The Cutest Feed-In Braids of 2024: 20 Different Styles to Try


Feed in braids are seamless and natural-looking cornrow styles that are plaited by adding braiding hair beneath the braids so that there will be no signs of extra hair. 

They’ve gained a lot of popularity and are gradually becoming everyone’s favorite because of their cute but neat look. They can be casual or dressy, subtle or bold, so there is sure to be a style that fits your personality.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 different ways to style feed-in braids. Keep reading to find out how you can add this cute hairstyle to your look in 2024.

1. Feed In Cornrows

Feed In Cornrows

Feed in braids are also called feed in cornrows, since this is the base style. By themselves, these braids are neat and natural and look as if no braiding hair was added. Feed in cornrows are the choice of most ladies because of their seamless and sleek look. 

2. Two Feed In Braids

Two Feed In Braids

Two feed in braids take the least amount of time to complete, but they can’t be done on very short hair and are difficult to do on bulky and super full hair types. They don’t last very long because of their big size, but they give a wonderful highlight to the face while they last.

3. Two Feed In Braids with Designs

Two Feed In Braids with Designs

To achieve a more sophisticated look with your two feed in braids, add a couple of designs, and they will look even better. Designs that are made with more braids will make the style last even longer. Smaller braids are tighter and hold their form better. You can try hearts, waves, or zig-zags, or ask your stylist to come up with a design you’ll like.

4. Four Feed In Braids

Four Feed In Braids

A set of four in a cornrow style is simple and doesn’t take very long. They can be large or small. Remember, larger braids may not last as long. You can add designs and feed in more or less braiding hair to get the perfect look. This is a great style for people who don’t like to sit for long periods or don’t want anything too intricate.

5. Five Feed In Braids

Five Feed In Braids

Five feed in braids are another quick jumbo style. You can add smaller braids in between for a more intricate look or add designs. You can see from the variations in number, size, and style, that you never have to have the same look as anyone else. Choose a style that fits your face and preference to compliment what makes you unique.

6. Goddess Feed In Braids

Goddess Feed In Braids

This is a truly gorgeous style. It has curly leave outs that are achieved using curly extensions or by leaving out some of the straight braiding hair and curling it using rollers and dipping it into hot water to seal the curls. Goddess feed in braids require more maintenance than regular ones to keep the curly extension from tangling. Use leave-in conditioner to keep your extensions looking fresh.

7. Feed In Braids to the Back

Feed In Braids to the Back

This is where the versatility of feed in braids shines. They can be braided to the back as center parts, straight backs, side parts, and in other ways. You can make them short or long. Accentuate them with goddess curls or beads; wrap them in a bun, or curl them at the end. Feed in braids to the back are a simple protective hairstyle that won’t cause discomfort and stay out of your face.

8. Feed In Braided Ponytail

Feed In Braided Ponytail

Feed in braided ponytails are also called feed in shuku hairstyles, and they are achieved by braiding the hair to the center of the head and gathering the remainder into a ponytail. They can be high or low ponytail styles depending on your preference. This is a great natural look, and you can braid the ends to leave them to fall as a weave. 

9. Small Feed In Braids

Small Feed In Braids

Small feed in braids take more time, but they stay fresh longer. The parts are very small, and the style only needs a little braiding hair. They can take several hours to complete, especially when they’re made long or done with designs. However, they last longer than medium and jumbo-sized braids.

10. Layered Feed In Braids

Layered Feed In Braids

Layered braids are sectioned into two or more layers to simulate different lengths. One layer is “hidden” under the top, so there isn’t a single braid plaited from front to back. They can be done in almost any size or length of your choosing. You can add a third layer to give the style more volume.

11. Straight Back Feed In Braids

Straight Back Feed In Braids

Straight back feed in braids are braided straight from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. Straight backs are one of the simplest cornrow styles, and they can be small, medium, or jumbo sized with the small size taking the longest time to finish but lasting the longest.

12. Side Feed In Braids

Side Feed In Braids

Side feed in braids are also called feed in lemonade braids. All of the hair is plaited to the side of the head. You can still braid them in many different styles, since the one defining feature is that these braids end on one side of the head. It’s a beautiful style, but beware of heaviness and discomfort.

13. Feed In Braids with Sew-In

Feed In Braids with Sew In

Feed in braids with a sew-in come in different styles like ponytails, tribal braids, or even all-backs. Then a sew-in is woven into them. Any kind of weave will work, including straight, curly, wavy, and kinky weaves. Add designs, beads, or color for a little extra flair. This style is simple and lasts for a long time.

14. Kids Feed In Braids

Kids Feed In Braids

Feed in braids are a perfect choice for kids since they’re natural looking and mostly painless. You can adorn them with hair accessories like beads, cuffs, and rings, which further beautify the braids. You can request braids in larger sizes for kids who don’t want to sit for long periods or don’t like the tension of smaller braids.

15. Feed In Stitch Braids

Feed In Stitch Braids

Turn your sleek and natural-looking feed in braids into stitch braids for a simple, but gorgeous look. In fact, most stitch braids are made using the feed in technique. Try them in different styles, lengths, sizes, and colors to stand out. Stitching requires careful attention to detail, but it’s a lovely design that you can add to most feed in styles.

16. Feed In Braids into a Low Bun

Feed In Braids into a Low Bun

Gather your feed in braids into a low bun by braiding the hair into a low ponytail or all-back style and securing the ends at the nape of the neck. The bun helps to keep the hair in place all day or however long you wear your braids. This allows for a lot of comfort while making you look good at the same time.

17. Jumbo Feed In Braids

Jumbo Feed In Braids

Jumbo feed in braids are an especially easy and quick way to style these versatile braids. Most feed-in styles can be done in jumbo sizes. They require more braiding hair and larger parts, and they can be dressed up or worn casually. Jumbo braids generally take less time, and you can start small and increase the size down the part. This is gradually becoming more popular as braid rockers love the ease and natural look of it.

18. Six Feed In Braids

Six Feed In Braids

Six feed in braids, like the set of four, can be jumbo or small braids. They’re not made for long-term use, but you can rock them for a few weeks. It’s a simple, beautiful, and natural style that won’t require a lot of time in the chair. 

19. Eight Feed In Braids

Eight Feed In Braids

Jumbo feed in braids look amazing in sets of eight. You can do them in different styles, like straight backs, ponytails, pop smoke braids, or any other cornrow style. Since there are only eight braids, you don’t need as much braiding hair.

20. Small Straight Back Feed In Braids

Small Straight Back Feed In Braids

Small straight backs will last the longest, but they also take the longest time to complete. They’re a popular and versatile style. By using small parts and adding just a little bit of braiding hair, the braids will stay small and tight. You can do them with stitches, make them as long as you prefer, and add designs. 


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