35 Braids For Short Hair


I know dealing with short hair can be a pain sometimes. You wake up late for work trying to style your hair, or head out the door looking busted because you just can’t get your short strands to cooperate! I’ve been there too, my dear. But braids are here to save the day.

Braiding styles are perfect for short hair because they keep your ends tucked away and help your hair grow long and healthy. Now you don’t have to fuss over styling every day!

The key with braiding short hair is keeping the braids themselves short and sweet. Long, heavy braids on short hair won’t work. They’ll be slipping and sliding out of place. Short braids done right will have you looking snatched for days.

Whether you’re looking for something simple like cornrows or goddess braids, or more unique styles like lemonade braids or knotless braids, there’s a look here for every preference. I got you covered with 35 stunning braid styles that are perfect for short hair. Prepare to fall in love with braiding your short hair!

1. Colored Braids

Colored Braids
Image by: _queen_of_braids/Instagram

Ready to bring a vibrant twist to your short hair? Colored braids are where it’s at. Now, I get it—sometimes short hair feels limiting, but colored braids shatter that notion into a million pieces. Here’s why this style’s got your name all over it.

First off, you can effortlessly level up your look by blending your natural hair with shades that match or contrast your vibe. The color range is off the charts. Whether you’re feeling moody blues or fiery reds, the world’s your oyster. That means you can vibe out with a look that’s uniquely you.

Secondly, when your natural hair is neatly tucked away, it allows the color to really pop. The result? A polished look that radiates finesse and keeps those edges intact.

Extensions aren’t just length—they’re art. Whether it’s kanekalon or toyokalon, synthetic braiding hair comes in a wide range of shades.

So if you’re rocking that short hair and wondering how to add some spice, colored braids have got you covered. You’re not just wearing a style; you’re making a statement.

2. Layered Braids

Layered Braids

Layered braids are exactly what they sound like—a multi-dimensional style created by braiding individual strands in various layers. To achieve this look, start with longer braids at the back and gradually shorten the lengths as you move upward. This tiered approach adds depth and volume to your hair. Want to kick it up a notch? Opt for curly ends or use a curling iron to create a bob effect on each layer.

3. French Braids

French Braids For Short Hair

French braids aren’t just for long hair; they’re a quick and stylish option for short hair too. To achieve this look, part your hair into two sections. Then, on each side, weave strands of hair over each other, capturing that signature French braid style. Secure the ends with a rubber band to keep everything in place. Consider leaving a few strands loose at the front or sides for a more relaxed, carefree vibe. It adds that extra oomph and frames your face beautifully.

4. Micro Braids

Micro Braids
Image by: badu_mari_/Instagram

Micro braids are a dream for short hair, offering style and manageability. Created using tiny sections of hair, these individual braids are stunning and make gripping easier since they are braided in small sections. While it’s true that micro braids take more time to complete, the payoff is immense: a long-lasting, head-turning look that’s worth every minute spent.

5. Box Braids

Box Braids For Short Hair

Thanks to those signature square partings, box braids make a statement. Got short hair? Make your braids smaller if you want your style to last. Making a tiny knot at the beginning of your braids is like the hack of the century. It makes your braids easier to grip and secure. And the best part? On short hair, box braids give you endless styling options!

6. Short Pixie Braids

Short Pixie Braids

Pixie braids suit those with very short hair or shaved sides. These braids mimic a pixie cut by featuring small, individual braids directed toward one side of the head. The front section is left longer to create a layered effect.

7. Braids for Men with Short Hair

Braids for men with short hair

Hey fellas, don’t think short hair means missing out on braided style. Men can do braids with short hair too. Here’s the deal: the braids involve parting your hair into any design you fancy, and then crafting individual braids on each section. Since your hair is short, you can secure the ends with small rubber bands to keep those braids locked in place. And if your hair’s a bit stubborn to grip, a quick blow-dry beforehand can work wonders.

8. Small Cornrows

Small Cornrows
Image by: silverhairgh/Instagram

Pressed for time but want to look fly? Small Cornrows are your go-to. Just part your hair into your fave design and braid those sections tight to the scalp. Opt for braiding hair if you’re after more length and a style that’s in it for the long haul.

