26 Green Braids Hairstyles


Looking to shake up your braid game? Green is the bold, eye-catching color you need. From box braids to cornrows to braided ponytails, green works beautifully with almost any braided style.

If you usually stick to basic braid colors, green is a great way to break out of your comfort zone. There’s a wide range of shades from light to dark that will pop in your braids.

When wearing brighter green shades, keep in mind they can stain and get dirty more easily outdoors. To preserve the vibrant color, cover your hair with a silk scarf or bonnet both indoors and when sleeping. Just like any braids, green styles are fairly easy to maintain.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know to pull off green braids with confidence. Get ready to make a statement with these 26 head-turning hairstyles with green braids!

1. Green Peekaboo Braids

Image of Green Peekaboo Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: styles.kmcouture/Instagram

Want just a touch of green on your braids? You can opt for green peekaboo braids. The peekaboo effect is usually placed at the back of the braids, with the green strands subtly showing through beneath the black ones. If you’re in the mood to switch it up, why not let green take the lead with a different color tucked away underneath? Green peekaboo braids are all about flexing your style, inviting you to play with color combos on your terms.

2. Green and Black Braids

Image of Green and Black Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: saniyahstouch/Instagram

If you want to tone down the boldness of green braids, mellow it down by pairing it with black. It’s impossible to go wrong with green and black braids. Whether you line them up side by side or mix them in your own style, they work together beautifully. Want to tip the scales? Use more of one color than the other to get the look just right. And if you’re all about that unique style, blend green and black braiding hair for a custom mix that’s all your own.

3. Green Knotless Braids

Image of Green Knotless Braids
Image by: thedoyennehaus/Instagram

All of you already know knotless braids are the real deal. You can achieve them in a green color too. Green knotless braids are created by feeding in small pieces of green braiding hair as the braid extends. The braids usually start with the natural hair before the braiding hair is added. This allows the braids to have less tension on the scalp. The flexibility of green knotless braids also lets you style them right away after getting them done. If your natural hair is dyed green too, you’ll get the most out of green knotless braids.

4. Dark Green Braids

Image of Dark Green Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: priscillafenix/Instagram

If you want to join the green braids trend but don’t like regular or lighter shades of green hair, you can choose a dark green shade. Dark green braids have cooler tones, perfect for people who want to try new colors but prefer safer options. You can also use dark green braiding hair to create different braid hairstyles.

5. Neon Green Braids

Image of Neon Green Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: hairbysusy/Instagram

Neon green braids are perfect for making an entrance into any room. Neon green braiding hair can create any braid style you want. When using neon green hair, it’s important to tuck the natural hair carefully underneath the braids. This prevents the natural hair from poking out and disrupting the vivid color. An interesting fact about neon green braids is they can glow in the dark, making them the ultimate party rockstar hairstyle. By now, you’ve likely realized neon green braids are very bright and flashy. So keep in mind you’ll be drawing attention if you get them!

6. Green Ombre Braids

Image of Green Ombre Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: _stillstyling/Instagram

Green ombre braids are another amazing green braid style. They use ombre braiding extensions with two or more shades of color. You can also custom-make your own green ombre braids. Start the braids with any color you want, then add one or more greens as the braid extends, creating a gradient reminiscent of the natural transition found in ombre braids. You can also use only green shades. Note that the braiding hair should be cut short before braiding. This prevents the top color from disrupting the color being added.

7. Pink and Green Braids

Image of Pink and Green Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: ikickshins/Instagram

Pink and green braids may seem like an unlikely color combination, but once you see it, you’ll want to try it. Green and pink are great colors on their own, but they’re even better when combined. There are different ways to mix green and pink. You can use one color to braid one half of the hair and the other color on the opposite side. Or make braids in one color after the other. You can even blend both colors together in one braid. Green and pink is a bold combo, so wear with confidence and get ready to slay.

For inspiration on how pink can transform a hairstyle, take a peek at these pink braided hairstyles.

8. Green and Black Braids With Beads

Image of Green and Black Braids With Beads in the style of green braids
Image by: _crowneddoll/Instagram

Beads are a great way to elevate any hairstyle, including green and black braids. Green and black braids with beads are created by braiding the hair with green and black braiding extensions, then adding beads to the ends. The beads can be fed into the braids using a bead feeder, hair pin, or just your fingers. Secure them with small elastic bands. When combining black and green braids, opt for cool-toned bead colors like brown wooden or clear beads. You can even match the colors by putting green beads on the black braids and black beads on the green ones. Explore various ways to enhance braids with beads for more ideas and inspiration.

