21 Pop Smoke Braid Hairstyles


Pop Smoke braids is a simple protective cornrow style that is made by parting the hair cleanly down the middle, then making parallel horizontal plaits in the hair down each side. Pop Smoke braids are named after the late American rapper Pop Smoke who was always seen wearing this signature cornrow style.

These braids offer a super clean look and a retro, minimal feel. This braid style is actually pretty versatile and the different ways in which they can be made are discussed throughout this article. Make sure to pick one for your next braids appointment.

1. Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

Pop Smoke braids in different styles can be made for kids. Everyone knows that kids love their hair accessories, so you can adorn the braids with hair beads, cuffs or rings. These braids are perfect for children since they’re simple and don’t take several hours to make.

2. Pop Smoke Braids for Boys

Pop Smoke Braids for Boys

Boys that braid their hair and have never rocked Pop Smoke braids are definitely missing a lot because the Pop Smoke braids enhance the masculine facial features. These braids are simple yet stylish enough to look good on boys of all ages.

3. Pop Smoke Braids for Girls

Pop Smoke Braids for Girls

Pretty young ladies that love simple braided hairstyles should definitely go for the Pop Smoke braid style. Pop Smoke braids don’t just save you time at the salon, they also make you look trendy with just a little effort.

4. Pop Smoke Braids for Women

Pop Smoke Braids for Women

Women aren’t left out of the Pop Smoke slay as these braids aren’t limited to a certain age group or status. Anybody who loves having their hair braided can flaunt these cool braids.

5. Pop Smoke Braids With Beads

Pop Smoke Braids With Beads

The minimal nature of Pop Smoke braids can be upgraded by adding beads to the ends of the braids. Beads have a wide opening which allows the hair to easily enter and are secured with rubber bands to keep them from sliding off. There’s a vast number of different kinds of beads you can choose from so you’ll surely find a bead that you like.

6. Pop Smoke Braids With Color

Pop Smoke Braids With Color

Making black braids every single time can be tiring—you might need a shake up every now and then. That’s where the Pop Smoke braids with color come into play. Pop Smoke braids with color are created by using colored extensions to braid the hair. All Pop Smoke braid hairstyles discussed in this article can be made with any color you choose.

7. Pop Smoke Braids Front and Back

Pop Smoke Braids Front and Back

This is what the Pop Smoke braids look like at the front and the back. The front part of the hair is braided to the sides while the back section is braided down towards the nape of the neck. Pop Smoke braids are large, easy to make, and don’t take too long.

8. Pop Smoke Knotless Braids

Pop Smoke Knotless Braids

Pop Smoke braids can be made knotless by parting the hair in a way that the front braids fall to the sides and the back ones fall to the back and making knotless braids in the sections. Pop Smoke knotless braids are usually made as jumbo knotless braids so they take less time to make.

9. Small Pop Smoke Braids

Small Pop Smoke Braids

Although Pop Smoke braids are usually made big, they can also be made small and not always in jumbo sizes. The small Pop Smoke braids last longer than the jumbo ones but they require more time to make. Small Pop Smoke braids are suitable for both males and females.

10. Pop Smoke Feed-In Braids

Pop Smoke Feed in Braids

The ever-neat and natural looking feed-in braids can be made as Pop Smoke braids. Do you want to add extensions to your Pop Smoke braids yet still want them to look natural? The feed-in Pop Smoke braids are your best option.

11. Pop Smoke Braids With Dreads

Pop Smoke Braids With Dreads

Your dreadlocks can also be plaited into the Pop Smoke braids. To give it a very clean look, you should have the roots of your locs relocked to make the parts visible. The locs are then parted and while the front section is plaited to the side, the rest of the hair in the back is plaited down. Braiding dreadlocks is easier when the roots are neat and the locs are standing individually.

12. Pop Smoke Braids With Weave

Pop Smoke Braids With Weave

Straight or curly weaves and extensions can be added to Pop Smoke braids to give them a prettier feel. You don’t have to do basic Pop Smoke braids when you can easily switch it up to something a little more elegant. If you don’t want your Pop Smoke braids to be simple, go for the Pop Smoke braids with weave.

13. Pop Smoke Stitch Braids

Pop Smoke Stitch Braids

Pop Smoke stitch braids are one of the classiest and most intricate Pop Smoke braid styles. The lines which give stitch braids their distinctive look are achieved by using the pinky fingernail or a rat tail comb to part lines into the hair while weaving the braid. Stitch braids require the use of a gel to hold the hair down and make the lines shiny and more visible.

14. Pop Smoke Braids for Short Hair

Pop Smoke Braids for Short Hair

Have you been thinking that you can’t make Pop Smoke braids and look good because your hair is short? Kick that thought out of your head and book a session at the salon to get the Pop Smoke braids you’ve been looking forward to making. These braids aren’t just for long hair types but also for the short ones that are just long enough to be plaited. Pop Smoke braids for short hair can be difficult to make if the hair is too short but hair extensions can be added to ease the braiding of the hair.

15. Pop Smoke Box Braids

Pop Smoke Box Braids

The difference between the Pop Smoke box braids and the Pop Smoke knotless braids is the presence of the knots in the box braids. Box braids can be quite painful as there is a lot of tension on the hair due to the knots formed. Regardless, Pop Smoke box braids are very attractive and suit different face types.

16. Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

Jumbo Pop Smoke braids are very big and thick and they give a bold and more pronounced highlight to the face. This kind of Pop Smoke braid style is created by adding large amounts of hair extensions while braiding and they can be made either long or short depending on how you want them. Jumbo Pop Smoke braids don’t take nearly as long as small Pop Smoke braids but don’t last as long as they do either.

17. Pop Smoke Braids With Curls

Pop Smoke Braids With Curls

Pop Smoke braids with curls are also called Goddess Pop Smoke braids or Bohemian Pop Smoke braids. They’re made by adding curly extensions to the braids and leaving them to hang with the braided extensions. Pop Smoke Braids with curls are very alluring but the curls need to be maintained well in order to keep them looking neat and untangled.

18. Short Pop Smoke Braids

Short Pop Smoke Braids

Dear short hair lovers, you can also rock the Pop Smoke braids and enjoy the comfort and stylability that comes with short braids. Short Pop Smoke braids take less time to make when compared to the long ones.

19. Layered Pop Smoke Braids

Layered Pop Smoke Braids

Unlike regular Pop Smoke braids styles that have the hair plaited as a single cornrow from the middle of the head to the back and down the sides, layered Pop Smoke braids have the hair divided and plaited into more than one row of braids to the sides and the back of the head. Layered Pop Smoke braids take more time than regular ones as the hair has to be parted and braided several times.

20. Side Part Pop Smoke Braids

Side Part Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke braids commonly feature a center part, however they aren’t limited to just that. Side-parted braids enhance the facial features by highlighting the cheekbones and making the face look more extended.

21. Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids

Zig Zag Pop Smoke Braids

The lines of your Pop Smoke braids don’t always have to be straight when you can make them as zigzags and achieve a more dramatic and creative look. The zigzag Pop Smoke braids are perfect for both males and females that love to add an aesthetic look to their braids.


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