20 Braided Hairstyles For White Girls


Braids are a versatile and stylish choice for girls looking to keep their hair neatly styled. While braids have their roots in African culture, they have become a popular and beautiful option for women of all backgrounds. From classic cornrows to elaborate individual braids, with or without extensions, the possibilities are endless. Braids offer a creative way to express your personal style but also provide a wide range of options to explore.

Get ready to be inspired by these 20 gorgeous and exciting braided hairstyles, perfect for white girls. Choose your favorite and transform your look!

1. Box Braids

Box Braids On White Girl

Alright, let’s talk box braids for white girls! These classic braids are super versatile – you can play around with different colors and sizes to find your vibe. Want more length or volume? Add some braiding extensions. And for that extra pop, why not spice up each braid with cool accessories like beads, rings, or cuffs? It’s all about making them uniquely yours.

2. Cornrow Braids

White Girl Cornrow Braids

Let me tell you about cornrow braids. They’re a real game-changer for white girls looking for a fresh, easy-to-manage style. Cornrows are not just quick to do; they’re low-maintenance too, making your mornings a whole lot smoother. Trust me, with these braids, you’re kicking those bad hair days to the curb in style.

3. Box Braids For Blonde Hair

Box Braids Blonde Hair White Girl

Blondes, listen up! Thinking about box braids? Go for blonde box braids that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. These braids use blonde braiding extensions available in various shades, ensuring that they match with your unique blonde tone. It’s all about complementing your natural look while rocking a cool, braided style.

4. Cute Braids For Little White Girl

Cute Braids For Little White Girl

Looking for adorable braids for your little princess? Whether it’s for school or a special day out, cornrow braids styled into space buns are just perfect. They’re not only easy and quick to do but also super cute. She’ll love them, and so will everyone else!

5. Braids with Ponytail

Braids with Ponytail For White Womens Hair

Ladies, braids with high ponytails are where it’s at! These stunning braids not only frame your face beautifully but also keep those hairs neatly away from your face. Perfect for a busy day, a few braids with a ponytail keeps you looking stylish and comfy, no matter what’s on your agenda.

6. Easy Braids for a Quick Style

Easy White Girl Braids

Looking for a hassle-free hairstyle? Easy braids are the way to go. They’re perfect when you need a chic look without spending hours at the salon. Quick, stylish, and stress-free.

7. Blonde Braids for a Radiant Look

White Girl With Blonde Braids

Blonde braids aren’t just for natural blondes. You can get that sun-kissed braid look with blonde extensions, too! These braids are a fantastic choice for lighter skin tones, offering a stunning complement that enhances your natural glow.

8. Colorful Box Braids

Colorful Box Braids White Girl

Craving something bold and fashionable? Dive into the world of colorful box braids. It’s all about mixing and matching different colored braiding extensions to create a look that’s as unique as you are. Ready to turn heads and express your vibrant style?

9. Twist Braids

White Girl With Twist Braids

Looking for a versatile twist on your hairstyle? Twist braids are a fantastic choice, adaptable in length and size to suit your preference. Extensions can step in to add extra length or thickness, perfect if your natural hair isn’t quite there yet. Plus, if you’ve got curly hair, twist braids can bring out the best in your curls. It’s all about making the style your own.

10. Pink Braids

White Girl with Pink Braids

Dreaming of pink braids but don’t have pink hair? No worries! With pink extensions in a variety of shades, you can easily bring that dream to life. Pink braids are more than just a hairstyle—they’re a fashion statement, bursting with fun and aesthetic appeal. Ready to add playful color to your look?

11. Side Cornrow Braids

Side Cornrow Braids White Girl

Looking for a relaxed, yet simple hairstyle? Side cornrows are your go-to. They’re easy enough to do yourself and oh-so-stylish. The best part? You get to flaunt your loose hair while rocking these trendy braids. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and ease.

12. Box Braids for Little Girls

Little Girl with Box Braids

Little girls look absolutely adorable in box braids, especially when they’re paired with colorful accessories. It’s important, though, to keep these braids light. Overdoing it with weight can be really uncomfortable for the kiddos. So, let’s keep it fun, light, and super cute.

13. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Large White Girl Braids

Jumbo braids, also known as large braids, are the way to go if you’re looking for style without the strain. These pain-free plaits can be tailored from short to long, suiting your preference. What’s more, they’re less time-consuming than smaller braids and super versatile in styling. Ready to make a big impact with minimal fuss?

14. Micro Braids

Micro Braids on White Girl

Tiny braids, big impact. If you’re up for a salon day, micro braids are worth the time. These tiny, intricate braids are a commitment, but they last long and look stunning. You can opt for micro braids with your natural hair or add extensions for length and fullness. Ready for a hairstyle that makes a lasting impression?

15. School-Ready Braids

White Girl Braids for School

Are you heading to school and want a hairstyle that’s both cool and practical? Braids are a fantastic choice! There’s a braid for every school day, from quick and easy styles like double Dutch braids to more intricate designs. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or something a bit more detailed, braids can totally make your school look.

16. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail White Girl

Want to add a touch of sophistication to your look? Try a braided ponytail. This style isn’t just slick; it also beautifully accentuates your facial features. Add two cornrows on each side of your head for an extra style. It’s elegance with a little edge.

17. Two Cornrow Braids

Two Cornrow Braids White Girl

Looking for a quick and easy braided hairstyle that’s perfect for casual days out? Two cornrow braids are your answer. This simple yet stunning two braids style is all about looking effortlessly beautiful. It’s the ideal choice for looking great without putting in too much effort.

18. Short Hair, Don’t Care: Braids for the Win

White Girl Braids For Short Hair

Who says short hair can’t enjoy the fun of braids? If you’re a white girl with a shorter cut, you can totally rock a pretty French braid. Not only do braids add a cool twist to your look, but they can also promote hair growth — just remember not to braid too tightly. It’s all about style without the strain.

19. Half Cornrow Braids

Half Cornrow Braids White Girl

Get ready to fall in love with half cornrow braids! Perfect for white girls with either straight or curly hair, this half braided style is a total stunner. It lets you showcase your gorgeous natural hair while playing around with various cornrow designs. It’s the ideal blend of showing off your hair and experimenting with braids.

20. Braids with Beads

White Girl Braids With Beads

Take your braided hairstyle up a notch with some lovely beads. When you add beads — available in all sorts of colors, types, and shapes — to the ends of your cornrows, Ghana braids, or individual braids, it transforms your look entirely. It’s a simple yet stunning way to elevate your braids and make them uniquely yours.

For more inspiration on braided styles with straight hair, check out this page: Braided Hairstyles for Straight Hair.


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