25 Mohawk Braid Hairstyles


The mohawk, also known as a Mohican, is a fierce and bold hairstyle in which typically, both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of hair running vertically down the center of the head. The name and style itself originate from the Native American Mohawk people whose tribe is native to North America, in what is today the state of New York.

This style was quite popular years ago, especially on the rock and roll and goth scenes. As of recently, the mohawk has made a comeback and begun to trend once again but in a more fashionable way: mohawks with braids! This makes the hairstyle look less masculine and less punk rock—a genre that the mohawk style has become synonymous with. 

Mohawk braid hairstyles can be slayed and styled for any occasion and by any gender or age group. 

Here are various amazing ways to wear your mohawk braid look:

1. Viking Mohawk Braids

Viking Mohawk Braids

Viking mohawk braids, also known as Nordic braids, is a hairstyle that is somewhat historical. It usually features a raised ponytail that is either completely braided or held in place by rubber bands. The braid normally has a distressed look and is often decorated with loc accessories and coloured twine which allows you to embrace your inner Viking warrior!

2. Crochet Mohawk Braids

Crochet Mohawk Braids

This protective, classy hairstyle normally features cornrows on the sides that travel up towards the center of the head. The preferred hair extension is then attached to the finished cornrows along the center of the head using a crochet pin.

3. Mohawk Braids for Men

Mohawk Braids for Men

The exciting fact about the mohawk braids style is that it can be worn by men and women alike. Men can also rock this look by braiding their mohawk-style haircut into attractive and intricate cornrows, twists or box braids.

4. Side Mohawk Braids

Side Mohawk Braids

The side mohawk braids is a very pretty mohawk style that lets you get creative with the cornrows on the sides of the head. As the name implies, this hairstyle features cornrows on one or both sides of the head which then falls in braids or twists down to the neck.

5. Curly Mohawk Braids

Curly Mohawk Braids

You can also wear your mohawk braids stylishly in curls. For this hairstyle, the hair extensions are either braided halfway down the head and then put into curls using steam or a curling iron, or are attached to the cornrows along the middle by sewing or with the help of crochet pins.

6. French Mohawk Braids

French Mohawk Braids

The French mohawk hairstyle is cute and very easy to make. It comes in handy when you have long hair or braids and wish to keep the hair out of your face but still have your hair down.

7. Mohawk Cornrows

Mohawk Cornrows

The Mohawk cornrows is the hairstyle for you if you like the idea of slaying two different looks at the same time. It is achieved by braiding the hair on the sides of the head into cornrows towards the center of the head and then braiding several rows of straight back cornrows down the middle of the head.

8. Mohawk Braids For Kids

Mohawk Braids for Kids

Mohawk braids look awesome on kids for school or casual wear. The hair can be braided on the sides creatively in cornrows that run up towards the center of the head and are then braided down in short or medium twists or box braids.

9. Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk

The braided mohawk is modern and neat, and gives you a minimalistic but stylish look. The sides of the head are braided in cornrows towards the center of the head which are then joined into a single big cornrow down the middle that can also be given a distressed look.

10. Mohawk Afro Braids

Mohawk Afro Braids

The mohawk afro is a very fashionable way of wearing your natural hair in an afro. Just braid the sides of the head into cornrows, securing the ends with rubber bands, and then comb the rest of the hair out into an afro.

11. Mohawk Braids on Natural Hair

Mohawk Braids on Natural Hair

You can wear your natural hair beautifully in a mohawk style by braiding the sides into cornrows and the centre into twists or box braids.

12. Mohawk Twists

Mohawk Twists

Mohawk twists is a trendy hairstyle that’s made by braiding the sides of the head into cornrows and the mohawk itself into short, medium or long twists.

13. Ponytail Mohawk

Ponytail Mohawk

The ponytail mohawk gives you a chic look and can be styled in different ways depending on your preference. It’s typically achieved by putting the sides of the head into cornrows and the rest of the hair into a high ponytail.

14. Mohawk Box Braids

Mohawk Box Braids

Mohawk box braids is a nice and neat hairstyle that looks great paired with side cornrows and shaved sides alike. Here, the mohawk is put into box braids which can be left to fall loose or can be secured into a ponytail.

15. Mohawk Braids With Beads

Mohawk Braids with Beads

Mohawk braids also go incredibly well with beads and can be worn by both children and adults. Here, the tips of the mohawk braids are put into beads of different types, colors and sizes.

16. Short Mohawk Braids

Short Mohawk Braids

If you love to wear your hair short and classy, the short mohawk style is the perfect pick for you. You can wear your mohawk braids short across different styles and colors.

17. Natural Hair Mohawk Braids

Natural Hair Mohawk Braids

The natural hair mohawk is a sophisticated hairstyle that can be executed on almost any length of natural hair. You’d just braid your natural hair into cornrows on the sides and let the mohawk stay out in an afro or curls.

18. Mohawk Braids With Shaved Sides

Mohawk Braids with Shaved Sides

This style is one of the quicker ones on this list since there isn’t as much hair to work with and minimal styling necessary! It can be done by braiding your mohawk into twists or box braids and letting them fall to one side or putting them up in a ponytail to complement the shaved sides of your head.

19. Goddess Locs Mohawk Braids

Goddess Locs Mohawk Braids

The goddess locs mohawk style is an absolutely gorgeous and natural-looking hairstyle that is created by wearing the sides of your head in cornrows or shaven, then putting the mohawk into goddess locs. The locs can be attached to individual braids or onto cornrows using a crochet pin.

20. Kinky Twist Mohawk Braids

Kinky Twist Mohawk Braids

The kinky twist mohawk is a flattering hairstyle that gives you a naturally flawless look. The twists are usually done using afro kinky hair extensions and can be worn with the ends straight or curled.

21. Bob Mohawk Braids

Bob Mohawk Braids

The bob mohawk hairstyle is made by braiding the sides of the head into cornrows and letting the mohawk hang to one side in either a short bob that just touches your jaw or a medium bob that rests just above your shoulders.

22. Faux Mohawk Braids

Faux Mohawk Braids

Faux mohawk braids are always very flattering and elegant. This style can be achieved by sleeking the hair on the sides of the head up to the top of the head in sections, then installing a bold and long ponytail. This hairstyle can also be decorated with hair ornaments if you so desire.

23. Mohawk Updo Braid

Mohawk Updo Braid

The mohawk updo is a super cool and attractive hairstyle which lets you wear your mohawk braids in an updo. The braids are neatly folded and secured on the top of the head. Make it as unique as you’d like by cornrowing decorative patterns onto the sides of the head.

24. Knotless Box Braid Mohawk

Knotless Box Braid Mohawk

The knotless box braid mohawk is created by putting your mohawk into knotless box braids, or braids without the traditional knots at the roots. It can be worn in a ponytail or bun, as well as hanging down to one side.

25. Braids Into Mohawk Style

Braids into Mohawk Style

The braids into a mohawk hairstyle can be achieved by putting your already braided hair up into a mohawk, then securing it into a low ponytail with a cornrow or an elastic band.


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