20 Faux Locs Hairstyles (Fake Braids)


Can we even count all the ways we adore locs? They’re so gorgeous and natural, wild yet sophisticated, and so easy to style with an endless array of styling options. Not to mention, they look absolutely tasty on men. The only issue: they take months to make naturally and years to grow out. Not everybody has that kind of time or patience. Thankfully, that’s where faux locs come in! Faux braids, also known as faux locs or fake braids, are temporary dreadlock styles that are achieved by installing ready-made locs extensions into your hair.

Faux braids or locs styles range from natural, textured looking locs to synthetic and shiny looking ones. Faux locs are a great option for anyone who wants the look of dreadlocks without the commitment or hassle of actually locking their hair. There are many different faux locs styles to choose from with crochet and goddess faux locs being the most popular styles. If you’re curious about how locs would look on you, take a stroll through these faux loc hairstyles and find one that suits your personality and style.

1. Faux Locs

Faux Locs

Faux locs are man-made locs installed into the hair. They’re a perfect replacement for braids and they’re also low maintenance. The amazing thing about faux locs is that the longer they stay on your head, the better they look as long as you keep the roots neat. Faux locs can last for several months since the roots of the hair can easily be refreshed.

2. Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs, just like goddess braids, have curly extensions hanging alongside the loc strands. Different loc styles, Including both the neat and the distressed ones, can be made into goddess locs. This style usually looks relatively fuller as a result of the curly extensions.

3. Crochet Faux Locs

Crochet Faux Locs 1

Crochet faux locs are reusable ready-made locs that usually have loops for installation. Crochet locs are really easy to install and take out which means little to no time at the salon. They can be installed either individually or onto cornrows.

4. Short Faux Locs

Short Faux Locs

Short hair lovers will be pleased with the fact that there are also short faux locs styles available for you. Short faux locs are classy and can be made in any size from small to jumbo. These can be styled in several ways to achieve different looks.

5. Crochet Goddess Locs

Crochet Goddess Locs

Crochet locs are available in different styles and goddess crochet locs are one of the most stylish ones. Each individual loc strand has curly extensions attached that give the hair its bohemian vibe. If you want goddess locs but don’t have the time to sit for hours, just get crochet locs which you can use over and over again.

6. Faux Locs Curly

Faux Locs Curly

Faux locs can be curled in order to add some flavor to them. There are different varieties of curly loc extensions available or straight ones can also be curled by hand. If you’re a little tired of your straight locs and want something different, just curl them the same way you’d curl your braids. Wrap each strand on rollers, dip them in hot water, then remove and dry them. And viola, you have fabulous curly locs.

7. Jumbo Faux Locs

Jumbo Faux Locs

Get a bold and powerful look by getting jumbo locs. You don’t have to spend too much time making them and they also last quite a long time.

8. Locs With Curly Ends

Locs With Curly Ends

Do you want your locs to have a look that’s different from the regular? Simply make the ends curly. The curly ends give the locs more volume and make them look more fancy.

9. Loc Updo

Loc Updo

An elegant way of styling your locs is by styling them into an updo. Loc updos can be worn effortlessly to all ceremonial and formal occasions. Styling your locs into updos also ensures that you’re comfortable and that your hair is secure all day.

10. Red Locs

Red Locs

You don’t have to make your locs with boring colors when there are a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from. Red locs make your face pop in a way that you simply don’t get from normal black locs.

11. Natural Locs

Natural Locs

Natural locs are made without any extensions. They are simply made by intertwining the natural hair strands or leaving coarse hair types uncombed for a long period of time. Natural locs can be styled just as you would style your braids.

12. Small Faux Locs

Small Faux Locs

Small faux locs feature individual locs in small sizes. Locs this small usually require a lot of time to make. If they’re small crochet locs, they require a lot of individual locs and take more time to install.

13. Men’s Faux Locs

Mens Faux Locs

Men can rock faux locs just as well as ladies since they’re natural looking loc extensions that can be intertwined to the hair to look like it was grown out. Men’s faux locs are available in different lengths to suit your preference and lifestyle.

14. Faux Locs Bob

Faux Locs Bob

Faux locs can be made in short or medium lengths as bobs. The short length of bob faux locs don’t limit their styling potential as they can be styled in a couple of beautiful ways.

15. Long Locs Styles

Long Locs Styles

Long locs are eye-catching loc styles that announce your presence wherever you step into a room. Long locs, unless they are crochet locs, usually require you to spend several hours at the salon.

16. Pink Locs

Pink Locs

Pink hair usually compliments fair skin types but don’t get confused—darker-skinned ladies can rock them just as flawlessly. Pink colored locs are cute, fun to look at, and give great energetic vibes.

17. Burgundy Locs

Burgundy Locs

Burgundy locs are a popular choice and a great substitute for brown and black locs for dark hair lovers. They’re very flattering and are suitable for all skin tones.

18. Medium Length Locs Styles

Medium Length Locs Styles

If you love long loc styles but you’re not comfortable with their weight, this beautiful medium length loc style is perfect for you. It gives you almost the same vibe that very long locs give.

19. Ombré Locs

Ombre Locs

Ombré locs are locs that are made using two or more different colors that transition smoothly into one another. Any color can be used to achieve ombré locs as long as there are two different colors or two different shades of the same color.

20. Locs in a Bun

Locs in a Bun

One of the simplest and easiest ways of styling locs is by packaging them all into a ponytail and wrapping the ends into a bun. This can be done to change up your look for the day or bring you comfort as no hair will be touching your back.


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