25 Types of Twist Braids Hairstyles to Try Now: Pictures & Styling Tips


Twisted hairstyles are very common and have been around for a long time. They are great protective hairstyles that involve repeatedly placing one strand on top of another to make twists with or without hair extensions. They are a great alternative to braided hairstyles, and they are easier and quicker. Twists braids are very versatile and can be done in various ways. These are 25 different types of twisted hairstyles you should give a try.

1. Passion twists

Passion twists

Passion twists have rapidly become everyone’s favorites! You might be wondering why. Passion twists are very lightweight but can still be full. And let’s not forget how beautiful they are. They are achieved by twisting the hair with curly hair extensions that have a silky texture. The only con of this hairstyle is that it may not last for a long period of time.

2. Men’s Twists

Mens Twists

Men are not left out of the twisted hairstyle trend. Men’s twists can be done on most hair textures and lengths. Men’s twists do not require a lot of braiding hair and most people that get them typically use only their natural hair. 

3. Natural hair twists

Natural hair twists

As the name implies, natural hair twists involve getting twists done without adding braiding hair extensions. They are a great protective style and protect the hair from damage and aid growth. Natural twists are a low cost hairstyle because you do not need any braiding hair, all you need is water and leave-in conditioner.  

4. Flat Twist Styles

Flat Twist Styles

Flat twist styles are always gorgeous and unique. They involve twisting the hair from the roots, very close to the scalp. The procedure can be done with or without hair extensions. Using regular braiding hair or Marley hair will make the twists bigger and fuller. It all depends on the look you’re going for, but you can’t go wrong with Flat twist styles.

5. Jumbo Twists

Jumbo Twists

Jumbo Twists are a great hairstyle choice because they take less time and are very easy to do. These twists involve parting the hair into bigger sections and using a large amount of braiding hair to make thick twists. The ends of the twists can be secured by sealing with hot water or using rubber bands. Jumbo twists can be done with regular braiding hair, Marley hair or curly extensions. If you have 4b/4c hair texture with thicker and tighter curls It is best to stretch your hair by blow drying it first so that it can blend in better with the braiding hair while twisting.

6. Kinky Twists

Kinky Twists

Kinky twists are every natural girl’s favorite! Kinky twists are made with hair extensions that have a texture similar to a natural 4c hair. They are a great choice if you have short hair and want to get twists but still want a natural look. Kinky twists can be made in different lengths and sizes. They can also be accessorized with beads and shells. 

7. Short Twists

Short Twists

Short twists are basically just twists but in a short length. Short twists can be cut into a bob or left to fall naturally. The ends of short twists are usually secured with rubber bands to ensure they don’t unravel. The ends are always blunt and the same size as the body of the twist because they might not look right if the ends are slimmer.

8. Short Spring Twists

Short Spring Twists

Short spring twists are similar to passion twists but are done with curly extensions with a tighter curl pattern. They are bouncy and full, and look best when made in mini and micro sizes. Short spring twists are versatile, can be styled in different ways, and look great in any color!

9. Rope Twist Dreads

Rope Twist Dreads

Rope twist dreads, as the name implies, involve making rope-like twists with dreadlocks. Rope twist dreads are achieved by making tight twists with dreadlocks strands and securing the ends with a rubber band. Whether done on retwisted or refreshed dreads or not they always come out nicely.

10. Afro Twists

Afro Twists

Afro twists are very common in Ghana. They can be done with any hair extensions that have a kinky texture. Afro twists are achieved by braiding the beginning of the hair with the kinky extension to secure it and then doing loose twists. The loose twists create a puffy and fuller look. Afro twists require less maintenance and can last a very long time because they look good regardless of how fresh they are. 

11. Flat Twist Updo

Flat Twist Updo

Flat twist updos involve making flat twists into an updo. They involve flat twisting the hair from the hairline to the middle of the head, then continuing to regularly twist the length of the hair. They can be done with or without extensions. If you do not have time to style your hair in the mornings, a flat twist updo is a great hairstyle choice because it is already partially done and you can leave it as a ponytail or roll it into a bun. 

12. Natural Hair Twist-Out

Natural Hair Twist Out

A natural hair twist-out involves twisting natural hair and unraveling the twists after they are dry, to create curls. A Natural hair twist-out does not require going to the salon if you can do twists. All that’s needed is to add your preferred curl products and twist your hair, then wrap it into a scarf or bonnet and leave it for a while. After your hair is dry, unravel the twists carefully and your natural hair twist-out is done! A natural hair twist-out can be a high-maintenance hairstyle if you want it to last long.

