20 Man Bun Braids Styles


We’ve all heard of the famous man bun hairstyle. Man buns have grown in popularity over the last decade, including man bun braids. Man bun braids are protective hairstyles for men that are easy to make and comfortable to wear. You make them by braiding the hair into cornrows or individual braids, such as box braids and knotless braids, then wrapping the ends of the braids into a bun. It’s a simple and fast way to style men’s hair, which is for the best seeing as most men don’t typically like sitting in front of a hairstylist for extended periods of time.

Men don’t usually rock long hair so naturally you don’t need very long hair to execute a braided man bun. In most cases, men with buns have the hair on the sides of their head shaved low.

Just as with women’s braids, man bun braids must not be too tight as that can cause tension that weakens the hair follicles and causes hair damage, thinning or baldness. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s check out some of the most handsome and alluring man bun braid styles.

1. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun

Neat and stylish French braids are made by first parting the hair, if necessary, into two or three sections as seen above. Then, take the strands of hair and lap the cross-sectioned hair strands over each other using the three strands technique. The bun part is achieved by folding the ends of the French braids into a bun.

2. Low Bun With Braids

Low Bun With Braids

Low buns can only be executed when the hair is braided back or put into a low ponytail. Low braided buns are very simple and clean male buns that don’t take much time to make.

3. Fade Man Bun Braids

Fade Man Bun Braids

Fade man bun braids are made on men that already have a fade haircut. The hair on the sides of the head are usually shaved while the hair at the top is left to grow out. Fade man bun braids are one of the best-looking man bun braids—it’s such a mature and attractive style.

4. Updo Braids in a Bun

Updo Braids in a Bun

Updo braids put into a bun are those that are kept out of the face and don’t allow the hair to hang down or fall on the back. If you love comfortable bun braids or need to keep hair out of the way for work, then the updo braids bun is a perfect choice.

5. Stitch Braids Into a Bun

Stitch Braids Into a Bun

Men’s stitch braids are cornrows that are plaited in such a way that there are visible lines along the sides of the braids. You can get these perfectly intricate lines by using the pinky fingernail or a rat tail comb to make small parts while plaiting the hair. Stitch braids in a bun are nice-looking and trendy braid styles for men.

6. Feed-In Braids Bun

Feed in Braids Bun

Feed-in braids are the real MVP for a seamless and natural look, a fact we break down in our article on braid hairstyles for men. Men’s feed-in braids can be made in a lot of different styles that can be put into buns. These braids are a nice style that compliments the face.

7. Cornrow Braids Into a Bun

Cornrow Braids Into a Bun

Men’s cornrows into a bun are done by making braids close to the scalp and wrapping the ends up into a small bun at the back. Despite being a protective hairstyle, cornrows can cause a lot of tension on the scalp as well as hair loss if the braids or bun are done too tightly.

8. Black Braids in a Bun

Black Braids in a Bun

If you already have black box or knotless braids, simply secure them into a bun at the back of the head. This style looks great and feels comfortable as no hair is left hanging on the face or back.

9. Two Braids Into a Bun

Two Braids Into a Bun

Two braids into a bun for men take the least amount of time to make. Two braids hairstyles can’t be made on very short hair and are difficult to make on bulky and super full hair types. This style looks really charming but doesn’t last long since the braids are so big in size.

10. Stitch Braids Low Bun

Stitch Braids Low Bun

Stitch braids put into a low bun are made by stitch braiding the hair back into a low ponytail and then tying the hair into a bun. This style gives the wearer a youthful look with highlighted facial features.

11. Braids to the Back With Bun

Braids to the Back With Bun

Braids to the back with a bun have all of the hair braided to the back and then secured into a bun. This style is super clean and youthful and, like most low bun styles, accentuates the wearer’s handsome and rugged facial features.

12. Dutch Braided Bun

Dutch Braided Bun

Dutch braids are also known as reverse French braids because unlike French braids which involve braiding the cross sectioned hair strands over each other, Dutch braids involve braiding the strands under each other. Dutch braided buns are very popular and look sleek and nice.

13. Straight Back Braids With Bun

Straight Back Braids With Bun

Straight back braids with a bun are braided from the hairline to the back, close to the nape of the neck in a perfectly straight order. Then the ends are secured into a bun at the back. Straight backs are the simplest cornrow style there is and they can be made into small, medium and jumbo sizes. Keep in mind that small-sized braids take the longest time to make but they also last the longest.

14. Ponytail Braids Bun

Ponytail Braids Bun

Do you love your braids out of your face and off your back? Then the ponytail braids bun is one of the best choices for you as the high ponytail makes it so that you don’t have to worry about your hair falling to the front or the back.

15. Braids Into Bun

Braids Into Bun

Your individual and cornrow braid styles can be secured into a neat bun to make them comfy to wear and sleep on but also look good. The braids shouldn’t be put into too tight of a bun—besides, loose buns look more masculine.

16. Braids Into Two Buns

Braids Into Two Buns

Do you want your braided bun to look different from the regular? Then you can tie your braids into two buns instead of just one. Braids into two buns are achievable for every braids style and they also give a youthful vibe.

17. Braided Top Bun

Braided Top Bun

Braided top buns are also ponytail bun type styles that are braided on the top of the head and have the bun facing upwards. These are good-looking man buns that are easy to wear since they stay neatly in place.

18. Man Bun Braids Short Hair

Man Bun Braids Short Hair

Man bun braids aren’t just meant for men with long hair, they can also be made on short hair types. The only difference is that the buns for short hair aren’t usually as big and puffy as the ones for long hair types since there isn’t as much hair to work with.

19. Man Bun Braids With Design

Man Bun Braids With Design

Designs transform man bun styles from basic to Instagram-worthy and creative! The only limit to how your braids are designed is your imagination. Designed man bun braids are usually very nice as the designs are there to improve the look of the braids.

20. Four Feed-In Braids Into a Bun

Four Feed in Braids Into a Bun

Four feed-in braids into a bun is a minimalistic braids style for men that features the hair braided into just four braids and tied into a bun. This four braids style doesn’t last very long because of their big size but they only take a short while to make.


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