25 Wavy Braids Hairstyles


Wavy braids are braids that aren’t particularly straight or curly, but rather ones that curve slightly back and forth, resembling serene waves of water. There are different types of hair waves such as body waves, deep waves, and water waves. They’re all gorgeous and you’re bound to look fantastic in whichever style you choose.

You’ll also be happy to know that there are a lot of ways to make your braids wavy. You can either opt for wavy hair extensions, wave your braids with hot tongs, use hair rollers, or twist the braids up before steaming them to make permanent waves.

Important note: to ensure that the waves retain their shape, make sure to apply hair sprays and mousse before waving your braids and on pre-waved hair extensions after installing them.

Let’s take a look at all of the ways that you can flaunt your majestic wavy braids:

1. Wavy Goddess Braids

Wavy Goddess Braids

Wavy goddess braids are an extraordinary style that give the braids a very full and voluminous appearance. This style features strands of wavy hair hanging from the braids. To make the waves, you can opt to make the braids from already-waved braiding hair and simply leave strands of hair out of the braids or you can attach wavy strands to your braids using a crochet pin after installing them. You can always use both methods together if you want an ocean of waves!

2. Box Braids With Wavy Ends

Box Braids With Wavy Ends

You can really add some extra dazzle and detail to your box braids by incorporating some waves. Box braids with wavy ends will quickly become your favorite way to make your braids stand out, especially when you want less braids but more volume.

3. Wet and Wavy Hair Braids

Wet and Wavy Hair Braids

Wet and wavy braids are also known as water wave braids. These are braids made with wet and wavy braiding hair or water wave hair extensions. The resulting waves are flatter and more symmetric, and more closely resemble ocean waves than the regular wavy braid. Wet and wavy waves compliment any type of braids you choose to install, from box braids to knotless ones.

4. Braids With Wavy Ponytail

Braids With Wavy Ponytail

Braids with a wavy ponytail is a flawless way to slay braids, a ponytail and waves all at once. In this hairstyle, the hair is put into your desired design of long cornrows then secured into a ponytail. The ponytail is left to cascade down loosely in shimmering waves. Alternatively, the cornrows can be secured into a bun at the top of the head and wavy weave can be sewn onto it.

5. Wet and Wavy Micro Braids

Wet and Wavy Micro Braids

Wet and wavy micro braids are also known as water wave micro braids. They’re essentially micro braids with flatter and more uniform waves that are almost identical to ocean waves.

6. Wavy Braid Ponytail With Bangs

Wavy Braid Ponytail With Bangs

Some people don’t like hair in their face, but if you love the way bangs look and feel then don’t hesitate to add them onto your wavy ponytail style. This hairstyle features long cornrows which are secured into a loose, wavy ponytail that flows down the back. Hair is sectioned off in the front in order to make the bangs which can be a weave or braid bangs with or without beads.

7. Wavy Braid Updo

Wavy Braid Updo

The wavy braid updo hairstyle is a very convenient method of keeping your hair out of the way while still looking glamorous. All you need to do is fold up your wavy braids neatly into your desired style, secure them, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can go for wavy cornrows which are then put into an updo.

8. Blonde Wet and Wavy Braids

Blonde Wet and Wavy Braids

Blonde wet and wavy braids feature blonde colored water wave box braids, twists or locs. You can also opt for ombré blonde water wave braids that transition in color from a darker shade of blonde to a lighter shade or vice versa.

9. Short Wavy Braids

Short Wavy Braids

Short wavy hairstyles require the same technique as their longer counterparts, except that they are trimmed at a desired short length. Short wavy braids aren’t as heavy as long braids. They’re also easier to maintain and an awesome pick for brides, prom and dates.

10. Ombré Wet And Wavy Braids

Ombre Wet and Wavy Braids

Ombré wet and wavy braids are a fun way of experimenting with colors on your water wave braids and also a great idea when you can’t decide on just one braid color for your hair. Ombré colors usually start in a darker shade at the roots then blend downwards into a lighter shade at the ends. Ombré can also go from lighter shade to a darker shade, or from one color to a completely different one.

