22 Pull Through Braid Hairstyles 


There are so many different ways to do your hair and sometimes it can be hard to decide on a style. Pull through braids are a great way to keep your hair looking amazing. This braid style has a distinctive look that is often voluminous and loose, but can also be made to look proper and tidy. It’s also easy to do and there are lots of different ways to make a pull through braid, so feel free to experiment with different techniques. You can try adding more or less hair, doing multiple braids, or even adding in some accessories like flowers or headbands. And don’t forget to have fun with it! Take a look at these photos for inspiration, and read on for tips on how to achieve this style.

1. Pull Through Ponytail

Pull Through Ponytail

A pull through ponytail is a classy way to style your hair into a ponytail. Colorful accessories always add a lot of allure to your pull through braids, making them look more attractive.

2. Double Pull Through Braids

Double Pull Through Braids

Double braids are timeless and quick braid hairstyles. You can be sure to stun everyone with these simple and chic double pull through braids.

3. Pull Through Braid Pigtails

Pull Through Braid Pigtails

If you want a pull through braid style that will make you look and feel youthful, go for the pull through braid pigtails. Rock this pigtail style to casual events and be sure to look charming.

4. Pull Through Braid Mohawk

Pull Through Braid Mohawk

This mohawk pull through braid will give you an edgy and prominent look which is why it works great for women that aren’t shy and like to create a strong impression.

5. Pull Through Braid for Short Hair

Pull Through Braid for Short Hair

You don’t need long hair to achieve the perfect pull through braid as you can style your short hair into a wide range of pull through braid styles.

6. Half-Up Pull Through Braid

Half up Pull Through Braid

This half-up pull through braid is a perfect hairstyle for fancy and formal events like weddings and prom. The two pull through braids on the top of the head and the rest of the hair falling loosely on the back is an absolutely fabulous way of showing off your luscious hair.

7. Pull Through French Braid

Pull Through French Braid

A pull through French braid resembles the regular French braid and it’s achieved by pulling the topmost ponytail into the lower ponytail.

8. Pull Through Side Braids

Pull Through Side Braids

Your hair definitely will stand out when you style it into this pull through side braid. It’s not only easy to make, but side braids are also very pretty.

9. Pull Through Braid Updo

Pull Through Braid Updo

Try out this glamorous pull through updo which is perfect if you have curly hair. This pull through braid will have your hair as the center of attention and get you a lot of stares and compliments. It’ll also keep your hair secured up and out of the way all day long.

10. Pull Through Bun

Pull Through Bun

A pull through bun is a cozy pull through hairstyle. You’ll surely be very comfortable when you wrap the loose ends of your pull through braid into a bun.

11. Easy Pull Through Braid

Easy Pull Through Braid

Easy pull through braids are a great choice if you need a quick but pretty hairstyle. These braids are an awesome go-to hairstyle to prevent a bad hair day and it’s also a quick hairstyle for kids.

12. Pull Through Braid With Extensions

Pull Through Braid With Extensions

Extensions are added to pull through braids for different reasons, whether it be for extra length, extra thickness, or just to braid your hair into a color different from your natural hair color.

13. Waterfall Pull Through Braid

Waterfall Pull Through Braid

A waterfall pull through braid has the top diagonally braided as a pull through braid. It’s a suitable hairstyle for young and old ladies with short to long hair length.

14. Pull Through Crown Braid

Pull Through Crown Braid

A pull through crown braid is a crown braid style that is achieved by using the pull through technique to make a braid around the head. This style is wonderful for formal and casual events.

15. Pull Through Braid With Headband

Pull Through Braid With Headband

A pull through braid headband features a single pull through braid, plaited from ear to ear across the front of the head to look like a headband. This adorable headband braid can be worn casually or to school.

16. Pull Through Braids for Wedding

Pull Through Braids for Wedding

Pull through braids in different styles can be worn by brides for weddings. To give your pull through braid extra charm and make it more fitting for a wedding, add a lot of shiny hair accessories or flowers to the braid.

17. Pull Through Dutch Braids

Pull Through Dutch Braids

A pull through braid resembles the regular Dutch braid and can be mistaken as one if you don’t take a good look at the hair. A Dutch pull through braid is achieved by pulling the bottom ponytail into the top one until you get to the end. If you don’t know how to braid, this is a dazzling alternative to the conventional Dutch braid.

18. Pull Through Bubble Braids

Pull Through Bubble Braids

Pull through bubble braids are regular bubble braids that are fashioned using the pull through braid method in any different design or style. The difference between pull through bubble braids and regular bubble braids is that they don’t have the deceptive braided look.

19. Pull Through Braids on Toddler

Pull Through Braids on Toddler

Pull through braids are great hairstyles for toddlers as they’re easy and quick to make without the toddlers feeling pain or discomfort.

20. Easy Pull Through Braids

Easy Pull Through Braids

To achieve this version of the easy pull through braid, plait a small Dutch braid at one side of the and plait the rest of the hair into a jumbo pull through braid. Easy pull through braids wont take too much of your time and in a few minutes, you’re all done.

21. Jumbo Pull Through Braided Pigtails

Jumbo Pull Through Braided Pigtails

Jumbo pull through braid pigtails are two pull through braids that are made to be very big. Jumbo braids give you a very bold and pronounced look.

22. 3D Pull Through Braid

3D Pull Through Braid

The 3D pull through braid is quite different from the rest as it has its own technique. To pull off the 3D pull through braids, first section all of the hair into ponytails down the middle of the head and then divide the first ponytail into three parts. The middle part is allowed to fall to the rest of the ponytails while the ones at the sides are bound together with a rubber band underneath the next ponytail. This process is repeated until you get to the end or achieve your desired length.


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