25 Rope Braid Hairstyles


Rope braids are the popular and trendy variation of traditional box braid styles. They’re a lot easier to install, maintain, and take out. Twisted strands of hair are first wrapped around each other to create a spiral effect that is characteristic of this style. It’s a classic look that can take your hair game to another level. They can be worn in different colours, sizes, and patterns from simple and straightforward to intricate and complicated.

Here are some rope braid hairstyles you’ll love to try out:

1. Traditional Rope Braids

Traditional Rope Braids

Rope braids are plaits made out of two twisted hair strands. Unlike two-strand twists, the parts are rotated before being twisted together. This creates that tight spiral rope effect. This hairstyle is loved by many because it’s super simple. You just have to divide your hair into several parts and twist them. This style works very well for all hair types and textures.

2. Twist Rope Braids

Twist Rope Braids

The twist rope braid hairstyle is a beautiful combination of rope braids and the regular braid style. It features rope braids in any pattern and on any side of the head along the scalp. Box braids make up the rest of the braid coming off the scalp and flowing over your shoulder. 

3. Single Rope Braids

Single Rope Braids

The single rope braid easily gathers all the strands of your hair in place and keeps them out of your face. As the name suggests, it features a single rope plait from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck.

4. Rope Braids with Curls

Rope Braids With Curls

Add a bit of flair to your rope braids by curling the ends. This gives the hair more volume and works well with braids of any length. Your curls should be properly maintained and kept from tangling for longer lasting results.

5. Rope Braid Dreads

Rope Braid Dreads

You can braid your locs into rope braid dreads for a gorgeous loc style that helps keep your dreads neat. Carefully twist two loc strands at a time into one rope braid. It’s best to do this after a fresh retwist, but that isn’t required. The results are always beautiful.

6. Rope Twist Braids

Rope Twist Braids

Rope twist braids are among the most popular protective hairstyles for textured hair. They’re much easier to remove compared to box braids and can be done without extra braiding hair if you prefer. Rope twists can last between six to eight weeks if properly maintained.

7. 4-Rope Twist Braid

4 Rope Twist Braid

The 4-rope twist braid is easy to achieve and has a rounded 3D effect compared to the flat 4-strand braid. The results of this hairstyle can differ depending on how you interweave the strands during the process. One way to do it is to create four rope braids and twist each one over the other until all four are combined. It’s an unconventional and beautiful hairstyle to rock any day.

8. Medium Rope Twist Braids

Medium Rope Twist Braids

Medium rope twist braids vary in size between micro and jumbo braids. If you want something right in the middle that won’t take too long, this is the size for you. This style always looks great.

9. Double Rope Braids

Double Rope Braids

To achieve double rope twist braids, start by dividing your hair into two parts. The sectioning can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on what you want. You can then go ahead to put each section into rope twist braids. Grab more hair as you go down the scalp to gather the hair together and create this classic look. This is a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and the braids can be gathered into a low bun to switch things up.

10. Rope Twist Ponytail

Rope Twist Ponytail

Gather your hair into a ponytail, put it into a rope twist, and secure it with an elastic for this easy style that’ll last all day and keep your hair out of your face. You can wear this style in a high or low ponytail. 

11. 3-Strand Rope Braid

3 Strand Rope Braid

In the 3-strand rope braid style, three twist strands are used instead of just two. These twisted strands, wrapped around each other, give a tighter and more detailed look. Pull it back into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic or a bow to dress it up.

12. Bohemian Rope Twists

Bohemian Rope Twists

Bohemian rope twists, also known as goddess rope twists, are a beautiful and glamorous hairstyle. This style features curly strands attached to the main rope twist braids. The ends of the braids are also curled, giving the braids the appearance of volume and natural flow.

13. Side Rope Braid

Side Rope Braid

The side rope braid is easy to achieve. If your hair is especially thick, this style may be difficult to keep neat. It features a rope braid on one side of the head, just above the ears. This hairstyle is beautiful, classy, and makes you stand out.