9. Green Skunk Stripe Braids

Image of Green Skunk Stripe Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: hairspells_/Instagram

Green skunk stripe braids are a unique twist on regular braid styles. The skunk stripe effect is created by making a small section of green braids between the main braid color. For straight back cornrows, you can add the green braids on the far side or at the eyebrow angle. Green skunk stripes can be incorporated into other styles like braided updos, individual braids, tribal braids, etc. They look best when the skunk stripe section is dyed to match the green braiding hair. This unique look is a great way to switch up your braids.

10. Green Cornrows

Image of Green Cornrows in the style of green braids
Image by: dopeheadcartel/Instagram

Green cornrows are a simple yet slick braided hairstyle. They involve using green braiding hair to make braids close to the scalp. Hair is added as the braid extends outward. Green cornrows are easy and straightforward. They’re perfect for a minimal yet beautiful look. If plain green cornrows are too basic, you can add cornrow designs or switch up the parting style by freestyling or zig zag braids.

11. Green Braids With Beads

Image of Green Braids With Beads in the style of green braids
Image by: dopeheadcartel/Instagram

Green braids alone are beautiful, but adding beads takes them up a notch. There are many bead styles, shapes and colors that complement different green shades. For light greens, go for darker beads like black or brown. For darker green shades, try bright beads in yellow, blue or other colors. The possibilities are endless for customizing with the perfect beads. Let your creativity run wild combining beads of different colors, shapes and sizes to make your green braids unique and eye-catching. The beads add personality and an extra dose of style.

12. Green Lemonade Braids

Image of Green Lemonade Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: dopeheadcartel/Instagram

Green lemonade braids are an eye-catching hairstyle everyone should try. They have cornrow braids starting on one side and braided across to the other in different patterns, using green braiding hair. To get flat, neat lemonade braids, gradually feed in small pieces of green braiding hair as you braid outwards. The unique criss cross pattern makes green lemonade braids stand out from basic styles. They are the ultimate head-turning look.

13. Green Tribal Braids

Image of Green Tribal Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: mr_trancista/Instagram

Green tribal braids beautifully combine cornrows and individual braids. To create them, make a part from ear to ear into two sections. Then do individual knotless or knot braids in the back section. Make cornrow braids in different patterns in the front section. You can also add some individual braids at the sides for a unique look. Tribal braids can be short or long and look great in any green shade.

14. Green Yarn Braids

Image of Green Yarn Braids in the style of green braids

Did you know yarn can make braids, not just knitted items? Yes, you can use yarn to create green braids! Green yarn braids are made using the same process as braiding hair, just with yarn instead. Due to the fuzzy yarn ends, you’ll want to secure them by knotting or burning the tips. Yarn braids are cost-effective since yarn costs less than braiding hair, yet lasts just as long. Green yarn braids are lightweight and can be styled many ways. There are different green yarn shades to choose from. You can make the braids any length or size you like. Yarn opens up an amazing, affordable braiding options.

15. Green Jumbo Braids

Image of Green Jumbo Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: styledbyjada/Instagram

Green Jumbo braids are a great low-maintenance style that doesn’t take long to do. To make them, create large parts and braid thick, large individual braids using green braiding hair. You can also add highlights like silver. Although Jumbo braids may not last as long as smaller braids, they can still last 2 to 3 weeks. They’re perfect if you want a quick style that doesn’t require a big time commitment.

16. Long Green Braids

Image of Long Green Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: latchednhooked/Instagram

Long braids are braids made in an extended length. If the braids go below waist length, they’re considered long. Making long green braids requires more green braiding hair than usual. When making long braids, it’s advisable to make bigger parts and smaller braids so they don’t get too heavy. Adding long green braids to your hair offers versatility and allows for more styling options.

17. Green French Curl Braids

Image of Green French Curl Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: chisluxebraidinghair/Instagram

Green French curl braids are made with French curl extensions. Whether formal or casual, French curls work for any occasion or season. Many styles can be explored, like half-up-half-down, swoop styles, side parts, etc. Style them to fit any event. Green French curl braids are a dream because they come pre-curled, saving time on hot water dipping. Just use a little oil to separate and avoid tangling. They’re easy to maintain – simply refresh curls with mousse or leave-in conditioner and protect with a satin bonnet at night. Green French curl braids are perfect for both versatility and convenience.

