22 Pink Braided Hairstyles


Why stick to the basics when you can make a splash with a color that’s as lively and expressive as you are? Say hello to pink braids, the ultimate style statement that’s taking the beauty (and Barbie-) world by storm. Far from a one-size-fits-all trend, pink braids offer a variety of shades, giving you the freedom to personalize your look to your unique personality and vibe.

Is pink a good match for black or brown hairstyles? What about pink knotless braids? Try mixing in some beads or even a dash of glitter. In this must-read guide, we’ll explore a variety of pink braided hairstyles, along with expert tips and style inspirations to help you find your next jaw-dropping pink look.

1. Pink Box Braids

Image of Pink Box Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @tiny_braids_jax/Instagram

Pink box braids are a vibrant take on a classic, made using pink braiding hair. To achieve this look, you start by creating box-shaped parts and then form individual braids within each section. You’ve got options when it comes to the layout of these box parts. You can either align them so that each row of braids falls directly atop the one below, or opt for a brick-layered pattern. In the latter, each braid nestles into the space between two braids in the row beneath it, much like bricks in a wall. Opting for the brick-layered pattern gives the braids a flatter appearance and accentuates the boxy sections, but it won’t yield as full a look as stacking the box parts on top of each other. While they’re commonly called “box braids” due to these box-shaped sections, you can execute this style as either knotless or traditional knot braids. Plus, you’re not limited by size or length—feel free to customize your pink box braids to suit your personal flair.

2. Black and Pink Braids

Image of Black and Pink Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @keiana.j/Instagram

Pairing black with pink is a fantastic way to add depth and dimension to your braided hairstyle while toning down the vibrancy of the pink. You can blend these two colors to achieve the look you desire. You can combine black and pink braiding hair for a striking blend, or use braids in each color for a striking contrast. You also have the freedom to place either color on any side you prefer. Regardless of how you choose to mix and match these hues, the result of mixing black and pink is guaranteed to be eye-catching and stylish.

3. Brown and Pink Braids

Image of Brown and Pink Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @braidsbyjenn_/Instagram

Marrying brown with pink is another fabulous way to diversify your braided hairstyle. To achieve a balanced look, consider pairing a light brown braiding extension with a darker shade of pink, or vice versa. It’s crucial to select a color combination that complements your skin tone beautifully. You have the creative freedom to decide the ratio of pink to brown braids; you can opt for more of one color or evenly distribute both. Arrange them in a pattern that resonates with your personal style for a customized, stunning look.

4. Pink Knotless Braids

Image of Pink Knotless Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @braider_diary/Instagram

Knotless braids are all the rage, and when done in pink, they’re an absolute showstopper! Opting for the knotless technique not only offers a modern twist but also minimizes tension on your scalp, providing you with more comfortable and flexible braids. While it’s true that knotless braids may not have the longevity of traditional knotted styles, they still offer impressive durability, lasting you a considerable amount of time. So, if you’re looking for a trendy, low-tension option in a striking color, pink knotless braids are your go-to!

5. Blonde and Pink Braids

Image of Blonde and Pink Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @badbonaxxchi/Instagram

For those who love to make a statement with their hair, blonde and pink braids are a match made in heaven. This dynamic duo offers endless possibilities: you can use pink or blonde as highlights or distribute both colors equally for a balanced look. While you have the freedom to choose any shade of pink, certain blonde hues pair exceptionally well. Platinum blonde is a stunning complement to darker shades of pink, whereas the color 613 seamlessly blends with virtually any pink shade.

6. Pink and Black Braids with Beads

Image of Pink and Black Braids with Beads in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @knotlessbeehavior_/Instagram

Pink and black braids are a classic combo that never fails to make a statement. I’ve worn this look with beads myself many times. For the black, stick with either color 1 or 2—both are versatile and pair well with any shade of pink you might choose.

When it comes to beads, less really is more. You’re already working with two bold colors, so adding a third could be overwhelming. My advice? Stick to a single color of beads to keep things cohesive. If you’re looking for a foolproof option, clear beads are a safe bet. They add a subtle touch without overshadowing the main event—your stunning braids.

So, if you’re aiming for a look that’s both eye-catching and tasteful, pink and black braids with beads are a winning combination.

