoke Braids

High top Pop Smoke braids are regular Pop Smoke braids that are weaved just at the top of the head and don’t reach the ears or the nape of the neck. They’re easy to make and don’t take long since the braids are usually made in big sizes.

9. High Top Single Braids

High Top Single Braids

Whether you have long or short hair, these nice and neat high top single braids will look great on you. The best part about these high top braids is that you can style them into any look you want: from a bun to braid knots.

10. High Top Fade Dreadlocks Braids

High Top Fade Dreadlocks Braids

Dreadlock braids are super stylish and are a great substitute to letting your locs hang down or putting them into a ponytail. If your hair is already faded with locs at the top, then give this style a try. These braids don’t just give you a chance to look different, they also promote the growth of your locs—who doesn’t love that!

11. High Top Loc Braids

High Top Loc Braids

After refreshing and retwisting your high top locs, you can style them into braided hairstyles. The braids always look better on neat and sleek retwisted locs.

12. Short High Top Braids

Short High Top Braids

If you’re the kind of person that gives into the misconception that braids only look good on long hair,  you need to change that ASAP and try styling your short hair into something beautiful.

13. High Top Fade Braids Short Hair

High Top Fade Braids Short Hair

It’s incredibly easy to braid short hair if you already have a fade haircut on the sides and back of your hair. Your short hair can be made into modern high top braids featuring either simple cornrows or individual braids.

14. High Top Braids on Black Men

High Top Braids on Black Men

Black men look jaw-dropping in high top braids and they don’t hesitate to make them in a lot of creative ways. They’re usually made as cornrows or individual braids.

15. Men’s High Top Box Braids

Mens High Top Box Braids

High top box braids will have you oozing class and fashion. This style highlights your masculine facial features and makes you stand out. This is a popular and protective braided hairstyle that shouldn’t be made too tight.

16. Short High Top Dreadlocks Braided Style

Short High Top Dreadlocks Braided Style

Your short high top dreadlocks can look this good if you have your locs retwisted right before you make the braids so that the hair parts can be visible and super clean.

17. High Top Two Braids

High Top Two Braids

The basic two braids style looks fantastic when made as high top braids. Just weave two plaits on opposite sides of the top of the head and you’re on the high top braids wave.

18. High Top Braids for Boys

High Top Braids for Boys

Young boys aren’t left out of the high top braids slay. Just braid a couple of cornrows on the front part of the hair and voila! You’re good to go.


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