25 Tree Braid Hairstyles


Tree braids are a combination of box braids, twists or locs and free-falling hair extensions or weave. You can wear your tree braids as individual braids, in cornrows, updos, or even buns. Tree braids can also be created using a variety of different techniques. 

This hairstyle is recommended for short hair for protective purposes. If you have long hair and want to go for this style, you can weave your braids down farther instead of securing it only a short distance from the roots.

With proper maintenance, tree braids can last up to five or six weeks. You should be mindful of a few things when you choose this hairstyle though. Tree braids can damage your hair when you’re taking the braids out, especially if your hair is long since the braids have to be secured half way. This style is also prone to frizzing up and tangling as the undone hair extensions are exposed to weather conditions.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some ways to properly wear the gorgeous tree braids style:

1. Invisible Tree Braids

Invisible Tree Braids

Invisible braids are also called micro braids. They’re braids which are done with very small sections of hair. Essentially, invisible tree braids are micro braids done only at the roots as box braids, twists, or locs. The rest of the hair consists of free-falling extensions or weave.

2. Beyoncé Tree Braids

Beyonce Tree Braids

Beyoncé tree braids are also known as lemonade tree braids. This hairstyle is a combination of side cornrows and tree braids. The loose hair adds volume to the style and gives you an elegant look.

3. Tree Braid Crochet

Tree Braid Crochet

The tree braid crochet hairstyle is an easy-to-do type of tree braid. Here, instead of sitting for long hours to get the tree braids installed individually, you can braid your own hair into cornrows and attach the hair extensions onto them using a crochet pin. Then braid the extensions only about an inch down from the root.

4. Tree Braid Cornrows

Tree Braid Cornrows

Tree braid cornrows are essentially a combination of cornrows and free-falling hair extensions or weave. The cornrows can be done using the traditional cornrow technique or using the feed-in technique and can be made as a center-part or side-part cornrow style.

5. Body Wave Tree Braids

Body Wave Tree Braids

Body waves are soft and light waves designed to give the hair fullness and definition. Body wave tree braids are a combination of individual braids or cornrows, and loose body wave hair extensions. This hairstyle is a great choice for brides and prom.

6. Curly Tree Braids

Curly Tree Braids

Curly tree braids are a glamorous fusion of individual or cornrow braids and curly extensions. The hair extensions are usually put into deep, bouncy curls that often look like springs.

7. Knotless Tree Braids

Knotless Tree Braids

Knotless braids are tree braids that are done without the traditional knots at the roots of the hair. In essence, knotless tree braids are a mix of knotless box or twist braids and curly weave.

8. Blonde Tree Braids

Blonde Tree Braids

The blonde tree braids style features blonde tree box braids, twists or locs. You can also opt for ombré blonde tree braids that transition in color from a darker shade of blonde to a lighter shade of blonde or vice versa.

9. Tree Braid Bob

Tree Braid Bob

The tree braid bob features short tree braids in a bob cut that falls just below the jawline and anywhere above the shoulders. The tips of the braids are usually thinner than the body to prevent them from unravelling.

10. Tree Box Braids

Tree Box Braids

Tree box braids is a box braids style that features a combination of square-like braids and free-falling curly extensions. This hairstyle is easy to make and one that you can rock to any occasion.

11. Deep Wave Tree Braids

Deep Wave Tree Braids

Deep waves are hair waves that have a natural, soft and flat wavy appearance. They’re tighter curls than body or loose waves but aren’t as tight as curly waves. This attractive style brings together individual braids and loose deep wave hair extensions.

12. Tree Braid With Bangs

Tree Braid With Bangs

The tree braid with bangs hairstyle is a very chic way to slay your tree braids. This style features a front or side fringe along with your tree braids. The fringe can also be put into waves or curls.

13. Tree Braids With Kinky Hair

Tree Braids With Kinky Hair

Tree braids can also be done using afro kinky hair extensions. Tree braids with kinky hair gives you a gorgeous, voluminous afro look in the back. This hairstyle usually features cornrows instead of individual braids so that the hair doesn’t look overloaded or feel uncomfortable to wear.

14. Tree Braids With Marley Hair

Tree Braids With Marley Hair

Tree braids with Marley hair are done using Marley hair extensions and usually made into locs or twist tree braids. This is an amazing way of combining locs and the tree braid look.

15. Tree Braid Updo

Tree Braid Updo

The tree braid updo hairstyle is a very convenient way of keeping your hair out of the way while still looking pretty. All you need to do is fold your tree braids neatly into your desired style and you’re good to go.

16. Natural Hair Tree Braids

Natural Hair Tree Braids

You can opt for natural tree braids if you want tree braids but don’t want to use hair extensions. The natural hair tree braid style is also a perfect way of starting out on your loc journey if you wish to.

17. Ombré Tree Braids

Ombre Tree Braids

The ombré tree braids is a fun way of coloring your braids. Ombré describes a method of coloring the hair where it starts with a darker color shade at the roots then gradually blends downwards into a lighter shade or vice versa. Ombré is an exciting and creative way of experimenting with colors on your tree braids—not to mention, they’re satisfying to look at.

18. Burgundy Tree Braids

Burgundy Tree Braids

There are no rules as to which colors you can wear your tree braids in—you can wear them in any color of your choice. You can easily go for burgundy or red tree braids if you want a fiery and bright look.

19. Tree Braids With Shaved Sides

Tree Braids With Shaved Sides

Tree braids with shaved sides are a really nice way of styling your haircut especially if you have a punk or a mohawk cut. This style is made by simply putting your punk or mohawk into tree braids which can then either be put into an updo, ponytail or left to cascade down on the shoulders.

20. Side-Part Tree Braids

Side Part Tree Braids

The side-part tree braid is a beautiful tree braid style which features box braid, twist or loc tree braids with a side part. This variation perfectly suits oval and oblong shaped faces.

21. Tree Braid Dreadlocks

Tree Braid Dreadlocks

There are a lot of creative ways to wear your dreadlocks and tree braid locs is one of them. This hairstyle features dreadlocks on the back half the head and natural hair, weave or hair extensions in the front or throughout the head. This hairstyle is a messy tree braid style and is a bit similar to the bohemian braid style.

22. Wet and Wavy Tree Braids

Wet and Wavy Tree Braids

The wet and wavy tree braid hairstyle is also known as water wave tree braids. They get their name from their close resemblance to waves on the surface of water. This hairstyle features a combination of individual or cornrow braids and free-falling water wave hair extensions.

23. Short Tree Braids

Short Tree Braids

Short tree hairstyles require the same technique as their longer counterparts, except that they’re trimmed at a desired short length. These short braids are not as heavy and voluminous as long tree braids and are easier to maintain.

24. Gray Tree Braids

Gray Tree Braids

Gray tree braids are a combination of individual or cornrow braids and gray hair extensions or weave. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you have gray natural hair or if you want a nice neutral color that isn’t black.

25. Ponytail Tree Braid

Ponytail Tree Braid

The ponytail tree braid is a nice and neat way of wearing your tree braids up and out of the way. It’s made by simply gathering your tree braids up into a high or low ponytail and securing the base with an elastic rubber band or hair tie.


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