7. Pink Goddess Braids

Image of Pink Goddess Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @trancasdaluh_/Instagram

Looking for a standout summer hairstyle? Pink goddess braids are both stylish and durable. I’ve tried this style, and it’s a solid choice for the season. However, be aware that the attached curls make it a high-maintenance option. If you’re up for the upkeep, these braids are a great pick for a long-lasting, eye-catching look.

8. Light Pink Braids

Image of Light Pink Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @elsadesiire/Instagram

Light pink braids offer a low-maintenance yet delicate option for those who love softer hues. I’ve sported light pink before, and while it’s easy on the upkeep, it’s also easy to stain or dirty. Be mindful of dirty surfaces and make it a habit to cover your braids before hitting the sack. If you can manage that, you’re in for a breezy, beautiful look with minimal fuss.

9. Pink Lemonade Braids

Image of Pink Lemonade Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @cuppymusic/Instagram

I’ve recommended this style to people concerned about bald spots, as the strategic placement of the braids can offer some coverage. So, if you’re looking for a style that’s both eye-catching and functional, pink lemonade braids are a great choice.

10. Pink and Black Peekaboo Braids

Image of Pink and Black Peekaboo Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @samyaj_beautiqueandco/Instagram

Peekaboo braids live up to their playful name, offering a surprise element that’s both subtle and striking. In this style, you can choose either pink or black as the dominant color, while the other hue peeks out from certain sections. Typically, the “peekaboo” part is situated at the back, but you’re free to place it wherever you fancy.

I’ve seen this style done in various ways, and it’s always a conversation starter. It’s like a little secret you’re sharing only with those who take the time to really look. So, if you’re in the mood for a braided style that offers a little something extra, pink and black peekaboo braids are a fun choice.

11. Pink Braids Wig

Image of Pink Braids Wig in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @hairtoure/Instagram

If you’re looking to make a style statement without spending hours in the salon, a pink braids wig is a solid choice. Trust me, it’s both cost-effective and versatile. You’ve got options from knotless to jumbo, short to Fulani braids—all in varying shades of pink.

Now, let’s get into the details. Full lace wigs offer a natural look but require a bit more time for proper installation and blending. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more convenient, 2×4 and 4×4 closures are a quick and easy alternative. Just put it on, and you’re good to go.

12. Pink Braids with Beads

Image of Pink Braids with Beads in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @queenmercyhair/Instagram

Adding beads to pink braids is like the icing on a cake—it just takes the look to a whole new level. From personal experience, I’d recommend going for shorter-length braids when adding beads. This helps keep the style manageable and comfortable, especially if you’re wearing it for extended periods.

As for bead options, you’ve got a whole palette to play with. Clear beads offer a subtle touch, while brown wooden beads bring in a natural element. Black and silver beads are also solid choices, providing a nice contrast to the pink.

13. Pink and Black Goddess Braids

Image of Pink and Black Goddess Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image of Pink and Black Goddess Braids in a style with Pink Braids

Combining black and pink in goddess braids creates a striking contrast that’s hard to ignore. You’ve got a range of options for the type of curly hair extensions—synthetic, mastermix, or human hair. Finding curly pink extensions can be a bit of a hunt, though.

One workaround I’ve used is to leave out strands of hair while braiding and then curl them using curling rods. This allows you to incorporate pink without the hassle of searching for the perfect extensions. If you’re working with human hair and have some extra time on your hands, dyeing the strands pink is another option.

So, if you want to make a bold statement with your braids, the pink and black goddess style offers both versatility and visual impact. Just be prepared to invest a little more time if you opt for dyeing.

14. Pink Knotless Braids with Beads

Image of Pink Knotless Braids with Beads in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @hairbybriii__/Instagram

For a look that’s both simple and stunning, pink knotless braids with beads are perfect. The knotless braiding method starts with your natural hair, gradually incorporating pink braiding hair as you work your way down. This creates a more natural, lightweight feel, especially if you opt for minimal braiding hair. Now, let’s talk beads. They’re the finishing touch that takes your braids from pretty to show-stopping. You’ve got a world of options when it comes to styles and colors, so feel free to get creative.