13. French Braid Twists

French Braid Twists

French braid twists definitely give princess or mermaid vibes. They involve splitting the hair into two parts and starting french braids on each side, then finishing up the length of the hair with twists. French braid twists can be made with a center or side part and can be done with or without extensions.

14. Twisted Mohawk

Twisted Mohawk

The Twisted Mohawk style is a cute and edgy look. It is done by cornrowing both sides of the hair upward toward the middle. Any design can be added to the cornrows at the sides. The length at the middle is then done in individual twists to form the Mohawk. The twists can either be rolled up or left to hang freely.

15. Passion Twists With Beads

Passion Twists With Beads

If you are a lover of passion twists, adding beads is a great way to switch it up. This style is achieved by making any size or length of passion twists and adding beads to the ends. The beads are usually secured with a rubber band to prevent them from falling off. Also, any color and style of beads can be used for passion twists with beads.

16. Mini Twists

Mini Twists

Mini twists are an awesome minimalistic hairstyle everyone should try. They involve making small, thin twists and can be done with or without added hair. Mini twists can be spiced up by trying out different parts and accessorizing them with beads. They are very versatile and can last for a long time.

17. Twists With Fade

Twists With Fade

Twists with a fade is a nice hairstyle that is suitable for everyone! As the name implies, it is done on hair that is cut into a fade on the sides and back and doing twists on the hair that’s left on top. The twists can be made longer with extensions if want to style them or even cover the fade later on.

18. Micro Twists

Micro Twists

Micro twists are also called one million braids in Africa because of the number of twists that are done. Micro twists require a lot of time and patience. It is advisable for two or more braiders to complete micro twists to reduce the time spent getting them done. Micro twists also require a lot of time to take out and can cause damage to the edges if not maintained well. 

19. Short Jumbo Passion Twists

Short Jumbo Passion Twists

Jumbo passion twists are passion twists, in big or jumbo size. They typically look best when done in a short length but can also be in any other length. Jumbo passion twists are great for hot weather and they are quick and easy to do.

20. Side Cornrows With Twists

Side Cornrows With Twists

Another way to switch up your twists is to add side cornrows. Side cornrows with twists are done by sectioning the hair to the side, either the left or the right and doing cornrows. The remaining length of the hair is done into twists. The twists can be big or small. The ends can be left curly or straight. 

21. Bohemian Twists

Bohemian Twists

Bohemian twists definitely give summer and beach vibes. They involve making twists and adding a lot of curls to it. First twists are made and curls are added to both the ends and the body of the twists. The curls can be achieved by curling braiding hair or pre-made curly extensions. Bohemian twists require you to maintain the curls by spraying them with a mix of water and conditioner, so that they can stay shiny and curly. 

22. Twists With Curls

Twists With Curls

Twists can get boring sometimes and one way to switch it up is by curling the ends. Twists with curls are achieved by doing twists with braiding hair and curling the ends with a flexi rod or thread and dipping them in hot water. The twists can be done to ends and still be curled or they can be twisted three-fourths of the way and the remaining length can be curled.

23. Triangle Part Twists

Triangle Part Twists

Another way to make your twists unique is by getting triangle part twists. Triangle part twists are done by using a rat-tail comb to part the hair into triangle shaped sections and then twisting each section. They can be done with Senegalese twists, passion twists, etc. They can also be done in any color, length or size. 

24. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail is truly a unique and classy hairstyle that highlights the face. It involves sleeking the hair at the top, middle, and back and securing it with a thread or hairband. Then adding a premade twisted ponytail or adding braiding to the ponytail and twisting it. You can conceal the base of the ponytail with braiding hair. It is important to use a product with good hold and blow-dry the sleek part afterwards for a long-lasting hairstyle.

25. Rubber Band Criss-Cross With Passion Twists

Rubber Band Criss Cross With Passion Twists

The rubber band criss-cross trend is an interesting one. Rubber band criss-cross with passion twists are achieved by sectioning the top of the hair or sides of the hair from ear to ear and using rubber bands to make a criss-cross design. Then doing passion twists on the length of the hair. The criss-cross patterns can also be done on only one side of the hair. It is important to note that if the rubber bands are too tight, they can cause tension on the scalp and damage to the hair.


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