18. Green Braided Ponytail

Image of Green Braided Ponytail in the style of green braids
Image by: elfinhair_beauty/Instagram

A green braided ponytail is a fun colored ponytail style. To create it, slick all the hair back into one position. Attach green braiding hair, then braid it down. Wrap a small piece of braiding hair around where the ponytail starts to conceal natural hair and prevent flyaways. Use a strong gel to slick hair flat, sit under a dryer, and finish with holding spray. You can also use a detachable green ponytail braid for convenience. Spice it up by adding curly pieces. A green braided ponytail is a stylish way to try a pop of color.

19. Green Crochet Braids

Image of Green Crochet Braids in the style of green braids

If you don’t want to fully commit to green braids or are unsure about the color, try green crochet braids. They’re made with pre-made green crochet extensions, installed individually or on cornrows using a crochet pin. Crochet braids can be reused multiple times, giving you great value. They’re easy to install – with some YouTube tutorials and practice, you may not need to visit a salon, saving money. Green crochet braids let you test out the color without a big commitment. And you’ll get your money’s worth reusing the hair.

20. Green Stitch Braids

Image of Green Stitch Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: queenlolahair/Instagram

Green stitch braids have cornrows with consistent horizontal lines on the sides, made with green braiding hair. The stitch lines can be created using a parting comb or pinky finger. You can also pre-part the lines to speed up braiding. Before starting green stitches, use braiding gel to slick down each section you’ll braid. The gel helps the lines come out more precise for a great overall result. Stitch braids have a beautiful, unique look with the straight stitched lines against the green braiding hair.

21. Black and Green Braids With Curls

Image of Black and Green Braids With Curls in the style of green braids
Image by: khanyisam/Instagram

Adding curls is always a great way to enhance braid styles. Black and green braids with curls are created by combining black and green braids, then curling the ends. Curls can be formed by wrapping the braid tips with flexi rods, curlers, or plastic rods. Dip them in hot water, dry, then unravel. Curls add beautiful bounce and movement versus straight braid hair. You can start the curls at any point along the braids for varied looks. Curling the ends is an easy way to transform basic black and green braids into a fabulous curly style.

22. Green Bantu Knot Braids

Image of Green Bantu Knot Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: hairstylebyrosi/Instagram

Green bantu knot braids create a lovely, princess-like hairstyle. They’re made by braiding individual sections then rolling into knots. Secure the knots with small elastic bands or sew them with needle and thread. Add a personal touch with designs, patterns, side braids or curls. Bantu knots can’t be restyled once done, but you can adorn them with accessories like cowries, hair pins, etc.

23. Green Braids With Fade

Image of Green Braids With Fade in the style of green braids
Image by: theamberrayne/Instagram

If you’re bored of your haircut, combine green braids with shaved sides or a fade. Green braids with a fade involves cutting the hair on both sides and back very short, while leaving length on top for braids. This allows for fun styling options and gives room to cut designs into the faded section. Green braids with a fade work for both men and women. The combination of very short faded sides and long green braided top is a unique, edgy look. It’s a great way to breathe new life into your current cut.

24. Green Braided Updo

Image of Green Braided Updo in the style of green braids
Image by: tookiedidit/Instagram

A green braided updo is a beautiful style with all the hair braided up to the middle of the head using green extensions. It keeps all the hair off the face for an instant facelift. A braided updo is low-maintenance with limited styling options, but can be rolled into a ponytail or adorned with accessories. It’s a pulled-together look that keeps your hair up and out of the way in a fun green color.

25. Green Butterfly Braids

Image of Green Butterfly Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: afrobraidsagbara/Instagram

Green butterfly braids have small pieces sticking out of the sides to create a butterfly look. The effect can be made by braiding loosely then using a comb to pick and fluff the sides. Or, pick out pieces while braiding. Butterfly braids are usually full and voluminous. You can choose any length, but if you decide to get green butterfly braids in a long length, it is best to get big sizes. The whimsical, fluttering shape of pieces fanning out resembles a butterfly’s wings.

26. Green Two Braids

Image of Green Two Braids in the style of green braids
Image by: leonachile_/Instagram

Green two braids offer a simple, stylish look. They’re made by parting the hair from crown to nape into two sections, then braiding each into a cornrow. Two braids are a quick and easy style, and only need a pack of green hair. Maintain them by brushing slick sides with a brush and gel, and protect at night with a silk scarf or bonnet. Green two braids give you a cute, fuss-free style with minimal effort, yet still make a statement.


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