20 Halo Braids Hairstyles


Are you in the market for a hairstyle that’ll make you feel like a princess? If you’re looking for a way to add a regal flair to your natural hair, halo braids may be the perfect solution. Halo braids, otherwise known as crown braids, are easy braid hairstyles made by weaving one or two braids around the head, along the hairline. Since the braid is usually large, this style isn’t one that’s made to last a long time. However, this hairstyle is simple enough to do all by yourself and a great quick-fix if you’re running late.

This dainty style is minimal but absolutely lovely. It’s such a well-rounded updo hairstyle that it’s suitable for both casual and ceremonial occasions. Here are some halo braids hairstyles that you’ll surely adore. 

1. Halo Braids Natural Hair

Halo Braids Natural Hair

Your natural hair can be styled into a halo braid without the use of any extensions. Natural hair halo braids usually have a more textured look and feel than synthetic braids, making them easily distinguished from those done with extensions.

2. Butterfly Halo Braids

Butterfly Halo Braids

Butterfly braids are loosely braided halo braids with a distressed and messy look. You can add onto the style by leaving a few loose strands of hair falling out of the braid. Butterfly halo braids usually look textured and voluminous.

3. Halo Braids for Kids

Halo Braids for Kids

Your kids will definitely love halo braids because they’re quick and straightforward braid styles that won’t cause too much stress or discomfort. An added bonus: this style doesn’t call for your kids to have to sit still for a long time getting their hair done.

4. Halo Braids Black Hair

Halo Braids Black Hair

Halo braids look extremely nice on black hair. Black hair has a distinct shine that reflects off of the strands and gives the face a subtle highlighted look.

5. Goddess Halo Braids Black Hair

Goddess Halo Braids Black Hair

Goddess halo braids are very large halo braids that give you a bold look. If your black hair is short or thin, you can achieve this goddess halo braids style by adding in extensions.

6. Halo Braids With Weave

Halo Braids With Weave

Weaves are added to halo braids either because the natural hair is too short to braid on its own, you want your halo braids to be big and thick, or you want the color of the wrapped-around braid to be different from your natural hair color. Whatever your reason is, adding weave gives you so much more room for creativity and different styling options. With a little extra braiding hair, you can be assured that your halo braids will come out nicely.

7. Halo Dreadlock Style

Halo Dreadlock Style

Your dreadlocks can be styled into a halo braid to make them stand out and make your locs style different from the rest. Your locs can either be wrapped or braided to create this halo style.

8. Halo Cornrows

Halo Cornrows

Halo cornrows are cornrows that gather into a single braid wrapped around the head. This is a decorative halo braids style—the cornrows can be made in a lot of different designs and patterns.

9. Halo Braids for Short Hair

Halo Braids for Short Hair

You don’t need to have very long hair to achieve this look as even your short hair can be styled flawlessly into a halo braid. The braid will be relatively smaller and thinner but will still come out looking amazing, especially if you have a professional doing your hair for you.

10. Side Part Halo Braid Natural Hair

Side Part Halo Braid Natural Hair

Your natural hair can be braided into this sleek side part halo braid without any extensions added. Just part your hair at the side, make two Dutch braids, and secure them at the back into a single bun.

11. Double Halo Braid

Double Halo Braid

This double halo braid style is an upgrade from the regular halo braid. It’s easily made by having two braids wrapped around the head instead of just the regular one braid.

12. Halo Braid With Box Braids

Halo Braid With Box Braids

Are you looking for an elegant updo to style your box braids into? Then this halo braid style is perfect for you. It’s suitable for all formal occasions and can be done in a pinch.

13. Halo Goddess Braids

Halo Goddess Braids

Halo goddess braids are basically jumbo halo braids. To achieve the goddess halo braids, have your hair braided into one or two very large Dutch braids wrapped around your head.

14. Halo Braid With Locs

Halo Braid With Locs

Loc braids are really in vogue right now and a wonderful braid style for your locs is halo braids. Make sure to have your locs maintenanced with the parts visible to make your halo braids with locs look sleek and satisfying.

15. Halo Braid With Sew-In

Halo Braid With Sew in

Halo braids with a sew-in is made by braiding the front hair as a halo braid and having a weave sewn at the back to create a half-up, half-down style. The weave can be straight, curly or wavy depending on the look you’re going for.

16. Halo Braid Black Hair With Weave

Halo Braid Black Hair With Weave

Your black weave can be styled into a beautiful half-up halo braid. Just cornrow your natural hair, attach weave onto the cornrows using a crochet pin, then braid the front into a halo braid while leaving the rest to fall to the back.

17. Halo Braids With Curls

Halo Braids With Curls

Show off your pretty curls by styling your hair into this enchanting half-up, half-down halo braids style. The halo braid with curls is a perfect fit for all fancy events.

18. Halo Braids for Black Women

Halo Braids for Black Women

Black women are commonly seen effortlessly flaunting braids of all kinds. The halo braid is a favorite because of its ability to give a regal, formal feel with only a few minutes of work.

19. Halo French Braid

Halo French Braid

If you want your halo braid to be flat on your head, make it as a French halo braid that doesn’t look chunky like Dutch braids. This half-up, half-down halo French braid is a great way to pull off a halo braid and also show your length of luscious hair.

20. Halo Braid Half-Up, Half-Down

Halo Braid Half Up Half Down

This amazing half-up, half-down halo braid is screaming “prom” and “wedding”! You can style your hair into this tasteful style and have all eyes on you, admiring your charm.


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