15. Pink Ombre Braids

Image of Pink Ombre Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @britovirginia_/Instagram

Pink ombre braids offer a seamless transition of color that adds depth and dimension to your hairstyle. These braids use pink ombre braiding extensions, which come pre-colored in a gradient of pink shades, usually transitioning from light to dark or vice versa. This eliminates the need to manually mix shades, making the braiding process more straightforward. What’s great is that you’re not limited in terms of style. Pink ombre extensions can achieve your desired look if you’re into box braids, cornrows, or any other braid style.

16. Pink French Curl Braids

Image of Pink French Curl Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @chisluxebraidinghair/Instagram

Pink French curl braids are a versatile choice that can elevate your look for any occasion. These braids use pre-curled French curl extensions, known for their silky texture. Given the unique nature of these extensions, it’s crucial to find a braider skilled in handling them to preserve their integrity.

A pro tip for working with French curl extensions is to apply oil to your hands before separating the strands. This helps maintain the texture and prevents frizz. When it’s time to transition from the braid to the loose curls, tie a secure knot to keep everything in place.

Maintenance is relatively straightforward: a leave-in conditioner or hair mousse will keep those curls bouncy and fresh.

17. Pink Braided Ponytail

Image of Pink Braided Ponytail in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @briastylez/Instagram

If you want to highlight your facial features while rocking a unique style, a pink braided ponytail is your answer. It’s a chic twist on the classic ponytail and is relatively easy to pull off. For a more cohesive look, consider dyeing your natural hair pink or using a temporary pink dye to match the braided extension. This style can last for more than a week with proper care. A silk scarf or bonnet for nighttime wear is a must, and a quick brush-up of the slicked part each day will keep it looking fresh.

18. Pink Jumbo Braids

Image of Pink Jumbo Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @hayleecreations/Instagram

If you’re itching to join the pink braids trend but are short on time, pink jumbo braids are your quick ticket to fabulous. These are large individual braids crafted with pink braiding hair, offering a bold and eye-catching look. You have the option to go knotless or stick with traditional knotted braids. While they may not have the staying power of smaller braids, the upside is the reduced time you’ll spend in the braider’s chair. Plus, you’ll still walk away with a hairstyle that’s nothing short of stunning.

19. Pink Micro Braids

Image of Pink Micro Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @hairchulture/Instagram

If you’re looking for a long-lasting protective style, pink micro braids are worth considering. These are finely sectioned braids using pink braiding extensions, and they offer both durability and versatility. However, be prepared to invest some time; these braids are not a quick job. You might even need multiple braiders to get it done in a reasonable timeframe.

My advice? Queue up your favorite shows and have some snacks on hand to make the lengthy process more enjoyable. The good news is, once they’re in, micro braids are low-maintenance and offer a variety of styling options. This means you’ll save time getting ready in the mornings.

20. Short Pink Braids

Image of Short Pink Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @theodoraa.e/Instagram

Short pink braids are a solid pick if you’re looking for a breezy, low-maintenance style, especially for those hot weather months. Opt for blunt pink braiding hair rather than pre-stretched to get the best results. You’ll need to cut it to your desired length and feather the ends before getting started, but this ensures a more polished final look.

One of the best parts? These braids are quick to install, saving you time in the braider’s chair. Plus, their shorter length makes them versatile when it comes to styling.

21. Pink Curly Braids

Image of Pink Curly Braids in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @alma.ngur/Instagram

Adding pink curly braids to your braided style will elevate your look. You can achieve this look in a couple of ways: either by attaching curly extensions to the ends of your braids or by using flexi rods to curl the braids themselves.

The curls add a voluminous element, making this style a go-to for those who love fuller hair. Plus, the added texture brings a level of sophistication that makes these braids suitable for any occasion.

22. Pink Peekaboo Braids with Glitter

Image of Pink Peekaboo Braids with Glitter in a style with Pink Braids
Image by: @hayleecreations/Instagram

Pink peekaboo braids with glitter are the way to level up your braid game. This style’s got you rocking mostly pink braids but with a little surprise—a contrasting color peeking out from the back. Now, to make it pop, weave in some glitter strands into each braid. You can snag these glitter strands from your local beauty supply or hit up online stores like Amazon without spending too much. Trust me, it’s a fun and affordable way to make your braids stand out.


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