26 Pixie Braids Hairstyles


Characterized by many tiny, pencil-width braids across the head, pixie braids allow women to give their natural hair a break while still wearing a stylish look. As the braids do not pull tightly on the scalp, pixie braids provide a gentle yet secure way to let natural hair rest and grow out for a period of one to three months.

What makes pixie braids unique is that the ends are singed to prevent unraveling. The tiny braids, typically 6 to 24 inches long, are secured at the ends to prevent unraveling.

Pixie braids can be installed relatively quickly and affordably compared to other styles. You only need a rat-tail comb, hair extensions or natural hair, and hair spray. Both synthetic hair, like kanekalon, and natural hair can be used, provided the latter is healthy and strong.

Pixie braids offer flexibility in styling and require little maintenance once installed. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily, you can do pixie braids. The braiding process itself can take several hours, depending on the hair length and volume. Shoulder-length to mid-back length hair tends to work best, as braiding very long, thick hair can add excessive tension.

With so many upsides for Black women’s hair care routines, it’s easy to see why pixie braids are popular. To style your next pixie braids, let’s explore 26.

1. Short Pixie Braids

Image of Short Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image of Short Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids

Styling short pixie braids is no different than styling medium-length or long ones. The technique is the same, and although pixie braids are originally designed to be short, you’ll simply expect a much shorter outcome. A short pixie braid is possible as long as your hair is about ear length.

2. Layered Pixie Braids

Image of Layered Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: _beautyandbraids246/Instagram

Layered braids are similar to single braids but made into layers. Layered pixie braids are created at different lengths in different sections of the hair to mimic the look of layered hair. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be made in various braid sizes, providing volume and making it a generally appealing look.

3. Medium Pixie Braids

Image of Medium Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: _beautyandbraids246/Instagram

Medium pixie braids are a good option if you have natural hair that breaks easily but still want to sport the pixie braid look. As the name implies, medium pixie braids are the mid-sized variant of pixie braids. They take less time to install because they aren’t as small as micro pixie braids. They are also not as large as jumbo pixie braids. This braiding style will protect your hair from damage and breakage while providing you with many customization options.

4. Long Pixie Braids

Image of Long Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: naturellehairstylez/Instagram

Longer pixie braid hairstyles are quite versatile. With this hairstyle, you can easily pull off several styles and looks, from buns to ponytails and updos. The thickness of the long pixie braids provides a vibrant, beautiful bulk that is also controllable and frizz-free.

5. Pixie Box Braids

Image of Pixie Box Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: tupo1/Instagram

Pixie box braids are box braids styled to look like a pixie haircut. This hairstyle is achieved using the 3-strand box braiding technique. They are typically short to medium in length but can be as short as chin length or as long as collarbone length. Pixie box braids are easy to maintain, can be styled in various ways, and are equally easy to remove.

6. Pixie Twist Braids

Image of Pixie Twist Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: mremboasilia_hairclinic/Instagram

Pixie twist braids are a classic hairstyle that involves twisting two portions of hair into a braid. The hair is twisted into a spiral rope braid, also known as rope twists, using either the natural hair or hair extensions. Pixie twist braid styles are one of the simplest and most popular protective hairstyles for African American women with naturally curly hair. You can combine pixie twists with a creative undercut to take things a step further.

7. Pixie Ponytail Braids

Image of Pixie Ponytail Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidedby_jasmyne/Instagram

The most basic and effortless pixie braid hairstyle is to gather all of the pixie braids and knot them together in a ponytail. A neat ponytail with several braids is a very stylish look. This style is popular among ladies who do not have time to style their hair every morning but still want a simple and fashionable look. It can also be done for kids to wear to school.

You may also experiment with your pixie ponytail braids to create a more intricate pattern. The braids can be done as cornrows before being put into a pixie or short braid ponytail. You can also choose to use beads and other accessories to style your pixie ponytail braids.

8. Pixie Crochet Braids

Image of Pixie Crochet Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: dheemy_krotchets/Instagram

If you are looking for a super elegant and sleek way to wear long pixie braids, this is the hairstyle for you. Since your natural hair will be cornrowed underneath, you can rock the pixie braids even if your natural hair is longer than the crochet hair length. To achieve this hairstyle, first put your hair into cornrows and then begin installing the crochet hair bit by bit using a crochet needle.

9. Jumbo Pixie Braids

Image of Jumbo Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: sayyidsisters_beautyparlour/Instagram

If you prefer more volume, you can choose to wear jumbo braids in a pixie cut. These braids take half the time to install and look just as good. Just make them a little thinner around the hairline to avoid putting too much tension on the scalp. To keep your braids properly hydrated, spritz them with a leave-in conditioner spray.

10. Knotless Pixie Braids

Image of Knotless Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: sayyidsisters_beautyparlour/Instagram

Knotless pixie braids are becoming the most popular style of pixie braids for women. Unlike regular pixie box braids, knotless pixie braids have no bulge of hair at the scalp. Instead, the root is flat and smooth, giving it a unique and simple look. Knotless braids mimic conventional braids due to the feed-in technique, which is a protective hairstyle that is beneficial for your natural hair.

11. Boho Pixie Braids

Image of Boho Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: ghanaianhairstyles/Instagram

Boho pixie braids, also called bohemian pixie braids, are simply pixie braids with curly hair braided in to provide a soft, fuller, and voluminous look. These braids are among the most popular ways to achieve natural-looking, flowing hair extensions. To keep the curls in place, use a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle to mist the braids at least once a week. It’s also a good idea to wrap your hair with a scarf and sleep in a silk or satin bonnet to preserve the style.