9. Updo Cornrows

Updo Cornrows

Got short hair and love a sleek look? Updo cornrows are your answer. Start by braiding cornrows from all sides, meeting in the middle. Add a few individual braids there for a fuller finish. While styling options might be limited to a ponytail or bun, this sleek updo elevates even the shortest of hairstyles.

10. Short Braids for Natural Hair

Short Braids for Natural Hair a style for short hair

Do you have short, natural hair? Consider short braids as your next protective style. Part your hair as you like and go for individual braids—no extensions needed. Ideal for budget-conscious ladies, this style is as DIY-friendly as it gets. Plus, you can still use all your go-to hair products.

11. Short Braids With Shaved Sides

Short Braids With Shaved Sides a style for short hair

Love a daring look? Short braids with shaved sides might be your next style move. Shave down the sides while keeping the top longer for individual braids. There’s so much versatility here. You can wear it in a ponytail, sweep it to one side, or let it fall naturally to disguise the shaved areas, mimicking a braided bob.

12. Sew-Ins for Short Hair

Sew In With Short Hair a style for short hair

Sew-ins are an excellent hairstyle option for short hair. Make this look by picking a braid pattern that suits your desired hairstyle, then sewing the weave onto it. You can opt for a natural look with a leave-out or go for an invisible parting.

13. Shoulder Length Braids

Shoulder Length Braids a style for short hair

Shoulder-length braids use hair extensions to create individual braids that end at the shoulders. Perfect for hot weather, these braids are as versatile as they come—you get to play with colors and styling.

14. Short Braids Wig

Short Braids Wig a style for short hair

Ever wish for braids without the commitment? A Short Braids Wig is your answer. Think box braids, but on a lace or closure wig cap. Got short hair that’s too tiny for braids? No worries—just cornrow what you’ve got and slap this wig on top. Yep, it’s your shortcut to a braided look without the long hours in the chair.

15. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

Half Cornrows Half Box Braids a style for short hair

Got short hair but craving variety? Half cornrows half box braids is your go-to. Part your hair into two sections: cornrows in the front, box braids in the back. Straight lines or snazzy designs, it’s your call on the cornrows. This style’s a short-hair win. Plus, you can mix it up with different cornrow designs and colors.

16. Half Cornrows Half Curls

Half Cornrows Half Curls a style for short hair

Short hair and seeking some flair? Half cornrows half curls is your answer. Part your hair from ear to ear: top half gets cornrowed, bottom half gets curled. The curls can be sewn in on natural hair or installed using curly crochet extensions. This style lets your short hair shine in two different textures.

17. Small Feed In Ponytail

Small Feed In Ponytail a style for short hair

Looking for a natural and eye-catching style for your short hair? Try a small feed-In ponytail. These braids are called small feed-in braids because the braiding hair is added under the real hair while making the cornrows. It all starts with tiny feed-in cornrows that meet at a point—be it the top, middle, or back of your head. Make sure you don’t overlook the styling options; you can twist it into a bun or wear it in a ponytail.

18. Braids for Little Girls with Short Hair

Braids For Little Girls a style for short hair

Got a little princess with short hair? Braids offer all the cuteness and style she could wish for. Whether you’re working with her natural hair or adding some braiding hair for extra length, this style is both adorable and gentle on tender scalps. Just remember, keep those braids snug but not too tight. And for that extra sparkle, throw in some beads, bows, or whatever her little heart desires.

19. Short Twist Braids

Short Twist Braids a style for short hair

Looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish option for your short hair? Consider twist braids. Simply intertwine two strands of hair. And in order to prevent twists from falling out, it is best to braid about two or three steps of braids around the roots. Feel free to experiment with colors—this look is as adaptable as it is easy to keep up.

20. Short Bob Braids

Short Bob Braids a style for short hair
Image by: boxbraidsafrican/Instagram

Short bob braids are all about creating that bob effect with individual braids. The key? No need to stretch your braiding extensions. When you’re working with short hair, simply part it in your preferred design, make the braids, and burn the ends for that signature curve. Why skip stretching the extensions? Because sealing them with hot water straightens the ends, and you want to keep that curve.

21. Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo Braids a style for short hair

Peek-a-boo braids involve using one color of braiding hair extensions for about two-thirds of your hair, and a different color for the remaining back section. This style offers a fun and unique way to play with color. It’s versatile enough for any hair length, short included, and you can choose any color combinations you like.

