25 Long Hair Braided Hairstyles


Long braids are characterized by their incredible length from the back. Long braided hairstyles generally hang down your back, reaching the bottom of your back or lower. Unlike styles for shorter hair, long hair braided hairstyles require more braiding hair to complete and they usually take a longer time to finish—which is why it’s advisable for multiple braiders to work together on one long hair braided style. 

What’s awesome about longer hair is that the length of the braids provides more styling options and they typically last between three to eight weeks—not to mention they simply look majestic! These long hair braids can be styled in a wide variety of ways such as ponytails, updos, and straight back cornrows to name a few. Long hair braided hairstyles may get uncomfortable in hot weather but they can always be put up and out of the way.

If you’re thinking “the longer, the better” then here are 25 exquisite long hair braided hairstyles for you to choose from for your next hair appointment! 

1. Long Box Braids

Long Box Braids

Long box braids are made by sectioning the hair into square parts and using long braiding extensions to do individual braids. Unless your natural hair is already lengthy, braiding extensions have to be added to get the desired length. Long box braids are very versatile and have endless styling potential.

2. Long Braid Ponytail

Long Braid Ponytail

This long braid ponytail is the perfect minimal look for everyone! It involves using holding products to sleek the natural hair back to the crown, middle or back of the head, then attaching a long braided ponytail to the end. The long braid ponytail can be done in any color or size.

3. Long Jumbo Box Braids

Long Jumbo Box Braids

Long jumbo box braids are individual box braids made in big sizes. They are made by sectioning the hair into large box parts, then using large strands of braiding hair to braid each box part. Long jumbo box braids take less time than thinner braids depending on the length, however if you do want them extra long then you may need to add extra pieces of braiding hair to each braid to get the desired length.

4. Long Knotless Braids

Long Knotless Braids 1

Long knotless braids are created by first parting the hair into the desired part shape. Next, each section is braided starting with the natural hair at the root and gradually feeding in small pieces of braiding hair until the desired thickness and length is achieved. Long knotless braids are relatively lightweight and flexible without putting too much tension on the scalp.

5. Small Long Box Braids

Small Long Box Braids

Small long box braids are the perfect protective style that lasts you a long period of time. Small long box braids are made by sectioning the hair into small box parts and then box braiding each section with a small amount of braiding hair. Because of their size, these braids may take more time to complete but it is always worth it at the end.

6. Long Box Braids With Color

Long Box Braids With Color

Sometimes, all you need to spice up your braid style is just a splash of color! Long box braids with color is a great way to switch up your regular box braids. These long, vibrant braids can be done using any one color or combination of colors of braiding hair to make long box braids. Two or more colors can be mixed in whichever pattern or combination you desire.

7. Long Twist Braids

Long Twist Braids

Another easy way to shake up regular braids is by getting twist braids. Long twist braids are made by securing the roots of the braid with braiding hair and intertwining two strands of hair on top of each other to form twists. Long twist braids should be done tightly to avoid the twists from unraveling. 

8. Long Lemonade Braids

Long Lemonade Braids 1

Long lemonade braids are a wonderfully asymmetric hairstyle that involves making cornrow braids to one side of the head. The braids can face either the left or right side and be made in straight lines or with designs—whichever you prefer! Individual braids are made underneath the side where the lemonade braids are facing, to make them fuller and more voluminous. Long lemonade braids can be done in any color or size.

9. Long Knotless Braids With Beads

Long Knotless Braids With Beads

An alluring way to spice up knotless braids is by making them long and adding beads to them. Long knotless braids with beads are easily done by making long individual braids without knots and adding beads to the ends of each braid. The beads come in different kinds like wood, acrylic, plastic, etc. and they come in different colors and shapes as well! If you’re getting knotless braids that are long in length, it’s recommended not to use too many beads or beads that are too big because they’ll make the hair heavy which can get uncomfortable.

10. Long Braids For Men

Long Braids for Men

What’s considered long braids for men are usually braids that are around shoulder blade-length because most men have short hair. Long braids for men usually don’t require much, if any, braiding hair. Small pieces of braiding hair can be added just to give some additional length. Long braids for men don’t have to be excessively long as it’s more of a natural look. For more on this and other styles, see our braid hairstyles for men article

11. Crochet Long Braids

Crochet Long Braids

Not everyone has the patience or time to sit for long braids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them! The best hairstyle option for people on a time-crunch is crochet long braids. Crochet long braids are achieved by braiding the natural hair into any cornrow pattern you choose and installing pre-made long braids with a crochet pin. Crochet long braids come in various colors and styles, and are very easy to install. They can also be styled in various ways and when you’re done with them the crochet extensions can be taken out and reused another time.

