20 Yarn Braids Hairstyles


Some people don’t know this little secret but a less common, yet just as great, alternative to synthetic hair is yarn. Yarn braids are protective hairstyles that can be done in short, medium, or long lengths just like normal braids—the only difference is that yarn is used instead of the normal braiding extensions. The kinds of yarn used for hair are the same types used for knitting and weaving. Some different types of yarn extensions that can be used are baby wool or brazilian wool.

Yarn braids have texture and aren’t as smooth as normal synthetic/kanekalon braiding extensions which make them look more natural. Another huge plus to yarn is that it doesn’t cost nearly as much as braiding hair which makes it a life-saver if you’re on a tight budget but still want the same benefits that regular braiding extensions give. If you’re not yet convinced, take a look below at these absolutely fabulous yarn braid styles that are sure to win you over.

1. Box Braids With Yarn

Box Braids With Yarn

Just like regular braiding hair, yarn can also be used to make fantastic box braids. Most of the time, the ends of the braids are secured by using fire to seal the tips. Yarn box braids last long and they’re easy to make.

2. Yarn in Hair Wrap

Yarn in Hair Wrap

Yarn can be wrapped around individual braids to achieve yarn locs. The yarn in hair wrap protects the natural hair, aids in hair growth, and makes you look good all at the same time. This hairstyle takes quite a bit of time to achieve when you want long and small locs, however the short, jumbo sized ones take a lot less time.

3. Short Yarn Braids

Short Yarn Braids

Yarn braid lovers that like simple and comfortable yet pretty hairstyles should go for the short yarn braids. Short yarn braids don’t take a lot of time to make, are easy to style, and they stay nice for a long period of time.

4. Black Yarn Braids

Black Yarn Braids

Black yarn braids are created using black yarn and can be made on any hair color. Black yarn braids are easy to maintain and last longer than light-colored braids which can get stained easily.

5. Long Yarn Braids

Long Yarn Braids

Yarn braids can be made in long lengths for long hair enthusiasts. Long yarn braids require more yarn extensions than the short yarn braids and they also take a lot of time when they are made small.

6. Yarn Locs

Yarn Locs

Yarn locs are stylish and retro loc styles that also help your hair grow. Making locs with yarn provides a texture that makes them look natural. They can be made in different lengths from super long to super short, and also in a variety of sizes such as small, medium or jumbo. There are different styles for them too: you can make them look neat or distressed. The time needed to make yarn locs depends on the length and size of the locs.

7. Twists With Yarn

Twists With Yarn

The textured feel of the yarn makes it very easy to twist it. Yarn can either be tightly or loosely twisted depending on your preference and what look you’re trying to achieve. Loose twists are easier and take less time to make than tight ones, however they tend to unravel and get messy quicker. Yarn twists are sealed at the ends with fire.

8. Yarn Crochet Braids

Yarn Crochet Braids

Yarn can be made into crochet braids which are then installed on the hair. Yarn crochet braids are easy to install and take out, and since they’re reusable, you can opt for them if you’re on a budget. Yarn crochet braids can be made easily by yourself without the need of a hairstylist.

9. Natural Hair Yarn Braids

Natural Hair Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are suitable for natural hair types as they are protective styles that promote your hair’s healthy growth. Yarn braids are lightweight and they can be made in different colors, styles and sizes.

10. Yarn Cornrows

Yarn Cornrows

Yarn cornrows can be made in two ways: either by starting the cornrows with the yarn or by adding the yarn only at the end of the braids as the part that hangs down. Yarn cornrows are similar to the normal braiding hair cornrows and the only difference is in the extensions used.

11. Yarn Braids For Kids

Yarn Braids for Kids

Yarn braids can be made in a wide variety of adorable and creative styles for kids. The light weight of the yarn makes them suitable for children as they don’t have to carry a heavy and possibly uncomfortable amount of weight on their heads while they run and play. Just like regular braids, yarn braids for kids can also be adorned using various hair accessories like beads, rings, cuffs and many others.

12. Colorful Yarn Braids

Colorful Yarn Braids

Yarn extensions are available in a variety of colors which gives yarn braid lovers many colors to choose from. You can go with single-colored braids or multi-colored braids. If you adore colorful hair, you have nothing to worry about since yarn braids don’t restrict you to just a few colors. Yarn actually gives you just as wide a range of color options as braiding hair.

13. Jumbo Yarn Braids

Jumbo Yarn Braids

Jumbo yarn braids are the biggest sized yarn braids and just like regular jumbo braids, they take less time to make than small ones. They also require lots of yarn extensions, especially when they’re long. However, the light weight of the yarn makes the jumbo yarn braids more light and comfortable than regular jumbo braids.

14. Short Yarn Twists

Short Yarn Twists

The classy yarn twists style can be made short for people who prefer their hair short or simply don’t want to spend several hours at the salon. The short yarn twists can be easily styled in different ways to achieve different looks.

15. Yarn Bob Braids

Yarn Bob Braids

Bob braids, which are short to medium length braids that are curved inward, can also be made using yarn. The thickness of the yarn gives the braids a more defined concave shape. Yarn bob braids can be made in different thicknesses and they last for a long time.

16. Knotless Yarn Braids

Knotless Yarn Braids

The only difference between the yarn knotless braids and the regular knotless braids is the use of the yarn. Yarn knotless braids are just as beautiful and clean, and can be made in different sizes including small, medium and jumbo sizes.

17. Black Yarn Locs

Black Yarn Locs

Black yarn locs are made using black yarn and they last for several weeks. Black yarn locs look more natural and are easier to maintain than light-colored locs that can easily get dirty and stained with hair products.

18. Blonde Yarn Braids

Blonde Yarn Braids

Blonde yarn braids are made using blonde yarn extensions and they compliment all skin types. Blonde yarn braids aren’t confined to just light-skinned folk—they also look great on darker-skinned ladies. Blonde yarn braids can be made in different sizes and lengths and can be adorned using various hair accessories like beads, cuffs and rings.

19. Red Yarn Braids

Red Yarn Braids

Do you love dramatic and vibrant colored braids? Then this red yarn braid is the perfect style for you and is guaranteed to draw all the attention your way. Red yarn braids can be made as cornrows, long braids, short braids, jumbo braids and even as yarn locs. Red yarn braids can be made on any hair color and the natural hair can also be dyed to red to match the braids’ color.

20. Yarn Braids Over Locs

Yarn Braids Over Locs

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what hairstyle you can make on your natural locs? Then you have to try out the yarn braids over locs. You will get the best results when the roots of your locs are neat and tight and the parting is clear and visible. The yarn braids over locs style is made by braiding the yarn over each individual loc. An added bonus: this is a protective hairstyle that improves the growth of your natural locs.


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