25 Ghana Braids Hairstyles


Ghana braids are a great protective hairstyle that originated from Africa. It is also called Ghana weaving by most Africans. Usually mistaken for feed-in braids, Ghana braids are similar, but the difference is in how the braiding hair is added. A weft is created as the hair is braided, starting small and gradually becoming larger as the extensions are added on top, while feed-in braids are done by adding the extensions underneath. Ghana braids are a very beautiful hairstyle that protects the natural hair, and they also aid growth. The style is very versatile, so let’s discover 25 ways you can get your Ghana braids done.

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1. Ghana Cornrow Braids

Ghana Cornrow Braids

Ghana cornrow braids are made by braiding the hair very close to the scalp and adding braiding hair to make it thicker. It is basically cornrows, but with the Ghana braids method. It can be done in different patterns and styles based on preference. It can be made minimal by making the cornrows with straight partings, or it can be made extra by adding several designs. However, it may get boring for some people because it can not really be styled in many ways. 

2. Ghana Ponytail Braids

Ghana Ponytail Braids

These Ghana ponytail braids are also known as shuku, which is a Yoruba term commonly used by Africans. This hairstyle gives the face an instant lift! It is a beautiful hairstyle that is braided from the hairline/edges to the middle of the head, which is basically an updo packed into a high ponytail. The ponytail can be made as long or short as desired. If braided too tightly, though, this hairstyle may damage the edges. So, it is advisable to leave your edges out if you get Ghana ponytail braids. 

3. Center Part Ghana Weaving Hairstyle

Center Part Ghana Weaving Hairstyle

Center-parting Ghana braids are a great hairstyle choice, especially for people with round or oblong-shaped faces. It involves creating a middle part on the scalp and using Ghana weaving on both sides of the hair in small sections. The Ghana weaving stops a little before halfway, and individual braids are done underneath it. If you are bored of regular box braids and would like to do something a little different but not so extra, this is a good choice! It is also great for covering up your edges, so you don’t have to lay them every single time!

4. African Ghana Braids

African Ghana Braids

When you see this hairstyle, you definitely think of Africa because Africans like to accessorize. African Ghana braids are a rather dramatic hairstyle, which is great for a photo shoot or an African-themed party. This hairstyle is usually a form of art, so it is uncommon for an everyday hairstyle. It can be made with different patterns and designs and accessorized with beads, cowries, and other beautiful ornaments. Beyoncé wore a similar hairstyle in Black Is King.

5. Ghana Braids Updo

Ghana Braids Updo

Ghana braids in an updo applies cornrows with the Ghana braids method, starting from the front of the head and adding braiding hair gradually until it reaches the middle. The same process is repeated from the nape of the neck to the middle of the head. In the middle of the head, a small section of individual braids is made to give the hair a fuller look.

6. Ghana Braids With Bun

Ghana Braids With Bun

If you don’t like hair touching your body, you should definitely get Ghana braids with a bun. It involves making Ghana braids into a regular updo and rolling the ends to form a bun. It could be a messy bun or any kind that is preferred. If the bun is too big or tight, however, it may cause tension in the middle of the hair. 

7. Jumbo Ghana Braids

Jumbo Ghana Braids

Jumbo Ghana braids are made using Ghana weaving or Ghana braids, only bigger. It is achieved by adding more braiding hair than small or medium-sized Ghana braids. It takes less time to get this hairstyle done, but it may not last as long as a smaller Ghana braids style would last. 

8. Jumbo Ghana Ponytail Braids

Jumbo Ghana Ponytail Braids

Jumbo Ghana ponytail braids are almost the same as Ghana ponytail braids. The only difference is that they are made in jumbo sizes. It involves making bigger sections and adding more braiding hair to get the chunky size. Jumbo Ghana braids are a great choice for people that prefer to spend less time with their braider. The ponytail can also be rolled into a bun if it gets uncomfortable or the weather is hot.

9. Short Ghana Braids

Short Ghana Braids

Here is more evidence of how versatile Ghana braids are. You can get any Ghana braids style of your choice in a short length. Short Ghana braids can be done into a bob which is achieved by burning the ends of the braids with a lighter. They can also be accessorized with beads. The only con is that it may get uncomfortable because it may be too short to pack. 

10. Halfway Ghana Braids

Halfway Ghana Braids

As the name implies, Ghana half braids involve sectioning the hair into two parts by creating a part from one ear to the other. The Ghana braids are made halfway to the middle of the head while individual braids are done underneath. It is a great protective hairstyle and will last for two to three weeks.

11. C-Part Ghana Braids

C Part Ghana Braids

C-part Ghana braids are another beautiful Ghana braids hairstyle. A parting is made at the side of the hair in a curved line that looks like the letter “C.” The Ghana braids do not go all the way down to the back of the head but stop at the middle, then individual braids are done underneath. It can be done in any color and length and can also be styled into a low ponytail. 

12. Ghana Braids Wig

Ghana Braids Wig

If you don’t like spending time at the salon or you’re too busy for it, there’s a solution for you! Ghana braids may be time-consuming occasionally, but they can be made into wigs. A Ghana braid wig is usually done on a wig cap and a frontal or closure for a realistic look. The same Ghana weaving process is repeated on the wig cap while placed on a mannequin. All that’s needed is to braid the natural hair into cornrows to make the hair flat. The wig can be put on afterwards since it’s pre-made and ready to wear. 