12. Long Cornrow Braids

Long Cornrow Braids

Long cornrow braids involve parting the hair into any cornrow pattern and making braids very close to the scalp with long ends. Long cornrow braids can be made several ways, including straight backs, a braided updo, or lemonade braids

13. Two-Toned Long Box Braids

Two Toned Long Box Braids

Two-toned long box braids are a very unique way of styling your box braids. Two-toned long box braids are executed by parting a straight line from the front of the head to the nape of the neck to section the hair into two, then using one color of braiding hair to make individual braids on one side and using another color to braid the other section. If you can’t decide on one color for your braids, you might as well get two!

14. Extra Long Box Braids

Extra Long Box Braids

Extra long braids, as the name implies, are braids made in a very long and extra length. You may need to add more braiding hair to get the desired length since using only one length from the start could become a bit difficult for the braider and the extensions may start tangling. Extra long braids can be done in any single color, combination of colors, or ombré colors.

15. Long Goddess Braids

Long Goddess Braids

Long goddess braids can also be called long bohemian braids. This glamorous look involves making long individual braids while also leaving curly strands out of the braids. Goddess braids give your hair a fuller look especially when they’re done in a long length. It’s advised to use good quality curly extensions and to also maintain them with water and conditioner spray to avoid bad tangling.

16. Long Knotless Braids With Curly Ends

Long Knotless Braids With Curly Ends

Straight long braids are common and can get a little boring. Curls are a subtle and cute touch that anyone can add to their long knotless braids. Long knotless braids with curly ends are made by making long individual braids without knots and adding curls to the ends. The curls can be put in place by adding pre-made curly hair extensions or curling the ends of the remaining braiding hair with a flexi rod, curling roller or thread.

17. Long Braided Wig

Long Braided Wig

Life has become so much easier since braided wigs came into existence! Long braided wigs are made by braiding individual long braids on a wig cap, either with a closure or frontal. The closure or frontal has to be customized and bleached for it to look natural as a braid wig. The only downside to using a long braided wig is that it may be heavier than having the braids done on your natural hair.

18. Long Kinky Twist Braids

Long Kinky Twist Braids

Long kinky twist braids are made using kinky hair extensions. It involves using the kinky hair to do individual twists and adding more extensions to make the length longer. Long kinky twist braids can be done using any color of kinky hair extensions. Long kinky twist braids are great for people with 4b or 4c hair textures that want a natural but long twist look.

19. Long Yarn Braids

Long Yarn Braids

Long yarn braids are done with yarn or wool. You can use baby wool, Brazilian wool, etc. to make long individual braids. The yarn comes in different colors and they can be cut to get the desired long length. The ends are secured either by tying them or burning them with a lighter. Yarn braids are usually lightweight and can be styled in just as many ways as synthetic hair extensions. 

20. Long Fulani Braids

Long Fulani Braids

Fulani braids require you to part the hair horizontally into two sections. You can then make any cornrow braid design on the crown section and make individual braids on the other section at the back. The cornrows can be made using feed-in or Ghana weaving techniques, while the back section can be individual knot or knotless braids. Fulani braids can be done in any color and you can make them look extra by adding curls or beads at the ends of the long braids.

21. Long Ombré Box Braids

Long Ombre Box Braids

Long ombré box braids are made by using ombré braiding extensions to make individual box braids. The ombré braiding extensions come in different colors ranging from two-tone, three-tone or more colors. The ombré extensions can only be used in the length that they come in since the colors need to remain as they are arranged. To achieve longer lengths, you can improvise by using short lengths of different colored braiding hair and adding them underneath each other. 

22. Blonde Long Braids

Blonde Long Braids

Blondes definitely do it best! Blonde long braids are made using blonde braiding extensions. Blonde extension colors range from dark blonde to honey blonde all the way to shiny platinum blonde and they all look amazing for braids. Secret tip: the perfect shade for blonde braids is braiding hair in color 613!

23. Long Braids With Bangs

Long Braids With Bangs

Long braids with bangs are definitely different—they’re an exotic style that you won’t see on too many people! Long braids with bangs are made by making long individual braids on both the sides and back of the hair then making short individual braids at the front to create the bangs. The long section of the braids can still be styled into a ponytail, bun or any other style you like while the bangs stay put, so your long braids can still be quite versatile even with the bangs.

24. Pop Smoke Long Braids

Pop Smoke Long Braids

Pop Smoke braids are named after the late rapper “Pop Smoke” because he was always on this style of braids. Long Pop Smoke braids involve parting a clean, straight line from the front of the head to the nape of the neck to create two equal sections then making cornrows on each section that run straight down the sides of the head. 

25. Long Braids With Shaved Sides

Long Braids With Shaved Sides

In order to make long braids with shaved sides, you’ll need to cut the hair low on both sides of the head and braid the remaining hair in the middle into long individual braids. The long braids can be any size and still be styled in a lot of different ways. These long braids can also be left hanging down to cover the shaved sides.


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