14. Rope Braided Bun

Rope Braided Bun

The rope braided bun is a simple and chic hairstyle that is achieved by putting your hair into long rope braided cornrows and wrapping the ends into a bun at the base. Try experimenting with different sizes and numbers of cornrows to get the look that suits you best. 

15. Rope Crown Braids

Rope Crown Braids

The crown rope braid is a beautiful hairstyle that helps you keep your hair in place. It is perfect for any occasion and can come in handy when you’re working and need your hair out of your face. This style looks especially nice when dressed up with flowers or ribbons

16. Short Rope Braids

Short Rope Braids

Rope braids can be worn in any length, and short rope braids are an all-time trendy hairstyle. You can make them in any size from micro to jumbo. This hairstyle is easy to wear and maintain and can be put in half-up, half-down updos or worn in a bob. 

17. Rope Braids Updo

Rope Braids Updo

Rope braids are easy to put into a chic updo. Section off part of your hair, preferably at the crown, and twist it into a rope braid. Twist the rest of the hair into an updo, and secure it with the rope braid and a few hair pins. The loose hair gives this style a lovely flowing look even when tied up, and the braid keeps it looking neat while drawing the eye.

18. Dutch Rope Braid

Dutch Rope Braid

Take your rope braid game to the next level by putting your hair into a Dutch rope braid. This one can be a little more complicated, but it’s beautiful once finished. The basis of the braid starts at the crown of your head, a bit like the single rope braid. Braid it into a rope braid, add more hair partway through, and follow through with the rest of the braid. For longer hair, you can finish this off with a braided ponytail. This style gives the hair more volume and makes you look stunning.

19. Rope Twist Bob

Rope Twist Bob

The bob rope braid is an easy style that doesn’t require much time to install. It is achieved by putting sections of the hair into short rope twists that stop anywhere between the jaw line and just above the shoulders to give a bob cut look. The tips are burnt to prevent them from unravelling. This is best done with extra braiding hair on short to medium-length hair. 

20. Rope Twist Watermelon Braids

Rope Twist Watermelon Braids

The rope twist watermelon braid is a rope twist idea that takes curls to a whole new level. To achieve this style, sections of the hair are put into box braids for the first few inches, secured and then braided into rope twists. After the hair has been steamed to prevent frizz, the rope twists are unravelled to reveal beautiful tight curls. This look is truly stunning and frames the face nicely.

21. Square Rope Braids

Square Rope Braids

The square rope twist hairstyle is a style in which the hair is sectioned into equal squares from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck and then put into rope twists, leaving visible clean-cut squares at the base of each braid. Part your hair to the side once finished to show off your gorgeous work.

22. Senegalese Rope Braids

Senegalese Rope Braids

Senegalese rope twists are achieved by twisting two strands of hair firmly around each other to give a silky-smooth result. This hairstyle can be worn in different lengths and colours.

23. Pigtail Rope Braid

Pigtail Rope Braid

Pigtail rope twist braids are a trendy hairstyle that channels your inner girl. It is achieved by parting your hair into two sections, securing them with elastic rubber bands, and finishing the ends off into a rope braid. Secure the ends again using elastic rubber bands.

24. Big Rope Twist Braids

Big Rope Twist Braids

Big rope twists, also known as jumbo rope twist braids, are trendy and beautiful. If you want a minimalistic and chic hairstyle, this is the pick for you. Because of their size, they take less time but may not last as long. Here, your hair is gathered into large sections that will create thicker rope twist braids.

25. Small Rope Twist Braids

Small Rope Twist Braids

Small rope twists can be your go-to hairstyle if you do not want large rope braids but don’t want micro twists either. They are easy to wear and maintain since they are not bulky. They usually last longer but will take more time to complete. They’re an excellent middle ground and allow more flexibility in styling, since the smaller braids are easier to gather up and manipulate. 


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