20 Braid Styles for Gray Hair


There’s something special about sporting gray hair. It can give you an air of authority, wisdom, and distinction. And what could be more striking than showing off your silver locks with a beautiful braided hairstyle?

Gray hair braids are braided hairstyles that make you stand out wherever you go. If you don’t already have your hair in a gray color, you can dye your hair or just use gray braiding extensions to get these silky braids. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple style to wear every day or something a little more elaborate for a special occasion, there’s a perfect gray braided hairstyle out there for you. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ones. So read on and get inspired!

1. French Braid Styles on Gray Hair

French Braid Styles on Gray Hair

This glossy single gray French braid is an easy and quick braided style for your everyday look. You can also style your hair into this simple updo pictured above for formal occasions.

2. Gray Bubble Braids

Gray Bubble Braids

If you’re bored of the normal braids that you make all the time, you can style your hair into bubble braids that give a unique touch to your hairstyle. You can make all of your hair into bubble braids or just a few strands.

3. Gray Box Braids

Gray Box Braids

If you have gray hair or you don’t mind making box braids that stand out, you can braid your hair into this silver-colored box braids style. Box braids are characterized by the presence of knots at the roots of the braids.

4. Gray Hair Braided Crown

Gray Hair Braided Crown

Crown braids are achieved by making two braids that travel around your head to form a crown. To create this glossy and sleek look, add some gel or pomade to your hair.

5. Silver Gray Box Braids

Silver Gray Box Braids

Silver gray is a dazzling gray shade that resembles the color silver. Silver box braids are eye-catching and suitable for ladies that love getting tons of attention and looks.

6. Gray Knotless Braids

Gray Knotless Braids

Gray knotless braids are similar to the gray box braids with the only difference being that the knotless braids don’t have knots at the roots of the braids. The absence of these knots makes them painless and they put little or no tension on the scalp.

7. Gray and Black Box Braids

Gray and Black Box Braids

Gray and black box braids are made with both gray and black braiding hair in different combinations. The gray braids and the black braids can be mixed together or braided separately with each color at different sections or sides.

8. Gray Crochet Hair

Gray Crochet Hair

Gray crochet hair is a form of ready-made gray extensions that are easily installed on the hair. Crochet hair extensions come in a lot of different types and if you love box braids, these crochet box braids are a good option for you. They’re reusable and easy to install and take out unlike regular box braids.

9. Gray and Black Braids

Gray and Black Braids

Gray and black braids pair really well together. They can be made in many different styles either as cornrows or individual braids, as long as the style is braided with both gray and black extensions. The order in which the colors are combined depends on your preference.

10. Cornrow Braid Styles for Gray Hair

Cornrow Braid Styles for Gray Hair

If you have gray hair, cornrows are one the easiest styles to braid your hair into. Cornrows are very versatile and the styles in which you can weave them into are endless.

11. Gray Hair Braids for Ladies Over 60

Gray Hair Braids for Ladies Over 60

It’s quite normal to see adults over 60 years of age with a head full of gray colored hair. Gray extensions blend perfectly with gray natural hair to make fabulous braids, so you can be sure that you’ll slay your old age gray hair flawlessly.

12. Gray Twist Hairstyles

Gray Twist Hairstyles

Style your beautiful gray hair into this chic kinky twists with curly ends style. This gray twist hairstyle lasts very long and you won’t spend too much time making the twists since they’re short.

13. Gray Goddess Braids Crown

Gray Goddess Braids Crown

Goddess braids crowns for gray hair are jumbo crown braids made on lovely gray hair. You can add in extensions to attain a thickness that your natural hair normally cannot attain.

14. Gray Dutch Braids

Gray Dutch Braids

No matter the color of your natural hair, you can achieve these gray-colored Dutch braids by braiding your hair using gray extensions.

15. Gray Dutch Braids With Weave

Gray Dutch Braids With Weave

If you want gray braids on your non-gray colored hair or you want your gray hair Dutch braids to be thick and/or super long, just add in weave to attain the length and style you want.

16. Silver Knotless Braids

Silver Knotless Braids

Silver knotless braids are made in a gray shade that resembles the silver color. This shade of braids looks great on both light and dark skin shades.

17. Gray Low Braided Pigtails

Gray Low Braided Pigtails

Low braided pigtail braids are cute pigtail braids that are positioned at the back of the head. If you’re wondering what style to braid your pigtails into, choose this alluring yet minimal four stitch braids into pigtails.

18. Black and Gray Knotless Braids

Black and Gray Knotless Braids

The new trendy way of combining colors for your braid styles is by weaving the braids at the back, near the nape of your neck, with lighter braiding hair and making the top braids with darker hair. In this case, the top braids are black while the bottom ones are gray. This color combination is flattering and gives the hairstyle dimension.

19. Gray Ombré Braids

Gray Ombre Braids

Ombré braids allow you to creatively experiment with colors that will combine well and look really nice. These gray ombré box braids have the dark gray at the top transitioning into a lighter shade of gray towards the ends.

20. Gray Feed-In Braids

Gray Feed in Braids

These gray feed-in lemonade braids will look effortlessly gorgeous on your natural gray hair without looking like you have extensions added.


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