20 Cornrow Braid Hairstyles


Cornrow braids are traditional braid styles that get their name from their simple and straight look that resembles rows of corn. They’ve evolved over the years and now come in different shapes and styles.

Cornrows are braided close to the scalp and, despite being protective hairstyles, can cause too much tension on the scalp and hair loss if they’re braided too tight. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and can last for several weeks.

1. Cornrow African Braids

Cornrow African Braids

Cornrows are African braids with a unique simplicity that bolsters their versatility. Styles can be tailored to fit your facial features and preferences. You can do them with or without braiding hair and in various sizes. 

2. Cornrows for Natural Hair 

Cornrows for Natural Hair

Natural hair is a perfect match for cornrows. You don’t need any braiding hair. They can be small, medium, or large. The smaller sizes last the longest. You can braid them into many different styles like braided ponytails, all back styles, and more. Natural hair can be braided into cornrows without the addition of any braiding hair.

3. Cornrows with Braids 

Cornrows With Braids

When you’re getting cornrows with braids, a part of the hair (either the front or the sides) is braided into cornrows while the rest is plaited into knotless or box braids. This style takes longer than full cornrows because of the individual braids. Tribal braids are a beautiful example of cornrows with braids.

4. Cornrow Design Braids

Cornrow Braids for Men 1

Men can get nice and simple cornrow styles that highlight their masculine features. Since they don’t usually need braiding hair, this style doesn’t take long. Try them in different sizes or add designs to show off your personal style.

5. Cornrow Stitch Braids

Cornrow Braids for Women

Cornrows are sometimes associated with men, but ladies, you can rock them! Their simple and comfortable nature highlights your beautiful face, making them perfect for women. Cornrows can be small, medium, or large depending on how long you can stay at the salon.

6. Heart Cornrows 

Trending Cornrows

Cornrows with hearts and crisscross designs are really trending these days. The heart design is achieved by parting the hair into a heart shape and then plaiting the hair in line with the shape. The crisscross design is achieved by braiding two parts as halves and crossing them in such a way that the first braid is plaited down the second braid’s line while the second is plaited down the first braid, as shown in the picture above. Choose a trending style for that creative touch that will keep you from regular cornrows.

7. Cornrow Braids Ponytail 

Cornrow Braids Ponytail

Cornrow braid ponytails are also called shuku hairstyles, and they are achieved by braiding the hair to the center of the head. You can do them in a high or low ponytail to fit your preference. Try them in different sizes and lengths, add color, or accessorize them with beads, braid jewelry, or curled ends.

8. Straight Back Cornrows 

Straight Back Cornrows

Straight back cornrows are braided from the front of the head to the back, close to the nape of the neck in a perfectly straight order. Straight backs are the simplest cornrow styles and they can be done in small, medium, and jumbo sizes. The small sizes take the longest time to finish, but they last the longest. You can add braiding hair to reach your desired length. 

9. Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess cornrows are beautiful styles! The characteristic curls come from curly leave-out extensions or by leaving out the straight braiding hair and curling it using rollers and dipping them into hot water to seal the curls. Goddess cornrows require more maintenance than regular cornrows because the curly extensions must be kept from tangling. Use leave-in conditioner to keep them looking fresh.

10. Feed in Cornrows 

Feed in Cornrows 1

Feed in cornrows look so neat and natural, the casual observer won’t even know that braiding hair was added. By adding the braiding hair underneath the braids instead of over them, feed in cornrows will look like your natural hair. They’re the choice of most ladies because of their seamless and sleek look.

11. Cornrows with Box Braids

Cornrows With Box Braids

Cornrow box braids start as cornrows and flow into box braids. They’re the best of both worlds for people who like both styles. You can do them as half-up, half-down cornrows plus box braids or even do the cornrows on one side to imitate a shaved side. Cornrow box braids take more time than full cornrow styles, but they last a long time, and they look incredible.

12. Two Cornrow Braids 

Two Cornrow Braids

Two cornrow braids are simple and made for a short time frame. With the hair parted down the center, the braids are plaited along the sides of the head. They don’t take long. You can add braiding hair to get your desired length or add a pop of color.

13. Cornrow Bun

Cornrow Bun 1

Cornrow buns, like ponytails, flow up to the center of the head. The hair forms a bun at the end. You can add designs and get the cornrows in different styles before wrapping them in the bun. This style shows off your cornrows while keeping them comfortable.

14. Cornrow Braids Updo

Cornrow Braids Updo

Do you love braids but prefer to keep them out of your face and off your shoulders? A cornrow updo is the perfect style for you. You can do these in many variations, starting with something as simple as two cornrows. Tuck the ends of the braids into buns or knots. This is an elegant, comfortable style that shows off your beautiful features.

15. Side Cornrows

Side Cornrows 1

Side cornrow braids are also called lemonade braids. All of the hair falls to the side. You can get them in different sizes and accessorize them with beads, cuffs, or rings. Add colored braiding hair for a fun summer style.

16. Cornrow Braids for Kids

Cornrow Braids for Kids

Kids can rock different cornrow braid styles that are mostly accessorized with beads, cuffs, and rings. To avoid pain and too much tension on the scalp, they shouldn’t be too tight. Add designs like hearts or zig-zags to show off your kids’ unique personalities.

17. Cornrow Braid Mohawk

Cornrow Braid Mohawk

Cornrow mohawks, also called Mohican cornrows, follow the natural slope of the scalp up to the middle, then flow from front to back to create the longer braids in the middle. Mohawk cornrows can come in small, medium, and jumbo sizes. Add a streak of color in the mohawk to really make this pop.

18. Stitch Cornrow Braids 

Stitch Cornrow Braids

Stitch cornrow braids are made in a way that there are visible lines along the parted hair. Your stylist uses their pinky fingers or a rat tail comb to create the lines while they plait your hair. Stitch cornrow braids are trendy, and most other cornrow styles can be done with stitching.

19. Small Cornrows 

Small Cornrows

Small cornrows are any cornrow style done in small sizes. They take hours to complete, especially when braiding hair is included to add length. However, of all the sizes, small and micro cornrows will last the longest.

20. Four Cornrow Braids 

Four Cornrow Braids

Four cornrow braids are a gorgeous, quick, and simple style. Section your hair into four parts and cornrow from front to back. Because of their size, they aren’t for long-term wear, but they will last longer than two cornrows. You can add braiding hair, stitching, or tuck them into a bun or ponytail. 


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