20 Goddess Braids Hairstyles


Goddess braids are also commonly called Bohemian braids and they are absolutely trending right now—and for good reason! Goddess braids are named after their ethereal vibe, complete with lots of bouncy curls and definition. This braid style stands out and is characterized by the curly leave-outs hanging alongside the braids as well as the curls on the ends of the braids.

You can create this abundance of curls using a number of different methods depending on your preference. You can add ready-made curly extensions to the braids after they’re complete, add straight extensions that have been curled to the desired curl style, or leave strands of hair out of the braid as you’re braiding that you can curl up after the braids are done. Goddess braids aren’t restricted to just one braid style—they’re actually extremely versatile! You actually have a wide variety of different braid styles to choose from such as box braids, knotless braids, cornrows, and much more. Different braid styles will, of course, create different goddess braid looks.

No matter what style of braid you choose, you’re sure to leave your hairstylist with a look that will turn heads. Enough talk—here is a list of some of the most gorgeous goddess braids styles you can choose from! You’re sure to find your next favorite hairstyle in one of the styles that are discussed in this article.

1. Goddess Box Braids

Goddess Box Braids

Because they’re so common, regular box braids can be boring at times. But who ever said we can’t switch them up and make them into eye-catching and super attractive braids? Hint, hint: nobody. So I believe we’ll be making our next box braid hairstyle as goddess box braids with beautiful curly extensions hanging out the braids.

2. Goddess Feed-In Braids

Goddess Feed in Braids

Feed-in braids are very natural-looking braids—here’s the secret: they actually have extensions in them. Feed-in braids are plaited in a way where the added extensions don’t show on top because they’re added gradually beneath the hair. So if you want your goddess braids to look neat and naturally flawless, go for feed-in braids!

3. Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess Cornrow Braids

Your ever-simple cornrow style can be given a dramatic reboot by leaving out some curly extensions to give a more voluptuous look. Cornrows are achieved by plaiting the hair flat and firm on the scalp, usually in a straight line—thus, the name “cornrows”, since they resemble rows of corn. Goddess cornrow braids are very easy to make, take less time than individual braids, and also tend to stay neat longer.

4. Goddess Braids With Curls

Goddess Braids With Curls

Goddess braids with curls encompass all types of goddess braids including goddess box braids, goddess knotless braids and goddess cornrows, as well as other types that have curly ends. The ends are secured into curls by putting them in rollers and dipping them into hot water. The hot water not only helps to lock in the curls but also to soften the braids.

5. Goddess Knotless Braids

Goddess Knotless Braids

Knotless braids can be made in small, medium and jumbo sizes and can be further enhanced with the addition of either a few or a lot of curly extensions, depending on individual preference. Knotless braids that have lots of curly leave-outs require more maintenance to reduce the tendency of the curls to form into knots.

6. Updo Goddess Braids

Updo Goddess Braids

Are you uncomfortable whenever you feel hair on your body? Some people are, and if you’re one of those people then updo styles are best for you! Who says you have to manage discomfort to look beautiful when you have the updo goddess braids that give you comfort and beauty at the same time? Updo braids are easy to make and the amount of time it takes to complete them depends on the size and length of the braids. Shorter and thicker braids take less time to make than long and small ones.

7. Goddess Knotless Braids With Color

Goddess Knotless Braids With Color

Colored braids are a whole vibe that simply can’t be gotten from black braids. Colors amplify the beauty of the braids and your outgoing personality! Goddess knotless braids with color are similar to regular goddess knotless braids—the only difference is that these colored braids are made using colored extensions other than black, like the fiery red that’s depicted here!

8. Goddess Style Braids

Goddess Style Braids

Goddess style braids, also known as Bohemian style braids, are characterized by having curly extensions hanging from the braids. Goddess braids are easy to make either by using ready-made curly extensions or by leaving out straight extensions and curling them yourself using a curling iron or hot water. Goddess style braids, due to the presence of curly leave-outs, require proper maintenance to make them last longer.

9. Goddess Knotless Braids Short

Goddess Knotless Braids Short

Short knotless braids are also called mini knotless braids. They’re your go-to style when you want knotless braids but don’t have the luxury of time to spend at the salon. Short goddess knotless braids take very few hours to make and they last just as long as their lengthy counterparts. This style is also similar to your average short knotless braids—the only difference is in the curly leave-outs present in the short goddess knotless braids.

