20 Tight Braids Hairstyles


There’s something about a tight braid that just screams “TRENDY”! Whether it’s a sleek Dutch braid or a tightly-coiled cornrow, these hairstyles always look polished and put-together. Tight braids are achieved by braiding the hair tightly to either make them last longer or to get that neat, super clean look. You should still be careful not to braid too tightly when making tight braids. Excessively tight braids can cause pain and headaches, plus too much tension on the scalp can later lead to hair loss and damage. Normal tight braids are usually not too tight and painful, but they will typically cause a little tension on the scalp. The good news is that tight braids loosen up over the course of a few days, making them a lot more comfortable to wear.

Looking for a hairstyle that is both stylish and easy to manage? Who isn’t?! Get some inspiration from one of the many tight braid hairstyles that are popular right now. Without further ado, here is a list of tight braids hairstyles you can try today.

1. Tight French Braids 

Tight French Braids

Do you want very neat-looking French braids that’ll stay that way for a long time? Braid your hair back into tight French braids, but make sure they’re not too tight to avoid the discomfort that it might cause. 

2. Scalp Tight Braids 

Scalp Tight Braids

This is moreso a warning for anyone who might’ve gotten their braids way too tight, or scalp tight braids. Scalp tight braids are braids that are too tight on the scalp and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort—and even permanent hair loss. You’ll know when your braids are too tight when you see large sections of scalp and very little hair between the cornrows/braids. It’s highly recommended that you take out braids that look like this or that just feel way too tight. However, if you still want to keep them in, make sure to regularly use leave-in conditioner—or a moisturizer of some kind to keep the scalp from getting dry—and you can give your head a warm massage with a wet cloth to help reduce the pain and tension. 

3. Tight Dutch Braids

Tight Dutch Braids

Dutch braids can be made tight in order to increase their longevity. Tight Dutch braids also look very nice and neat, and are a good versatile hairstyle that you can wear almost anywhere. 

4. Tight Box Braids 

Tight Box Braids

Tight box braids are a chic box braid style that is loved by lots of men and ladies. Box braids shouldn’t be braided too tightly as the knots already cause pain and tension on the scalp. 

5. Tight Hair Buns 

Tight Hair Buns

While you’re making your buns tight in order to keep them in place for a long time, remember not to make them too tight as repeated pulling of the hair can lead to traction alopecia. 

6. Tight Cornrows 

Tight Cornrows

Most of the time, cornrows are made tight to achieve their clean look and make the parting visible. Tight cornrows look amazing on almost everyone but shouldn’t be braided too tightly, especially if you’re tender-headed. 

7. Two Tight Braids 

Two Tight Braids

Two tight braids, either as individual braids or cornrows, is a simple, quick and cute hairstyle. This is another universal style that’s timeless, fashionable, and typically looks good on anyone!

8. Tight Braids for Short Hair 

Tight Braids for Short Hair

Tight braids are usually recommended for short hair types since they reduce the tendency of the hair to pull out on its own. Tight braids for short hair can be made with or without extensions but it’s easier when extensions are added. 

9. Very Tight Braids 

Very Tight Braids

Again, very tight braids like these really should be avoided as they are very painful and cause a lot of tension which can lead to hair thinning and eventually hair loss. Watch out for braids that hurt and where only the scalp is visible by the time you’re finished, as these are good indicators that the braids are pulling on your natural hair way too tightly. Very tight braids bring a lot of discomfort and can cause recurring headaches—not fun! 

10. Tight Braids Men

Tight Braids Men

It’s not uncommon to see men rocking tight braids either as single braids or cornrows as they are trendy, sharp and make you look absolutely dreamy! 

11. Tight Side Braids 

Tight Side Braids

Tight side braids, in other words lemonade braids, feature tight cornrows braided to just one side of the head. Since these, unlike the majority of braid styles, are horizontal, the longest-lasting way of making side braids is by doing them tightly. 

12. Tight Braids For Long Hair 

Tight Braids for Long Hair

Tight braids are very easy to make on long hair types and have the potential to be put in a wide range of styles. Tight braids for long hair usually don’t require extensions but if you want a color different from your natural hair or you want your braids extra long, you can add extensions. 

13. Small Tight Braids 

Small Tight Braids

Small tight braids as either individual braids or cornrows are long-lasting and a flawless braided style with lots of styling potential. Especially since these are small and can more easily cause hair breakage, it’s always best when they are not braided too tight. 

14. Tight Knotless Braids 

Tight Knotless Braids

Tight knotless braids are the top choice of many ladies as knotless braids are usually painless because there are no knots causing any tension on the scalp. This makes it a lot easier for the roots and the ends to be braided tightly. 

15. Tight African Braids

Tight African Braids

All braided hairstyles are African braids as braids originated from African culture. Tight African braids are so versatile and they cover all braided hairstyles ranging from individual braids to cornrows, so don’t shy away from flaunting your creativity with different styles!

16. Tight Braids With White Hair 

Tight Braids With White Hair

White hair can achieve any type of braid style including the tight braids. Tight white braids are usually bright, ethereal, and enchanting to look at. They’re also not exclusive to any one skin tone as it’s a diverse color that compliments all other colors! 

17. Tight Twist Braids 

Tight Twist Braids

The long lasting way of making twists is, of course, by making them tight. Tight twists last longer than the loose ones as they don’t unravel as easily as loose twists. 

18. Tight Double Dutch Braids 

Tight Double Dutch Braids

Tight double Dutch braids are popular Dutch braids that you can style your hair into either with attachments or just the natural hair. 

19. Tight French Braid Pigtails 

Tight French Braid Pigtails

Tight French braid pigtails are double French braids braided tightly on both sides of the head. Tight French braid pigtails are a cute hairstyle that can be worn to a lot of occasions, though usually not formal ones as they’re sometimes considered unprofessional. 

20. Four Tight Braids 

Four Tight Braids

Four tight braids can either be four tightly-braided box braids, cornrows or ponytails. The four tight braids style is a quick and easy way to rock a stylish and clean look. 


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