21 Bubble Braid Hairstyles


Have you tried all the usual braid styles and desperately need something new? Or do you want a braid style but don’t know how to braid the normal way? Look no further! 

Bubble braids are actually not real braids as no hair strands are crossed over one another. Instead, bubble braids are made by securing the loose ends of the hair with hair bands from top to bottom leaving a significant and regular amount of space. The space between each hair band is then fluffed and loosened up from top to bottom to give a bubble shape. 

These puffy styles are snazzy and exotic, and, best of all, they’re actually relatively easier to make than regular braids. These hairstyles don’t cause a lot of tension on the scalp because of their loosely braided nature. 

Bubble braids will surely become one of your go-to styles once you glance through this catalog of wonderful bubble braid hairdos.

1. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail

Make your ponytails more lively and interesting by making the loose ends into bubbles. This is an easy and flattering way to wear your ponytails a little differently.

2. Bubble Braids Half-Up Half-Down

Bubble Braids Half Up Half Down

Bubble braids half-up, half-down styles are fancy hairstyles that give you a trendy and ravishing look. To achieve the bubble braids half-up, half-down hairstyle, the hair is sectioned horizontally into two with the upper section styled as bubble braids and the lower section hanging loosely.

3. Bubble Braid on Short Hair

Bubble Braid Short Hair

Bubble braids are aesthetically-pleasing and can even be made in vibrant colors to really make the braids stand out. If you have short hair, you should definitely try out this bubble braid style.

4. Bubble Braids Pigtails

Bubble Braids Pigtails

Bubble braids pigtails feature two bubble braids on opposite sides of the head. Pigtails are very pretty and cute which makes them perfect for kids and gives adults a young look, making them feel youthful.

5. Two Bubble Braids

Two Bubble Braids

Two bubble braids can be made in a wide array of styles from simple scalp braids to the individual bubble braids, as long as just two bubble braids are made. Just like the bubble braids pigtails, two bubble braids gives the wearer a youthful look.

6. Bubble Braid on Black Hair

Bubble Braid Black Hair

Black hair is known to emphasize the beauty of the face as well as the hairstyles in which it’s made. When colored accessories are used on black bubble braids, it makes them pop even more and makes their presence more pronounced.

7. Bubble French Braid

Bubble French Braid

Bubble french braids are made by first braiding the hair down the head as French braids and then making the loose ends into bubbles. This style is absolutely perfect for everyone and offers something a little unique for your French braid style.

8. High Bubble Ponytail

High Bubble Ponytail

To get this elegant high bubble ponytail, first style your hair up to the top of your head as a high ponytail, after which you can make the loose ends into one or more bubble braids.

9. Bubble Braids With Curly Hair

Bubble Braids Curly Hair

Bubble braids usually look very lovely and enchanting when made on curly hair. The braids compliment the curly hair, making them blend perfectly.

10. Bubble Bun

Bubble Bun

A bubble bun is simply made by styling the hair into bubble braids and wrapping the ends into a bun. Buns help to keep the hair secure and off of the face and back for the whole day.

11. Bubble Ponytail With Braiding Hair

Bubble Ponytail With Braiding Hair

Braiding hair is usually attached to the natural hair in order to make the bubble braids longer, fuller and longer-lasting.

12. Slicked Back Bubble Ponytail

Slicked Back Bubble Ponytail

Slicked back bubble ponytails are created by adding pomade, gel, edge control or any hair holding products you like to the hair to keep it in place, combing it to the back, and styling it into a bubble ponytail. The neatness of the style makes it look high-class.

13. Two Bubble Ponytails

Two Bubble Ponytails

Two bubble ponytails are exactly what they say they are: two bubble braids made on opposite sides of the head. These ponytails look adorable and even make you look younger.

14. Low Bubble Ponytail

Low Bubble Ponytail

Low bubble ponytails are among the simplest bubble ponytail styles as the hair is easily put in a low ponytail, close to the nape of the neck. It’s also the least stressful ponytail style since it doesn’t cause much tension or pulling.

15. Festival Bubble Braids

Festival Bubble Braids

Festival bubble braids are usually made in two or more vibrant colors to give off a festive and creative look.

16. Two Bubble Braids Half-Up Half-Down

Two Bubble Braids Half Up Half Down

The two bubble braids half-up, half-down style is a pretty hairstyle that features just two bubble braids at the top of the head, leaving the rest of the hair falling back. The style looks intricate but is actually simple and quick to achieve.

17. Mini Bubble Braids

Mini Bubble Braids

Mini bubble braids are small bubble braids that are made with little amounts of hair. Since the braids are small, the bubbles in this style aren’t very loose and puffy.

18. Side Part Bubble Ponytail

Side Part Bubble Ponytail

Side part hairstyles look very classy. This bubble ponytail hairstyle is made by parting the hair at either side of the head that you feel looks better and styling your bubble ponytail with the sections visible.

19. Bubble Braids On Long Hair

Bubble Braids Long Hair

Long hair leaves plenty of room for you to create a lot of bubbles when compared to short hair types which can only accommodate a few bubbles. Bubble braids on long hair are usually more noticeable and defined.

20. Bubble Braids On Natural Hair

Bubble Braids Natural Hair

Your natural hair, whether long or short, can be made into satisfying bubble braids. Bubble braids can be adorned with colorful accessories to make them even more appealing.

21. Bubble Dutch Braids

Bubble Dutch Braids

Bubble Dutch braids feature one or more Dutch braids plaited in any style you like with the ends made as bubble braids. This is an attractive substitute for the regular three strand braiding technique.


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