12. Pixie Locs

Image of Pixie Locs in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: lashandloc.co/Instagram

If you’re looking for a hairstyle to wear your locs in a short length, go for pixie locs. It is an excellent way to style naturally curly or extremely short locs. To achieve this hairstyle, the short locs are put into twists throughout the entire head, creating an ideal formal and casual look. Pixie locs are also easy to achieve on short to medium-length locs. You can transform starter locs into perfect pixie locs, which is a great beginner short dreadlocks style.

13. Pixie Cornrow Braids

Image of Pixie Cornrow Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: la_couturebeautyworld/Instagram

Cornrows have remained a popular, long-lasting, and versatile braiding style perfect for short natural hair. To create pixie cornrow braids, section off part of your hair into cornrows and braid the rest into single pixie braids. Pixie cornrow braids keep hair tucked away from the face and protected for lengthy periods while still looking stylish. To maintain your cornrows longer and prevent dry, brittle hair, wrap a silk scarf around your head or use a silk pillowcase at night. This will keep rough textures away from your hair and scalp.

14. Asymmetrical Side Pixie Braids

Image of Assymetrical Side Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: bilastudios/Instagram

Pixie braids are versatile enough to let you experiment with them. The unique asymmetrical pixie braids are a perfect example of this flexibility and versatility. This style is similar to other variations of pixie braids. The difference is the asymmetrical and uneven length of the braids. You can accessorize them with beads to make them even more stunning.

15. Pixie Braids With Bangs

Image of Pixie Braids With Bangs in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

You can experiment with braided bangs in addition to trying colorful extensions for your pixie braids. This hairstyle will make you look beautiful and stand out at any occasion. You may also add beads to your bangs to make them even more vibrant and memorable.

16. Pixie Bob Cut Braids

Image of Pixie Bob Cut Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

The pixie bob cut braid hairstyle flatters most facial structures, particularly long and heart-shaped faces, as well as hair textures like curly hair. It is suitable for both thin and thick hair. Accessories can also accentuate your pixie bob cut braids. You can go bold with accessories or keep it minimalistic. Options range from hair rings to clips, beads, and flowers.

17. Blonde Pixie Braids

Image of Blonde Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

Blonde pixie braids are a great hairstyle for rocking bold blonde hair color. Pixie braids are a trendy and ideal summer style; any blonde tone will complement this hairdo. Choose a light tone for a sun-kissed look. You can also opt for thick or thin pixie braids.

18. Pixie Braids With Undercut

Image of Pixie Braids With Undercut in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: _thegiabelladesigns/Instagram

You don’t have to braid your entire head to look glamorous and stylish. If you have an undercut, you can wear the rest of your hair in pixie braids. Typically, the pixie braids would fall across one side of the head and over the undercut. This hairstyle looks fantastic paired with big earrings.

19. Side Part Pixie Braids

Image of Side Part Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: _thegiabelladesigns/Instagram

The side part pixie braid hairstyle is both stylish and elegant. For a sultry look, part your hair on one side and braid it into pixie braids. A deep side part is a great way to achieve a gorgeous, fashionable pixie braid style. If you have thick hair, a deep side part works well with a longer pixie cut. The farther to the side your part, the more dramatic your pixie braid hairstyle will be.

20. Triangle Knotless Pixie Braids

Image of Triangle Knotless Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: shattybraids/Instagram

Triangle knotless pixie braids create a unique pattern, adding a fun twist to regular pixie braids. That’s why they are fast becoming a favorite for people looking to try something new. To achieve this hairstyle, section the hair into triangle partitions to give the illusion of triangular shapes. These triangle sections are typically made into individual triangle-shaped pixie braids using the knotless braiding technique.

21. Asymmetrical Pixie Braids With Beads

Image of Asymetrical Pixie Braids With Beads in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: la_couturebeautyworld/Instagram

Asymmetrical pixie braids with beads look mature and beautiful with or without beads. The best way to accentuate this style is with a side part. Since pixie braids are lightweight, beads on the ends do not make them uncomfortable. Instead, beads can add a little sparkle to this pixie braids style.

22. Curly Pixie Braids

Image of Curly Pixie Braids in the hairstyle of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

Opting for curly pixie braids can be pretty liberating. You can go for defined ringlets or a more relaxed wavy look with your pixie braids. Leaving a few curly strands loose in the front creates a soft, subtle bang effect.

23. Braids With Pixie Braided Bangs

Image of Braids With Pixie Braided Bangs in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

This pixie braided bangs hairstyle is a showstopping look you must try. This style combines regular braids with a pixie braided fringe. With this eye-catching hairstyle, you’ll be beach-ready in no time. Create this gorgeous look if you want to exude confidence.

24. Pixie Braids With Natural Hair

Image of Pixie Braids With Natural Hair in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: braidsbytasha/Instagram

Playing around with your natural hair can be both exciting and challenging. If you’re looking for easy hairstyles to try at home, pixie braids on natural hair are an excellent choice. Wearing a bonnet to sleep is a great tip for this natural pixie variation. The smooth, satiny material helps protect your hair from friction against the pillowcase. You can also sleep on a pillowcase made of satin or silk as an alternative.

25. Pixie Braid Wig

Image of Pixie Braid Wig in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: thehairbanksa/Instagram

A pixie braid wig offers an easy way to transform your look without spending hours getting pixie braids done. Braid your natural hair into cornrows or flat twists, put on a wig cap to cover your hair, and place the pixie braid wig on top. Then, trim off any excess lace to create a seamless blend with your hairline.

26. Half-up Pixie Braids

Image of Half up Pixie Braids in the style of Pixie Braids
Image by: candycanecreations1/Instagram

The half-up pixie braid hairstyle has a classy look that works for any occasion. This style is flattering on oval, oblong and heart-shaped faces. To get this look, pull back and secure half of your existing pixie braids into a tidy bun or updo on top of your head. Allow the remaining braids to fall freely to balance out the look.


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