11. Wavy Yarn Braids

Wavy Yarn Braids

Wavy is an alluring way of wearing your yarn braids. Yarn can be an optimal alternative to extensions as it’s less expensive and lighter compared to the regular kanekalon fiber hair extensions used in braiding. Yarn braids are also a very protective style and you can spice it up by adding waves to it.

12. Wavy Twist Braids

Wavy Twist Braids

Twist braids already look kind of wavy—take them to the next level by adding waves to them. You can wave the twist braids after installing them, attach wavy strands to the twist braids, or finish off the ends of the twists with waves. This adds more shape and volume to them and makes them even more breathtaking.

13. Wavy Braids for Men

Wavy Braids for Men

Men can also slay in wavy braids—they’re not restricted to just women. They can wave their locs, twists braids, box braids and even cornrow braids and look good enough to eat!

14. Wavy Crochet Braids

Wavy Crochet Braids

The wavy crochet braid hairstyle is an easy way to wear wavy braids of any length and size without going through the stress of sitting for long hours to get them installed. This hairstyle is achieved by either putting your natural hair in individual braids and securing them into wavy crochet extensions, or putting your natural hair into cornrows and attaching the crochet extensions using a crochet pin.

15. Wavy Bob Braids

Wavy Bob Braids

The wavy bob braids style features short wavy braids in a bob cut just below the jawline and anywhere above the shoulders. The tips of the braids are usually thinner than the rest of the braids or they’re burnt to prevent them from unravelling.

16. Wavy Waterfall Braid

Wavy Waterfall Braid

Wavy waterfall braids are a classy wavy braid hairstyle that can be rocked at any occasion and made with any hair length and texture. This style is achieved by putting your hair into waterfall braids, or in other words a braid that travels from the front of the head around to the back with loose pieces of hair woven through the braid that fall down into waves.

17. Wavy Pigtail Braid

Wavy Pigtail Braid

Pigtail braids are braids which are done in such a way that the braids are secured a few inches above the ends with an elastic band, and the ends are left loose. Wavy pigtail braids are pigtail braids that have wavy ends. You can wear this style as a headband and decorate it beautifully with flowers and hair accessories.

18. Double Wavy Braids

Double Wavy Braids

Double wavy braids are a very chic minimalistic hairstyle. It’s created by first dividing the hair into left and right parts. The sectioning can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on what you want. Each section is then put into a single braid with wavy ends—and you’re all done.

19. Wavy Crochet Spring Twists

Wavy Crochet Spring Twists

Wavy spring twists are a kind of twist hairstyle that are done using spring twist hair extensions. This hairstyle protects your natural hair and typically features twists that come out wavy, especially when the twists are done loosely.

20. Wavy Cornrows

Wavy Cornrows

Wavy cornrow braids are essentially a combination of cornrows and wavy hair extensions or weaves. The cornrows can be done using the traditional cornrow technique or using the feed-in technique. They can also be parted in the center or on the side, done as straight backs, or made in the lemonade braid style.

21. Wet and Wavy Tree Braids

Wet and Wavy Tree Braids

The wet and wavy tree braid hairstyle, also known as water wave tree braids, is a braid hairstyle that features a combination of individual or cornrow braids and free-falling water wave extensions or weaves.

22. Wet and Wavy Knotless Braids

Wet and Wavy Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are braids that are done without the traditional knots at the roots of the hair. In essence, wavy knotless braids are knotless box or twist braids done with wavy braiding hair or waved by hand. Wavy hair strands can be attached to the braids or the tips can be put into waves—whichever you like best.

23. Long Wavy Micro Braids

Long Wavy Micro Braids

Wavy micro braids, as discussed before, are micro braids with wavy ends or with wavy hair strands attached to them. You can wear your wavy micro braids as long as you want: from your waist, to your hip, and even down to knee-length.

24. Wavy Boho Braids

Wavy Boho Braids

Wavy boho braids, also known as wavy bohemian braids, are braids that have undone ends. The undone ends are then put into deep, body or water waves. They are usually worn without extra hair accessories.

25. Wavy Weave Braids

Wavy Weave Braids

Wavy weave braids feature neat cornrows at the front of the head and wavy weave that’s sewn onto cornrows made on the back section of the head. This style is a super clean and fashionable way of combining cornrows with wavy weaves.


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