21 Crown Braids Hairstyles


Crown braids, or Halo braids, are some of the most elegant and charming braided updo hairstyles! Crown braids are normally made as one or two Dutch braids wrapped around the head. In some cases though, they can be shaken up by using other braid types and techniques like french braids, fishtail braids, chain braids and many others. The most important facet of the crown braids look is that the braids are made around the head to look like a crown or tiara.

Here are some enchanting ways to style your hair into this gorgeous crown braids hairstyle:

1. Halo Braids

Halo Braids

This halo braid style features two tight Dutch braids wrapped around the head. You can attach hair cuffs to the braids to add a regal air to the look.

2. French Crown Braid

French Crown Braid

This French crown braid is a half-up half-down crown braid style that can be worn casually to the park, or to fancy formal events like prom, weddings, or birthdays.

3. Crown Braids For Black Hair

Crown Braids for Black Hair

Black crown braids will surely make your features pop and give your face a highlighted look. Color has no impact on the beauty of the crown braids style—just know that your black hair will successfully look flawless in all crown braids styles.

4. Half-Up Crown Braid

Half up Crown Braid

This half-up crown braid style is a perfect way to flaunt a braided crown while showing off your lovely hair. The chain linked braids for the crown will most likely require the services of a skilled hair stylist for this particular crown braids style.

5. Crown Dutch Braid

Crown Dutch Braid

Crown Dutch braids are super easy and quick to make as long as you know how to make regular Dutch braids. All you need to do is braid one or two Dutch braids around your head, and voila!

6. Crown Braids Short Hair

Crown Braids Short Hair

You can slay your short hair at various occasions by styling it into this loose crown braid style. You can also attach any accessories you like to give it a nice finish, including the golden crown you see here or some classy clips and pins.

7. Halo Braids On Natural Hair

Halo Braids on Natural Hair

You really don’t need to have extensions added to your hair to braid it into halo braids. Because this braid style can be made on short or long hair, your natural hair alone is enough to get you a gorgeous halo braid.

8. Natural Hair Crown Braid

Natural Hair Crown Braid

Your natural hair, either long or short, can be styled into a wonderful braided crown. This is a simple hairstyle that doesn’t take much of your time.

9. Halo Braids Black Hair

Halo Braids Black Hair

Black halo braids fit every skin tone perfectly and emphasize your cheekbones and facial structure. You are definitely going to love how jaw-dropping halo braids will look on your black hair.

10. Half Crown Braids

Half Crown Braids

Short hair lovers, this half crown braid style is practically screaming “pick me, pick me!”. Just throw your hair into this quick half crown and be ready to turn heads at any occasion.

11. Crown Braids For Men

Crown Braids for Men

Crown braids aren’t just for queens, they look incredibly attractive on men too. Most of the time, they are made into a faded hairstyle since most men have the sides of the head shaved low. Uncover more about this royal style and others in our braid hairstyles for men article.

12. Easy Crown Braid

Easy Crown Braid

If you know how to make Dutch braids, then you can very simply style any hair into crown braids. All that’s required is that you braid the hair into one or two Dutch braids that travel around the front of the head.

13. Goddess Crown Braid

Goddess Crown Braid

Goddess crown braids are akin to regular crown braids, but just in jumbo sizes. To achieve goddess crown braids, the Dutch braids must be really big and pronounced. You can add some more volume to them by making them loose, as you can see pictured above!

14. Twisted Crown Braid

Twisted Crown Braid

This twisted crown braid is even easier to make than a traditional crown braid! All you need to do is just twist your hair until you have it twisted around your head. This is the perfect alternative if you don’t know how to Dutch braid but still want that astounding crown braid look!

15. Crown Braids With Curls

Crown Braids With Curls

This style is like the messy bun of crown braids! You can be sure that your crown braids will look voluminous when you braid them in a messy, loose fashion with curly strands hanging out.

16. Crown Braids Updo

Crown Braids Updo

This is a simple and pretty hairstyle that is suitable for both formal and informal events. Almost all crown braids styles are braided updo hairstyles, with the exclusion of half-up half-down styles.

17. Crown Braids With Flowers

Crown Braids With Flowers

This crown braid with flowers is the most perfect style for brides! The flowers give a romantic and whimsical feel to the braids. Guests won’t be able to look away as you glide down the aisle!

18. Crown Braid Ponytail

Crown Braid Ponytail

This isn’t the regular ponytail you come across everyday. It features two jumbo Dutch braids wrapped around the head and braided down into a ponytail. This is a sleek and unconventional crown braid style, so if the usual braided ponytail isn’t doing it for you anymore, give this crown braid ponytail a try!

19. Crown Box Braids

Crown Box Braids

This is a unique and chic way to fashion your box braids into an updo. Rock this crown box braid style to your next formal event and stand out from the crowd!

20. Crown Braid Bun

Crown Braid Bun

If you want to keep your hair off of your skin, you can style your hair into this messy crown braid bun and feel comfortable—and fashionable—all day, even at work.

21. Fishtail Crown Braid

Fishtail Crown Braid

This fishtail crown braid is a nice decorative crown braid style. All it requires is you being able to make fishtail braids which really aren’t difficult to make.


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