13. Ghana Braids With Weave

Ghana Braids With Weave

Ghana braids with weave is a new hairstyle trend that gives bohemian vibes. It is perfect for a summer holiday to the tropics or the beach. Ghana braids with weave are done by sectioning the hair into two parts and making Ghana braids on the top section while sewing a weave underneath. To maintain Ghana braids with weave and help them stay beautiful, it is advised to spray a mix of leave-in conditioner and water on the weave if it is a curly type. 

14. Ghana Braids With Beads

Ghana Braids With Beads

Love to accessorize or want something that’s not basic? Ghana braids with beads are the hairstyle to go for. They can be done in any Ghana braids hairstyle, but adding the beads gives it a totally different vibe. The beads can be any color or shape and still look great. It is always advisable to get C-part Ghana braids in a short length because adding beads to a long length may be heavy and uncomfortable.

15. Ghana Braids for Kids

Ghana Braids for Kids

Another reason to love Ghana braids is that children can also join in on the trend! Kids are often fascinated by interesting colors and shapes, so why not do something interesting to their hair?! Ghana braids for kids do not require a lot of braiding hair. They can get them in any style and accessorize it however they want. Kids’ Ghana braids would also last for a good amount of time and do not require much maintenance.

16. Ghana Braids With Twists

Ghana Braids With Twists

This Ghana braids with twists hairstyle is not a common one but it is definitely, a beautiful hairstyle. If you cannot decide between getting braids and twists, you should definitely try Ghana braids with twists. It is made by makingGhana braids and finishing the ends with twists. Ghana braids with twists can be made into any preferred length or color. It is also versatile and can be styled in various ways. 

17. Ghana Tribal Braids

Ghana Tribal Braids

Ghana tribal braids can also be called Ghana Fulani braids. The idea of Ghana tribal braids is to create designs or partings of any style to the front of the hair and add individual braids underneath. Tribal braids styles are a perfect choice for summer holidays, school, events, and any other place or time you can think of! It can be made into any length or color. It can also be styled by packing it to the middle of the head or as a low pony. Discover more Fulani braids hairstyles for similar styles like this one.

18. Straight-Back Ghana Braids

Straight Back Ghana Braids

Straight-back Ghana braids are a great hairstyle for when you want a simple hairstyle that will enhance your beautiful face. It involves making straight lines from the front of the hair to the nape of the neck and making each section into Ghana braids. Straight-back Ghana braids are done in a very organized manner, and the Ghana weaving is arranged and set very neatly. It could also be made long or short based on preference. It is a great choice if you don’t have time to style your hair daily. 

19. Ghana Braids With Color

Ghana Braids With Color

Who doesn’t love a pop of colors?! The most important thing to consider in achieving Ghana braids with color is the braiding hair. The Ghana weaving braids method is used to achieve Ghana braids with color, but the color of the braiding hair is what makes it extraordinary! Sometimes, it is great to just switch up the color of your hair and make a statement. 

20. Ghana Braids With Shaved Sides

Ghana Braids With Shaved Sides

Did you know that you can have a haircut and still get braids? Yes! It is very possible. People who already have a haircut would most likely go for Ghana braids with shaved sides. Ghana braids with shaved sides may be limiting, but you can still get varieties of Ghana braid styles done like Ghana braids in an updo, ponytail, or straight-back. Before or after braiding, you just need to trim the sides of the hair, get it into a nice shape, and you’re good to go.

21. Ghana Braids With Curly Ends

Ghana Braids With Curly Ends

Adding curly ends to braids has now become a trend, and it is definitely here to stay! Any Ghana braids hairstyle can be done with curly ends. After braiding whichever Ghana braid style, all that’s needed is to curl the ends either with a flexi-rod, a thread, or rollers. After curling the hair with any one of these, it is then put into hot water for a few minutes and dried to get the best curl pattern. The curls can be tight, loose, or wavy: but the tighter the curls, the longer they last. To save time, some people may choose to add pre-made curly extensions to the ends of their braids.

22. Half-Up Half-Down Ghana Braids

Half Up Half Down Ghana Braids

Half-up half-down Ghana braids, as the name implies, involve making Ghana braids at the front of the hair and packing it into a ponytail or a bun. The other half of the hair is made into individual braids. Half-up half-down Ghana braids hairstyle does not require much maintenance. All you need is to oil your scalp, lay your edges, and you’re ready!

23. Lemonade Ghana Braids

Lemonade Ghana Braids

When life gives you lemons, it is only right to make lemonade Ghana braids! Lemonade Ghana braids are made using Ghana weaving from one side of the hair to another, but the Ghana braids are not made to the end of the other side. A section of individual braids are done on one side to give the lemonade braids a fuller look. Any design or pattern can be added to lemonade Ghana braids. The only con of lemonade Ghana braids is that they cannot be styled in many ways. 

24. Ghana Braids In a Low Ponytail

Ghana Braids In a Low Ponytail

Ghana braids in a low ponytail is definitely a classy look. It involves using Ghana weaving to the back of the head to form a low ponytail. Ghana braids in a low ponytail can be done with a middle part or a side part, based on preference. 

25. Stitched Ghana Braids

Stitched Ghana Braids

The stitched braids are another hair trend that has come to stay! They are made by doing any Ghana braids hairstyle and creating lines gradually from the beginning of the Ghana braids to the end. The lines are either created with a parting comb or nails, whichever the braider prefers. Stitched Ghana braids is a hairstyle that cannot be rocked for a long period of time because as it gets old, the lines are not as visible and it may not look pleasant.


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