10. Ponytail Goddess Braids

Ponytail Goddess Braids

Ponytail goddess braids are goddess braids that are styled to resemble ponytail braids—which are also called shuku or braided updos. Ponytail braids are very simple, sharp, and, best of all, can be easily switched up by having the curly leave-outs in there. If the thought of having too much hair touching your body makes you cringe, ask for goddess ponytail braids at your next hair appointment!

11. Stitch Jumbo Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

Stitch Jumbo Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

Stitch jumbo goddess braids put up into a ponytail are one of the most intricate and show-stopping goddess braids styles there are! They don’t take long to make, so if you can’t afford to spend the usual long hours getting your hair done then you really have to try out this stitch jumbo goddess braids ponytail. This style consists of jumbo stitch braids, or very big and thick braids with horizontal parts along the sides, that trail up the head into a ponytail. Don’t forget those signature curly leave-outs that give the style more volume and grace!

12. Goddess Crochet Braids

Goddess Crochet Braids

Using crochet braids to make goddess braids has so many benefits! Goddess crochet braids are suitable for you if you want braids that take way less time to make and can be reused—which ultimately cuts down on costs. They’re great because they’re just as easy to remove as they are to install. Crochet braids are pre-looped, and are either installed individually or on cornrows. It’s such a simple process that you can even save yourself the trip to the salon and do it on your own!

13. Goddess Stitch Braids

Goddess Stitch Braids

If you want to rock the trendy stitch braids style in a way that exudes class and elegance, make them into goddess braids and watch your look go from basic to vibrant! Goddess stitch braids are achieved by braiding the hair in a way that creates visible lines and has curly extensions hanging. Stitch braids require a level of expertise to make and they don’t take much time to make if your stylist has the technique down!

14. Goddess Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Goddess Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Ponytail braids that are big are called the jumbo braided ponytails. They are also called jumbo shuku or jumbo braided updo styles. The curly leave-outs make the jumbo braided ponytail more eye-catching and full than the regular jumbo braided ponytail style. Since the braids are made in large sizes, this style only takes a few hours to make. Goddess jumbo braided ponytails are a great idea if you’re on a time-crunch and only want to spend a couple hours at the salon.

15. Jumbo Goddess Box Braids

Jumbo Goddess Box Braids

Jumbo goddess box braids are goddess box braids that are big in size and very thick. Jumbo box braids take less time to make when compared to small and medium ones, however they don’t last as long. This style of braids is super pretty but can be just a little painful to make since the knots used to secure the roots of the hair cause quite a bit of tension on the scalp.

16. Goddess Two Feed-In Braids

Goddess Two Feed in Braids

Do you want to spend only about an hour at the salon and still come out looking like a snack? Then the goddess two feed-in braids is the perfect choice for you. The feed-in braids have a natural look, and are achieved by plaiting the hair using the three strands technique and gradually adding in braiding hair so that it blends in with your natural hair. Since there are only two braids, this style is super easy to make and take out, but they don’t stay perfectly neat very long.

17. Medium Goddess Box Braids

Medium Goddess Box Braids

Lovers of medium-sized box braids should make sure this medium goddess box braids style is at the top of their must-try list for their hair stylist. Your medium braids don’t have to look simple when you can quickly add curly leave-outs that will make them look so much more glamorous. These braids also take a few hours to make but they’re worth every single minute since they last for several weeks.

18. Bun Goddess Braids Updo Styles

Bun Goddess Braids Updo Styles

This is another jaw-dropping style that works wonders for those who don’t want to feel a lot of hair on their skin. The bun goddess updo style is crafted by braiding or cornrowing the hair up to the middle of the head—making sure to use the goddess braid technique—so that no hair is touching the back or the shoulders. The ends are then secured into a knot or bun at the top of the head. You may choose to have a loose bun at the top or braids wrapped into a bun, whichever is your favorite!

19. Goddess Tribal Braids

Goddess Tribal Braids

Tribal braids, otherwise known as Fulani braids, already look fierce as is, but can be given a more graceful touch by having some curly strands attached to some of the braids. You don’t have to always go for plain and simple tribal braids when you can spice them up, look trendy and still enjoy the protective nature of tribal braids.

20. Goddess Box Braids with Curls

Goddess Box Braids With Curls

Do you love your braids with an extra dose of curls? If so, then goddess box braids with curls should be your next hairstyle. You achieve this waterfall of extra curls by making box braids that have curly leave-outs and have their braided or unbraided ends curled. The goddess box braids with curls style needs to be maintained very well to prevent the curls from getting frizzy and tangled.


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