Whether you’re looking for a new style to rock or just want to switch things up, white braids are the perfect hairstyle. Edgy and unique, white braids are also simple to achieve; just use white or white-blonde braiding hair! This hairstyle is also suitable for all skin types, from light to dark. 

White braids can be made in a wide range of styles and sizes, so don’t worry about variety. From box braids to knotless, there are plenty of ways to sport this trendy style and explore individuality. Here are some of our favorite white-braid hairstyles for 2024!

1. White Box Braids

White Box Braids

If you like this first style, then white box braids are for you. They are made by using white hair extensions to braid the hair. This is done so that knots are used to secure the braids at the roots. Depending on preference, white box braids can be made in small, medium, or jumbo sizes. 

2. White Hair On Dark Skin

White Hair On Dark Skin

White braids are a hairstyle that makes a fashionable statement. That statement is diverse because white braids look beautiful on dark skin! If you have dark skin, rest easy because you can rock this style, too!

3. White Men’s Braided Hairstyles

White Mens Braided Hairstyles

Men of different skin types can also rock white braids and look good with them. White braids for men are usually made in short lengths, which also take a short time to complete. In the picture above, for example, the ends are cut or burned gently with a lighter to create the edgy, blunted effect that will look great on any man.

4. Half-Black Half-White Box Braids

Half Black Half White Box Braids

Half-black and half-white braids are made either by using black braiding hair for one side of the hair and white for the other. It can also be achieved by braiding the hair with one of the colors (either black or white) at the top section and the other at the bottom. Anyone who wears half-black and half-white braids is definitely a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to stand out!

5. White Fulani Braids

White Fulani Braids

Fulani braids, also called tribal braids, originate from the Fulani tribe of Africa. These white tribal braids are characterized by the presence of white cornrows, braided in front from the front to the middle of the head or from the center to the sides with box or knotless braids at the back. White Fulani braids are versatile because the cornrows in front can be plaited in so many styles.

6. Half-Black and Half-White Knotless Braids

Half Black and Half White Knotless Braids

Half-black and half-white knotless braids are made with both black, dark-colored extensions and white or white-blonde extensions. The braids are made in such a way that each individual braid is intertwined with either the black or white extensions. Unlike Half-Black Half-White Box Braids, there is no signature knot at the base of the scalp where the braid begins, but the transition from natural hair to extension is smooth at the roots.

7. White Knotless Braids

White Knotless Braids

White knotless braids are similar to the white box braids hairstyle, but there is one difference; the knotless ones do not have knots at the roots of the braids, making them painless. They do not produce much tension to the scalp, if at all, giving it a higher score on the comfortability scale for the wearer.

8. Red and White Braids

Red and White Braids

Just like the name, red and white braids are made using either red or white braiding hair for each individual braid. They’re plaited in a way that some braids are red, and others are white. Red and white braids can be made to follow a specific pattern, like red ones on one side and white ones on the other, or they can be made in an irregular order to spice it up.

9. White Twists 

White Twists

Braids aren’t the only hair-weaving technique that can be used for white hair! Twists can also be made using white braiding extensions. White twists can be made either tight or loose. Depending on preference, the sizes range from small to jumbo.

10. Brown and White Box Braids

Brown and White Box Braids

If you’re looking for a version of white braids with less contrast but still want to maintain individuality, swap black braiding hair for brown. The braid color can be mixed together or done separately, with each color on different sides. The best part is that you can let your creativity shine with this one.

11. White Braids Wig

White Braids Wig

Though not as common as other styles, wigs are one of the easiest, fastest, and most economical ways to rock white braids. You do not have to sit for several hours to make them or get them done. You can easily take them off and reuse them, too, if you like.

12. Black And White Box Braids

Black And White Box Braids

If you don’t want anything too dramatic, you don’t have to braid most or all of your hair white. You can simply spice up your box braids by making some of the individual braids using white braiding hair and all the others using black. Black and white box braids can have each side of the head as either black or white. They can also have an irregular mixture of black and white.

13. White Braids With Beads

White Braids With Beads

Switch up your white braids even more by adding beads to the ends. Let your creativity shine here, too, because there are so many kinds to choose from. Some different types of beads include wooden, glass, and acrylic. Beads add more beauty to the braids, drawing pleasant attention that will certainly turn heads!

14. White Feed-In Braids

White Feed In Braids

White feed-in braids are cornrowed braids that look so neat and natural it’s as if there is no braiding hair added at all. White feed-in braids are achieved by adding the white braiding hair underneath the braids instead of on top of them. Most ladies choose feed-in braids because of their seamless look.

15. Blue and White Braids

Blue and White Braids

If you’re really brave and want to make a statement, try this! If you want your white braids to pop and have a vibrant look, make some of the individual braids using blue braiding hair. Shades of blue are easy to find online or at beauty supply stores. With this style, you’ll definitely have heads turn while you walk by.

16. Pink and White Braids

Pink and White Braids

Pink and white braids have the hair braided separately with pink and white braiding hair. Playful, fun, and elegant, pink and white braids are a beautiful mixture of colors for braids. This style is definitely giving a feminine, princess vibe. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

17. Ombré Black and White Braids

Ombré black and white braids have black braids transitioning into white. Black ombré braids are made using black and white braiding hair with black as the top color and white for the ends of the braids. Depending on your preference, you can get the transitioning effects to start lower or higher than the photo above.

18. Purple and White Braids

Purple and White Braids

Here’s another hot, trendy braided hairstyle. All that’s needed is an alternate shade of purple instead of black braiding hair along with white. White and purple are two colors that complement each other, making white and purple braids a good option if you want to experiment with hues. This is another style that promises to make you stand out!

19. White Braids With Curly Ends

White Braids With Curly Ends

You should try this style of white braids with curly ends because braids with curly ends usually look fuller. They also have a more sophisticated vibe. The curls are achieved by using either curly extensions or straight extensions which are curled later on with flexi rods or hot water.

20. Long White Braids

Long White Braids

If you love long hair, then you want to try out these white braids. They’ll be an excellent choice for you, but the long length of the braids might make them take a bit longer to make. However, this also makes the braids come out nicely, and there is a wide range of styling options.


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