22. Side Braids with Hair Out

Side Braids With Hair Out a style for short hair

Side braids with hair out is a quick and stunning option for those with short hair. Just part a small section on either side of your head, create some half-length cornrows, and leave the ends free. For the rest of your hair that’s left out, go ahead and use your go-to products to make those strands pop! Like this style? Discover more side braids hairstyles.

23. Short Braids with Curls

Short Braids with Curls a style for short hair

Short braids with curls is a look that pairs individual short braids with curly ends. You can either use pre-curled extensions for the ends or add curls using flexi rods, curling rollers, or thread. This style is color-friendly and offers plenty of room for styling creativity, making it a versatile choice for short hair.

24. Space Buns

Short Hair Space Buns a style for short hair

Space buns are all about parting your hair into two sections and creating buns on each side. Want a fuller look? Add extensions that match your hair texture to plump up those buns. For an extra touch, include a couple of single braids at the front. Throw in some accessories, and you’ve got space buns that elevate your short hair from basic to brilliant.

25. Tribal Braids

Short Tribal Braids a style for short hair

Tribal Braids offer a layered look by parting the hair from ear to ear. Cornrow designs grace the top layer, stopping halfway, while individual braids fill in underneath. Consider adding beads or curling the ends to switch up your tribal braids.

26. Short Pigtails

Short Hair Pigtails a style for short hair

Pigtails are a quick, cute option for short hair. Simply part your hair into two sections and use a hair packer for each. Then braid the tails on both sides, securing the ends with small rubber bands to keep them from unraveling. The result? An instant facelift and a clean, put-together look.

27. Crown Braids

Crown Braids For Short Hair a style for short hair

Crown braids offer elegance without being complicated. Achieve this look by creating a braid that circles your head, just above the forehead, forming a crown-like structure. This short hair approved style is great for casual days but also shines at weddings, proms, and other formal events.

28. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids For Short Hair a style for short hair

Dutch braids aren’t just for long hair—the short-haired crowd can wear them too! For short hair, the approach is the same: section your hair into two and weave three strands under one another. To keep everything in place, secure the tail ends with rubber bands. It’s a classic look that short hair can absolutely own.

29. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids For Short Hair a style for short hair

Waterfall Braids offer a cascading effect that looks particularly stunning on short hair. Starting from each side of the head, these braids meet in the middle with strands left loose to create that ‘waterfall’ feel. For extra oomph, curl the unbraided hair into a wavy pattern to add volume to the look.

30. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids a style suitable for short hair

Goddess braids offer a voluminous look for short hair by combining individual short braids with curls. Whether using pre-made curls or curling the extensions yourself, attach them to the braids and at the ends for a fuller effect. Just a heads-up: these short goddess braids do require some upkeep to keep the curls from tangling or getting rough.

31. Knotless Braids On Short Hair

Knotless Braids On Short Hair a style for short hair

Knotless Braids win hearts for their pain-free application, and yes, they work beautifully on short hair as well. The key? Opt for medium or small sizes and add the braiding hair right under your natural strands for secure, seamless braids.

32. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids a style for short hair

Also known as ‘poodle puffs,’ bubble braids are a hit for short hair, since your natural strands get tucked into the extensions. Typically crafted with kinky or Marley extensions, these braids are installed using a crochet pin. Small rubber bands at intervals create those signature ‘bubbles.’ Lightweight and long-lasting, you can accessorize bubble braids with hairpins for added style.

33. Knot Braids

Knot Braids a style for short hair

Knot braids are a win for short hair, offering both a solid grip and neatly tucked-in strands. These braids start right at the root, using braiding hair to ensure longevity—especially when compared to knotless versions. Versatile in color and length, knot braids open up a world of styling possibilities.

34. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids a style for short hair

Crochet braids are a go-to for short hair, primarily because your natural hair is protected under the extensions. Crochet braids are made using pre-made crochet braid extensions, installed with a crochet pin onto either flat cornrows or individual braids made from your own hair. Bonus: with crochet styles, frizz is less of a worry, even if you have short hair.

35. Shoulder Length Braids With Beads

Shoulder Length Braids With Beads a style for short hair

Shoulder length braids with beads take short braids to a stylish new level. Using braiding hair, create individual braids that stop around the shoulders, then add beads to the ends to spice it up. Feel free to play with color and explore various hair accessories; shoulder length braids are as versatile as they are eye-catching.


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